1. J

    How to add remote MySQL for only one account

    Folks, I have one customer who wants to use MySQL 8.0. All the others use MySQL 5.7. I use AWS, so I could provision a second server just for MySQL if that is the best option. Thanks, Jim
  2. bellwood

    How are you dealing with remote domains and cloudflare

    Just wanted to ask the community how they are enforcing "Allow Remote Domains" being turned off while still permitting domains using remote nameservers to be added? In my case, domains being added have an A and AAAA that resolve to addresses on my server, however, unless I add seemingly endless...
  3. M

    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 4.7.500 Server busy.

    how do we can fix this ! smtp error SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 4.7.500 Server busy. Please try again later from []. (S77719) []. after restarting only emails working
  4. SimpleTechGuy

    Easy Remote option for Adding to Spam Filter Blacklist

    Hi, wondering if there are any alternative ways to adding an email address to the "Spam Filters / Blacklist" in Cpanel. Currently the only option I see is to log into Cpanel and go to Email / Spam Filters / Show Additional Configurations / Blacklist". Ideally a person could maybe add to...
  5. N

    Account Transfer: careful of Security Questions (security policy on the remote server forbids it)

    Hello, Here another "Security Questions" story :) I just took almost 2 hours to figure out why I got an error during cPanel Account Transfer between remote servers. Common check for troubleshooting : The TCP ports 2083/2087 was opened in CSF. Tried to temporarily disabling Imunify360/CSF...
  6. M

    Is SMTP Restriction necessary if using Remote Mail Exchanger?

    We have our email hosted with Google Suite and 'Email Routing' is set to 'Remote Mail Exchanger.' Is there any benefit to enabling SMTP Restriction in WHM » Security Center?
  7. benito

    Transfer from Remote cPanel Account

    Hello! I like to know if the option "Transfer from Remote cPanel Account" do any change or modification on the remote server. I only need to copy the account as a backup and want to keep everything working on the remote server. Thanks
  8. HostXNow_Chris

    Restore remote backups - SSH/FTP/S3/Wasabi/Rsync/Hetzner Storage Boxes

    Any idea when cPanel is going to allow backups to be restored remotely from SSH/FTP/S3/Wasabi/Rsync/Hetzner Storage Boxes. I have JetBackup 5 working on some servers, but the initial index takes forever, so god help me if ever needed to restore all accounts to the server. Before the backup...
  9. T

    AutoSSL Error DCV with Remote Mail Exchanger

    Hi All I have had this annoying me for a while now, but this afternoon it all got too much. This is trying to renew AutoSSL - edited to protect the innocent:: 4:10:19 PM AutoSSL’s configured provider is “cPanel (powered by Sectigo)”. This AutoSSL provider does not poll for certificate...
  10. M

    The remote server returned an error: (503)

    When I checked Mxtoolbox and SEO toolbox for my business I got an error message saying The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable. pLease help me
  11. M

    v98, mariadb 10.5, and remote databases

    Before I go ahead and update MariaDB from 10.3 to 10.5 can someone please confirm that 10.5 works correctly with v98 when using remote databases? Manage MySQL® Profiles still shows it only supports : MySQL versions 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0. MariaDB versions 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3. It was my...
  12. USA_Webmaster

    Should cPanel users be able to restore backup from remote AWS S3?

    Hi cPanel Team, I went to WHM > Backup Configuration > Additional Destination and setup a verified AWS S3 bucket so now all the backups are being saved and things look great. Did I misconfigure something somewhere though? How come when I log into any cPanel account, they are not able to...
  13. D

    Unable to send mail from cpanel, possibly remote side greylist isn't handled correctly

    Hi! Weird problem arised few days ago (client reported just about now). - cPanel e-mail user sends mail to [email protected] and everything seems fine, but the [email protected] never receives the mail. - The cPanel log contains this problem: "SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data...
  14. T

    Help setting Google Drive remote back up

    Hello, I am following the steps as explained here : How to Configure Google Drive as a Backup Additional Destination | cPanel & WHM Documentation, but what I see on my Google Drive admin is not what is described on the tutorial. I managed to go through but I am stuck on this drop down menu...
  15. M

    Troubleshooting remote connection to MySQL

    Hello, I have enabled remote MySQL connection to one customer's CPanel account for an external developer, however he is telling me that he can't connect, despite having added this IP to the server whitelist. Is there a place where I could see the MySQL log files in order to find failed connections?
  16. R

    SOLVED The remote MySQL dump failed because of an error (WebSocket 1006).

    Using the transfer tool to move everything from one server to another server. On a couple (not all) of the databases, we get this error: (XID hjt6rd) A non-fatal error occurred during rsync streaming: Partial transfer due to error and a bit lower The remote MySQL dump failed because of an error...
  17. T

    SOLVED MySQL remote access

    I have migrated a Centos 6 server to a Centos 7 server, the Centos 6 server can connect to the db on the new Centos 7 server. We have another Centos 6 server that gets "Connection refused" when trying to connect to the Centos 7 server with the same db user. telnet domain 3306 gets "connection...
  18. D

    Allow Remote Domains Not Working

    I have "Allow Remote Domains" turned on in WHM's tweak settings yet I'm still getting this error when trying to add a domain: (XID sj4hc3) Could not determine the nameserver IP addresses for “”. Please make sure that the domain is registered with a valid domain registrar.
  19. M

    What are my options for encrypting backups sent to remote destinations

    We have regular backups generated on the WHM server and these are sent as .tar.gz files to an external depository. There is a lot of talk on the forums about encrypting the transportation connection, but not much about encrypting the actual .tar.gz files themselves, This means that when the...
  20. E

    Best Method of backing up to remote in-house server

    Most of the threads i can find are older and I'm reviewing to see how relevent still, Being that features have been added though and technology has changed I want to see what I'm missing. So what I'm curious about is what's the best method of doing cPanel/WHM full backups to say an in-house...