1. O

    Remote MySQL server

    move db from localhost to remove?! Hi do anyine of you know how to move db from localhost to remove host. mysql is crashing each second day and I can figure it out what happning. I had reinstalled mysql , rebuild apache serveral times and so on. I get a mysql process that takes about 2.00 on...
  2. K

    HOWTO: Remote upgrade RedHat 7.3 to RedHat 8.0

  3. R

    Creating an new account via remote

    Hello, I am setting up online ordering on our hosting site, and when I access the WHM Cpanel::Accounting module. For some reason it keeps giving me the: Unable to find an ip address error. Any ideas? Thanks! Support Ticket Number:
  4. I

    How do i configure WHM to remote backup?

    Hi, i want WHM to backup all of my servers accounts and SQL and config files etc, to a different machine, but when i go into Configure Backup there is nowhere to enter details for an FTP connection........ Thanks in advance Support Ticket Number:
  5. J

    Remote Script

    Hi, I am trying to setup my remote account creation script i enter the remote hash etc and if i press f5 about 5 times it says account creation complete but it dont create the account. Any help? Jason Support Ticket Number:
  6. M

    Remote access key - reseller.

    Hello All, How do I generate remote access key for a reseller. Does reseller control panel allows him to generate remote access key? Or I have to generate remote access key for reseller by login in as root in WHM? :confused: Support Ticket Number:
  7. N

    Remote backup in cp 7?

    Has that been there and if I'm not mistakin does it now allow us to backup remotely? In any case, I don't think the ftp information box's have been there that long. I just noticed them today in backup preferences via configure backup in whm.. Support Ticket Number:
  8. M

    Backup to Remote Server

    I looked around these forums and I saw that alot of people were looking for a way to backup to a remote server automagically (as cPanel speaks). I got this off of the DedicatedNow forums and it's working great for everyone there. The instructions are totally in ssh, so if you don't like...
  9. R

    Remote Access Key (Reseller)

    Hello Am I correct in assuming that each reseller will have their own key and generating new ones will not affect other resellers or the main key that I use..just checking to be sure. Thanks Rich Support Ticket Number:
  10. C

    PHP Remote Account Creation Script

    I have been trying to get the PHP script for this to work for a week now. I have searched all through this forum and tried every solution listed here. Are there any settings that must be present either in WHM or on server (other than Curl, which is installed) in order for the script to work...
  11. C

    Remote backup $500.00

    Ok I got your attention!! Seriously!! I found a program called Cute FTP Pro. I have been using it for 2 weeks and backing up my server. Download the program it has a free 30 trial. Then go to tools and choose backup or mirror. Play with it, if you like it then go for it. NO...
  12. L

    ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

    Server pings, ports are up, but I can't SSH to the box, can't view web pages on the box, and can't log into WHM on the box (although FTP works). I get the above error when trying to SSH into the box from another one (at the same datacenter). :confused:
  13. jimjoe

    backup to remote server?

    Can i use the backup function in whm to backup to a remote server somewhere else - like some server space i pay for at a hosting company? Or must it be a 2nd harddrive on my server? Thanks!
  14. C

    cpanel remote access using php

    Hi there ! I tried using remote key to access cpanel. I took the sample program from iam getting this error. Fatal error: Failed opening required '/usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') My...
  15. C

    Cpanel remote access using php

    I tried using remote key to access cpanel. I took the sample program from iam getting this error. Fatal error: Failed opening required '/usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') My system...
  16. W

    There should be a Server Backup to remote

    Hello, I can not sleep comfortable at nights because I do not have a good backup solution for my single hard drive CPanel servers. Is there anything you guys do for single hard drive servers? (Other than obtaining a second hard drive :) ) I should tell that I prefer remote backup even...
  17. S

    ndc: connection to remote host closed

    [email protected] /scripts # ./dnstransfer Rebuilding DNS Zones List from master server ..... stdin: is not a tty named.conf 100% |*****************************| 191 KB 00:00 ndc: connection to remote host closed This may indicate that the remote server is using an older...
  18. B

    FTP - Remote host has closed the connection.

    One particular domain on my server is receiving the following error whenever trying to connect via FTP: Remote host has closed the connection. Other domains are working just fine. I have upgraded to CPanel 6.2.0-E29 to see if this fixed the issue. It did not. I have resynced the FTP...
  19. Radio_Head

    [Problem] shared ips and mysql remote host

    If I try to insert a remote mysql host from Cpanel on an account using a shared ip , Cpanel reports that the mysql remote host has been installed , but returning to the mysql page the host entered is NOT listed . Using an account with a dedicated ip , Cpanel reports that the mysql...
  20. vishal

    Remote server mysql connection

    Hello, I have a mysql database on a remote machine using WHM panel. How will i connect to the database using my machine (Linux Redhat 7.3).Any special configuration has to be done on the WHM? any Help will be appreacited