remote mysql

  1. F

    cpanel backups + remote mysql server?

    If we setup cpanel to have the mysql work remotely, would the cpanel backups on that individual server also grab the mysql data from the mysql server and put it in that cpanel backup?
  2. I

    remote mysql server

    how can I setup it with mysql 5.0.45 ? I m using mysqlup but you know it is working on local. what can I do ?
  3. I

    Setup Remote Mysql Server

    Remote MySQL Host Setup Using Remote mySQL Server Copying MySQL Script.....0%.. ..100%.. ...Done Running MySQL Script... Using xx.xx.xx.xx as the access ip /scripts/cpanelsync.static: No such file or directory /root/.mysqlscript: line 14: curl: command not found...
  4. S

    disabling remote MySQL

    How can be disabled remote access for MySQL for all users? I mean wich is the name of that icon in Feature Manager List?
  5. S

    Remote MySQL Questions

    I have just ordered a second server for my setup, this new server will be used exclusively for MySQL. I have just recently noticed that in WHM there is an option for Remote MySQL in there. My question is what does it do exactly? I want to make sure I don't screw anything up by using it...
  6. D

    Use of an existing remote mysql server.

    I am trying to set CPanel to use an existing remote mysql server I have set up. The reason for it being existing is I all ready have another web server using the same server with the databases in place, but I am having troubles when setting it up. I go to WHM and run through the remote mysql...
  7. S

    Remote MySQL error

    I am trying to setup a site to use a database from another server. The setup is as follows: Server 1) contains the database I want to use Server 2) contains the wordpress script I have added the IP from Server 2 in cPanel under "Add Access Host" on Server 1 I have configured the...
  8. J

    Question on remote MySQL

    Here is my situation, I run a free hosting company and we have about 15,000 accounts spread across three servers. I was thinking about getting an additional server to handle just MySQL. Would this be a viable option for me? To have a single database server and have the other three computers...
  9. Sergiu Tot

    Problems seting up remote MySQL

    Hello ! I am trying to set up a remote MySQL server. I have both hosting and MySQL server as a blank installation. I installed MySQL 5.0.45 on the MySQL and I configured so that it works fine and can be accessed local & remote. I set up the other server, I installed cPanel on it and now I am...
  10. I

    remote MySQL server issues

    Hi, running latest stable cPanel/WHM on CentOS 4.5 Some time ago I set up a remote MySQL server via WHM SQL Services which worked fine. Since 3 days the WHM no longer sees the remote mysql server and the created databases/usernames in cPanel aren't seen either. Absolutly nothing was...
  11. E

    remote MySQL... what do I need ?

    Hello, I've tried to setup MySQL on a naked CentOS. I've only installed via "yum" mysql, mysql-server. I've saw in the MySQL Remote setup that I also need Perl. I've tried to install "perl", then "perl-DBI", then perl-mysql and some other.. but everytime I do te setup, I'm getting this ...
  12. Sergiu Tot

    Remote mysql

    Hello ! I have one server that is in a situation that the hardware cannot be upgraded. My company doesn't want to buy another big server yet, so I was thinking of buying a smaller server to use it just for MySQL. The investment will be very small for a P3 (1000MHz, 512MB RAM) used as a...
  13. K

    remote mysql problem (important)

    i have a big problem on my end. i have 2 servers as i want to use as web front end, 1 site, 1 db. and 1 db server. i setup the first server to use remote mysql. now. when i setup the second server to use remote mysql, doesn't work. i mean the server is still set as localhost. any ideas?
  14. upsforum

    remote mysql server don't work

    Hi, I set a remote server additional mysql db, I set IP remote server, I set password root of remote server and I try connect to this: $db_host = "IPREMOTESERVER"; $db_user = "usernamerootserver"; $db_password = "passwordrootserver"; $db_name = "databasename"; But I get a error permission...
  15. C

    How do I allow for remote mysql access? For everyone? Not just one ip?

    Hey, I have a question. I went to and put in that ip into cpanel to allow for me to connect to it, but it didn't work. And I also added % and %.%.%.% because I'm making a program that uses my server's sql with the program. And since the program is going to be used by...
  16. P

    cPanel remote mysql server [urgent]

    hi, i have done all the setup to make the remote mysql server: changed the /root/.my.cnf to the relative data updated the horde, phpMyAdmin, eximstats went to the WHM > SQL Services > Setup Remote MySQL server filled all everything change from sudo to su and inputed my root and procced...
  17. upsforum

    WHM and remote mysql

    In WHM if set a remote mysql server (with Remote mySQL Host Setup option) I can also continue to use the mysql localhost?
  18. 3

    WHM & CPANEL 11 Remote MySQL and Backup

    Hi, I'm ready to plunge into 2 server setup. I'm planning to get another dedicated server for MySQL server alone. My questions is 1. When i setup remote MYSQL server on WHHM do i need to move the database manually to the new MYSQL server? 2. Will the WHM and CPANEL includes the DB...
  19. M

    Remote MySQL Access Problem

    I'm trying to remotely access a mysql database on server from server I've logged into the cPanel account on server and added to the Remote Database Access Hosts. (As well as where domain the actual domain...
  20. WebHostPro

    Do I need to open incoming or outgoing for remote mysql?

    The port that needs to be open for remote mysql, does the firewall on the file server need to have the port open for incoming or outgoing or both. Even better with cfs how can only allow access to that port from one or two ip's? :p