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    question remote mysql host

    Hello, somebody knows if setup mysql remote host automatic copies dbs of the server "localhost" to host remote? or that is what makes in if that setup. Thanks, Sebastian
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    Can the remote mysql serv setup in "Remote mySQL Serv" be runnin any version of mysql

    Can the remote mysql serv setup in "Remote mySQL Serv" be runnin any version of mysql? IE. can it have Just linux and mysql 4.1, no cpanel license and not mysql 4.0.22?
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    MySql users not show in remote mysql server

    Hi: I configure a remote mysql server to work witch Cpanel ( trought the Web Host Manager option ), and all work fine except show users. When one user add a new sql user, it not return any error, and in the MySql server it appears at be created, but when i refresh the user control panel , it...
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    remote mysql server

    trouble setting up remote mysql server in WHM I have two servers www1 and db1. I would like phpMyAdmin to access db1 because there is NO database on www1. I have gone to Main >> Mysql >> Setup Remote MySQL server in WHM. When I fill in the fields and hit "Go" this is what I get...
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    about remote mysql server

    Please help with questions 1) Need i have on remote server CPanel, for setup on this "remote mysql server"? 2) example i have two servers both CPanel, apache, mysql 100+ accounts can i use one of this server as "remote mysql server" for another server (without move any account)? 3)...
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    How do you allow SECURE remote MySQL connections?

    Cpanel servers by default allow MySQL connections via port 3306, but these are not secure connections. How do you allow secure connections?
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    Remote mysql and "eximstats" and "horde" database

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience configuring 2 cpanel servers to share a standalone mysql database server? I configured 2 cpanel server to use a remote database server. however, i don't see "eximstats" and "horde" databases on the new mysql server for either cpanel server. how...
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    Problems to configure remote mysql server in one server cpanel

    Hello All. I have to configure one server to configure it to use and connect to other mysql host, to create db´s, see process, etc... When I configure in this server the remote mysql server, I recive this: Copying Mysql setup script... Done Running Mysql Script... stdin: is not a...
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    Remote Mysql Host Setup

    Hi there, I am considering setting up my Cpanel box to use a MySQL server on a remote machine to reduce the load on the box. I understand that I can get Cpanel to use the remote MySQL server by telling it so with the "Setup Remote MySQL server" option under WHM. But, I am a little uncertain...
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    when i setup a remote mysql server..

    When i setup a remote mysql server for doing the database job,how can i transfer all the mysql in the cpanel account to the sql server? Have anyone try it?
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    How to setup remote MySQL server

    Hi, I have 2 servers and want to make one runs Apache and one runs MySQL. How do I go about setting it up in WHM? What are the procedures? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Remote MySQL connection problem

    Hello. I hope somebody can help me. A customer wants to connect to mysql at our server via ODBC from his own computer. Here is his sessions log: His IP is added to "allowed hosts", also I do can connect from my computer without a problem. Can somebody point me to where I can start to...
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    Remote MySQL server

    move db from localhost to remove?! Hi do anyine of you know how to move db from localhost to remove host. mysql is crashing each second day and I can figure it out what happning. I had reinstalled mysql , rebuild apache serveral times and so on. I get a mysql process that takes about 2.00 on...
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    Remote MySQL Database Server

    Has anyone actually tried this feature and gotten it to work? All along I was planning to use it and it doesn't even work. It looks like it would run perfectly but I don't think it is saving the remote MySQL server's password correctly.
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    How to disable Remote MySQL connections?

    Do you know how to disable Remote MySQL connections serverwide? Don't want to allow users to have this feature enabled in cpanel thanks P.S. do you know, does Cpanel count MySQL traffic?