remote mysql

  1. B

    Remote MySQL Password Error when password is correct

    [email protected]'s password: ==sshcontroloutput== Using as the access ip Sync Source: Fetching
  2. M

    Setup Remote MySQL server

    Hello there, I saw a lot of threads about this feature, but no succes. I can't connect to my sql server. There we go : I got a vm with Debian & mysql 5.0, I can connect via my vm with cpanel (centOS) #mysql -u root -p -h it works nice. But if I try to setup a remote...
  3. C

    Setup Remote MYSQL Server

    Hi I try to setup a remote mysql server on a standard centos installation. I installed already mysql and perl on this server and then tried the function in WHM to setup the remote server. But I get the following error message: Using Remote mySQL Server Fetching password from remote...
  4. J

    Remote MYSQL server

    I'm trying to setup a remote mysql server, and it is returning the following once I have input all the server details: [email protected]******* password: ==sshcontroloutput== Using ********* as the access ip Sync Source: Can't locate...
  5. A

    Remote mysql server setup - ssh for setup only?

    I'm trying to set up a remote mysql server and am having issues getting WHM to key into the remote server and su (i can do it manually from putty from one server to the other root -> user) but whm doesn't want to. But anyway, is SSH only for the initial setup of the remote server or is it...
  6. G

    Remote MySQL restart

    Hello, I configured remote MySQL server in WHM (11.24.5), and I've a problem to restart mysql service. When I do this (Restart Services -> SQL (MySQL), LOCAL mysql server is restarted and not REMOTE mysql server. Any idea? Guilherme
  7. J

    Remote MySQL?

    I saw that WHM has a remote mysql server option. I am thinking about using it, only question I have is... if I use it, and everyone has the mysql server set to localhost, will that kill the mysql websites? If so, what can I do to fix this? Other than have all my customers go into the script...
  8. T

    setting up remote mysql

    Hi All, I have been reading some threads on setting up remote mysql. I really would like to do this to relieve some load on the cpanel server. From what I gather, I will install a second network card in the cpanel server and assign the interface a lan address. The new mysql server will...
  9. J

    Remote MySQL problem

    I'm having an issue setting up my cpanel server to use an existing remote MySQL server. I have created a MySQL user on the remote server and given it the appropriate GRANTS. I can ssh to the remote server from the cpanel server. I can also connect to mysql on the remote server with the...
  10. R

    How to use one remote mysql server with three web server

    Hi, Is possible to setup one remote mysql server to use with three web server? I know cpanel supports one web, one remote mysql server via "Setup Remote MySQL server". Thanks
  11. G

    Iptables redirect internal port - remote mysql

    Hi there! I'm trying to set up remote mysql server, and got stuck. All my clients are using "localhost" as mysql address ( mysql_connect('localhost', 'user', 'pass'); ). New mysql server address would be, so how am I supposed to redirect all "localhost" connections to...
  12. E

    Backup / Restore / Remote MySQL problem

    OK I've got two problems here. I currently have web/DB on a single server. I just purchased 2 new servers, one for DB only one for cPanel/Web only. Well I configured the remote SQL. IP: IP of the machine Port: Non standard ssh port but I changed it Root Password. On the first...
  13. G

    Use php to add remote mysql hosts

    Hi. I searched for this but found nothing unfortunately. I wonder if there is a way to use a php script (or built my own using some existing API) to add an IP in the Remote Database Access Hosts. I have to connect with a special software from different ip's on my database and wish not to add...
  14. E

    Remote MySQL 5... still MySQL Clients 4.1.22 on WHM ?

    Hello, I'm going to update my remote MySQL server to MySQL 5.0.xx, but, I just want to know, the local MySQL-Client of WHM will stay 4.1.22, do I need to update manually (via yum or rpm) or I need (or can) do it the cPanel way ? Brief : I'm running currently cPanel/WHM on CentoS 4.7 with...
  15. Silent Ninja

    Multiple Remote MySQL

    Hello, I was checking the Remote MySQL setting on cPanel that allows automagical clusterization for the mysql, but I would like to know if there's any posibility to... a) Use the same MySQL server to multiple cPanel servers (especially if the servers have repited users in between...
  16. hostmedic

    remote mysql server import of Databases?

    When setting this up - will it automatically copy all of the databases or do we need to do this one by one? ? We are looking to take all mysql databases onto a monster db server cluster (3 db servers using htproxy. Anyhow - my concern is if we will need to copy each database manually...
  17. cmanns

    Remote MySQL help

    Any tips on getting this to work? I'm doing a update now thats my error, hopefully the update gets these files. Any other reason on a new cpanel/whm install this would happen? I've given proper permissions... =3
  18. J

    remove remote mysql setup

    Hello, How would i remove a remote mysql setup i created few time ago? Seems i cant to find it. Thank you.
  19. S

    Remote mysql server problem

    Hello, Sorry for my English, i'm French. I'm trying to install a remote mysql server but I have multiple errors : Using Remote mySQL Server Copying MySQL Script.....0%.. ..100%.. ...Done Running MySQL Script... Using 91.121.xx.xx as the access ip Sync Source...
  20. A

    URGENT:remove remote mysql host???

    Hi there, How do I delete a remote mysql host? Set one up accidentally and now I can't delete. Thanks! Aaron