remote mysql

  1. S

    remote mysql access

    Hello Has anyone heard of a program called MySql Administrator? I'm having a hell of a time getting it to access a user database on a cpanel machine. Its a shared account - hosts have been added - port is open.. The program itself you can find here...
  2. S

    remote mysql help

    Hi, How do we allow remote IP address to access mysql on our server, I have tried via control panel and wasn't working. I need to know the command to add manually via command line? does anyone know?
  3. P

    Howto Request: setting up a remote MySQL server

    I was considering setting up our cpanel servers to use remote mysql host. Currently the servers are fully loaded with sites using mysql on the local host. My questions are: 1. Can you migrate a localhost setup? 2. I was considering forwarding localhost mysql port onto the remote host in...
  4. C

    Remote Mysql Server Issues

    I successfully set up and configured a second server for use as a dedicated mysql server. I then manually copied over all the databases and updated the access permissions so that the old server was allowed to access the new one. From the old server, I was successfully able to log in to the new...
  5. H

    remote mysql make 2 problems

    Hi Everybody, Recently I setup a remote mysql server, and move the databases and did all configuration for the website, and all websites on the server work fine. but I have 2 problem in the cpanel: 1. the MySql option in the cpanel of each account don't show any databases, but they...
  6. B

    setup remote mysql server broken?

    I'm having a heck of a time setting up a remote mysql host. I don't understand how this could possibly work -- at some point in the setup process (via WHM), a script in the home directory of the specified user called .mysqlscript is executed. Line 11 of this script called /scripts/updatenow on...
  7. WebHostPro

    with a remote mysql server does cpanel still back up the databses with remote ftp?

    with a remote mysql server does cpanel still back up the mysql databases with the remote ftp back up tool? Thanks, Chaze
  8. WebHostPro

    remote mysql server with a 18 gig hard drive, is this a reasonable format?

    I need to run a remote mysql server for about 500-1000 small data bases. (.3-.5 megs each) The remote server only uses a 18 gig hard drive. my disk set up is: /boot --100 /usr ----8000 /var ----5000 /home -1000 /tmp ---1000 /swap --1000 Just your opinion please on the format a...
  9. R

    Remote MySQL on Windows Box

    Is it possilbe to set WHM to work with MySQL server on Windows box? I see on WHM, there is "Set up remote MYSQL server" but It seems like only available for unix box???
  10. D

    remote mysql server

    Hi, A question about the remote mysql server option, what about the space a user is using? Is this counted in his/her quota on the cpanel server? (So the user does have limited mysql space/ a quota ;))
  11. J

    Remote MySQL configuration

    Hi - We're looking to setup a remote MySQL server, we have the machine purchased and ready to go. We intended to setup multiple processes of MySQL on different hosts / IPs for each of our web boxes on the MySQL server. This we have done. The problem we now face is configuring the cPanel web...
  12. C

    Problems with remote mysql: too many connections

    Hello All :) This is my first post in this great community !! Sorry for my english. I send this topic for problems that I have in my mysql server that I use to use databases in all my servers. Today I recive this error in one of my sites: Warning: mysql_connect(): Host ''...
  13. E

    Remote MySQL

    I want to make it so i can access MySQL from a program on my computer. I'm just not sure how to do that. Any help is appriciated! Thanks
  14. M

    Remote MySQL and Horde no workee workee

    With a new horde upgrade, comes new issues. Horde on a remote MySQL server does not function correctly as of the latest upgrade - here is the fix: The short answer: /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/conf.php is missing: $conf['sql']['protocol'] = 'tcp'; Put it in the same...
  15. D

    remote mysql users

    hello I have a question... its possible share a remote servers of mysql with two servers of cpanel? ...By the users in common like leechprotect, horde, eximstats... Thanks Sebastian
  16. C

    Remote MySQL

    Anyone know why I get a access denied error for root when connecting with remote mysql server through cpanel but i do not get an access denied error for any of the user accounts..?
  17. C

    Setting up a Remote MySQL Server

    Hello, I am trying to setup a remote mysql server in whm. It says that is successful when doing so but when i try to access mysql in a regular cpanel account no databases show up and when I create a new database nothing happens. What do I need to do to get a remote mysql server setup...
  18. D

    question remote mysql host

    Hello, somebody knows if setup mysql remote host automatic copies dbs of the server "localhost" to host remote? or that is what makes in if that setup. Thanks, Sebastian
  19. E

    Can the remote mysql serv setup in "Remote mySQL Serv" be runnin any version of mysql

    Can the remote mysql serv setup in "Remote mySQL Serv" be runnin any version of mysql? IE. can it have Just linux and mysql 4.1, no cpanel license and not mysql 4.0.22?
  20. M

    MySql users not show in remote mysql server

    Hi: I configure a remote mysql server to work witch Cpanel ( trought the Web Host Manager option ), and all work fine except show users. When one user add a new sql user, it not return any error, and in the MySql server it appears at be created, but when i refresh the user control panel , it...