remote mysql

  1. T

    2 cpanel servers use 1 remote mysql server

    Hello, I am thinking of using 2cpanel servers i currenly have and then using another server for mysql. Is it possible to put the port in for each server or do they have to be on the default port? If it isnt possibe what you you recommend we do?
  2. R

    Mysql Failed error after setting up Remote MySQL server

    I have 2 servers, one for the Web (Server 1) and one for the DB (Server 2). Aside from the web, server1 also host whm/cpanel and DB for phpadsnew and roundcube. While server 2 host the main DB of the site (no cpanel). Everything was running smoothly before. Since cpanel can only add DB on...
  3. J

    Remote MySql Questions

    Hi there, I am thinking about using Remote MySql from within whm but not sure if it will give me the reults I am looking for. If I use the Remote MySql Setu from within whm what exaclty will this do? Will this turn off / disable mysql on the server and only use mysql from the one that...
  4. WebHostPro

    remote mysql server is full, I think cpanel is not removing old databases

    Any idea how to check if a database is not used and remove it for free space?
  5. D

    Setting up remote mysql server. I got this error

    Server name is "". Is hyphen causing the problem?
  6. X

    Remote MySQL Servers

    I'm in the process of setting up remote mysql for our servers. Upon setup I am not recieving the "username" and "password" normal config like it says in the documentation. Instead it is asking for SSH access and upon giving it the system installs all kind of cpanel stuff (completely...
  7. S

    remote mysql server

    I am intrested in setting up a second server to just run mysql for my site. Now would there be a way to set it up so that all users scripts who set there mysql scripts to connect to "localhost" to be automaticly redirected to "what every ip the mysql server is"? Or would I have to ask...
  8. E

    Remote MySQL Lag

    I have two servers. server1 and server2. I want to have server2 just do mysql. One site already runs of server2's mysql (but that's server3 that does that). When I switch the db over from server1 to 2 and enable the script it starts to lag really badly and eventually to a point where the...
  9. A

    cPAddon don't work with remote mysql server

    hello, since the last update cPAddon don't works longer with an external mysql server :eek: I just got "ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)" it seams that the installer ignoring my remote mysql server...
  10. N

    remote mysql

    I was unable to find a howto on mysql install. Does cpanel need to be installed on the mysql remote server? I gives errors about not being able to find some cpanel config file.
  11. V

    Remote MySQL - having lots of problems!

    Hi there, I have just had 2 new servers provisioned: Server 1 - Web/email server, running cPanel. Server 2 - Database server, running cPanel DNS Only version. I've got almost everything setup, just having some problems with remote MySQL. For some reason cPanel keeps defaulting to...
  12. WebHostPro

    Redundant remote mysql servers

    Wow how great would it be to have a cpanel use two mysql servers and if one doesn't work then it rolls over to the next. I actually don't think it would be that hard for them to set up. :D Sorry just popped in my head.
  13. O

    remote mysql - almost working

    Hi there Got the remote mysql almost working. Connection seems to be fine between both servers. But when a new account creates a db from addon scripts the only file that creates in /var/lib/mysql/use_db is : db.opt. That file contains: default-character-set=latin1...
  14. K

    cPanel and remote MySQL

    Hello. Guys, I experience strange issue. I have a server with cPanel which connects to MySQL remotely. Sometimes cPanel assigns db_users to databases properly, sometimes not. cPanel and MySQL logs don't show anything. The servers are connected via additional ethernet cards (LAN). Do you have...
  15. E

    Remote MySQL server (solved).

    Hello. There have been a lot posts concerning different issues on setting up the remote mysql server. It seems that the root password script is being the main problem. When you use "set up mysql remote server" the script connects to the remote host via ssh and generates new root password...
  16. M

    Restore Full Backups - Remote mySQL Server

    Hi All, I couldn't quite find anything on this here on the forums, perhaps I was searching for the wrong stuff. Anyhow, I just copied multiple accounts ~10 from another server and initiated full backup restoration. The restoration completed without error on all of the accounts, but I have...
  17. E

    Remote MySQL and /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

    I've been reading through this forum and evidentally people are using remote mysql servers with their cpanels. I'm wanting to do the same thing but run into a slight problem. I've sync'd up the mysql database to the remote server. then rsync'd all the users databases to the remote mysql...
  18. WebHostPro

    Script library does not work with remote mysql

    I run remote mysql so the entire scripts library is having a issue. Is there a way to fix this so the script will install?
  19. M

    Remote MySQL and backup

    Hi, Can everyone say me if the backup of MySQL is working with remote MySql server ?? Mike PS : if anyone from CPanel see this thread, can you go to see this bug for remote MySQL :
  20. WebHostPro

    Weird remote mysql issue

    3 servers use a mysql server but the mysql server out of no where will not let one of the three servers connect. This server was fine for about 6 months but tonight now will not connect. Turned off the firewalls but the problem still occurred. Not sure what could cause one of the...