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    Remote MySQL Database Server

    Has anyone actually tried this feature and gotten it to work? All along I was planning to use it and it doesn't even work. It looks like it would run perfectly but I don't think it is saving the remote MySQL server's password correctly.
  2. L

    MySQL on a Remote Server?

    Hi all, This summer, my business has plans to move all clients away from Ensim, and begin using CPanel. I'm curious though, to see if it is possible to setup (and allow clients to manage) databases on a remote machine, rather than on localhost? For example, when a new site is added - am I...
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    Remote access returning zip

    Hi, I've browsed the forums for about an hour now trying to locate posts by people having a problem similar to mine. Suprisingly, I've found none, so I'm making my own post. I'm trying out the remote access feature for the first time and have copied some code (PHP) from the manual at...
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    How can I backup Sites and settings to a Remote Ftp?

    Hello, While Cpanel's backup (inside WHM) is very comprehensive and good we can not use it on those server which have a single HDD as it only supports a partition on a second hard drive. It would be nice if we can backup to a remote ftp account. Or is there any facility for this that I...
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    I have log my WHM and there is only "Setup Remote Access Key

    I have log my WHM and there is only "Setup Remote Acces Hi: I am a reseller account and I have log in my WHM and there is only &Setup Remote Access Key& on Server Setup's option. Is that correct ? I don't have Edit Setup Tweak Settings Tweak Ftp Settings options? and what...
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    Remote Access Keys Thing

    I am making a script to automatically create accounts as a user pays for it. What my question is, using the perl module, is the BANDWIDTH and SPACE in bytes, megabytes..what? cPanel is EXTREMELY unclear about how to correctly use it's module. They need to come up with better documentation :D
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    Remote Backups

    Hi, I have a user that would like to send the backups of his account via FTP to a remote server. He wants this process to be automated. I have suggest using cron to set up a job. Any ideas how this can be done?? Also, where are the files on the...
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    Remote backup using FTP

    Hi guys, Has anyone try the FTP remote backup feature on EDGE version ? &Full Backup in cPanel You can now download a full backup of a site from cPanel. This includes everything needed to restore the account in the event of data loss. You can also choose to have the backup ftped to a...
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    How to disable Remote MySQL connections?

    Do you know how to disable Remote MySQL connections serverwide? Don't want to allow users to have this feature enabled in cpanel thanks P.S. do you know, does Cpanel count MySQL traffic?
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    Setup Remote Access Key Error

    Whenever I go to setup a remote access key and generate a new key I get: Wide character in subroutine entry at /usr/local/cpanel/bin/mkaccesshash line 10. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Could someone even show me what their mkaccesshash script is or attach it so I can...
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    whmreq php remote

    I see information about all the fucntions in the php remote accoess area but what does whmreq ($request,$host,$user,$accesshash,$usessl) do?
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    Remote access

    I tried using : &?php require_once &/usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/; $host = &localhost&; $user = &myusername&; $accesshash = 'the long access hash here'; $accts = listaccts($host,$user,$accesshash,0); print_r($accts); $pkgs =...
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    Using Remote Access Keys (php)

    Is there any place to explain how each command for remote access should be setup. Like suspend, killacct, ect.. Like a place to show me how the uername should be in there. How to idenfiy the account I want to suspend, killacct, ect...?
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    Can you upgrade/downgrade accounts using the Remote Access K

    I am wondering if you can upgrade/downgrade accounts using the remote access key option or if you can only create/delete accounts? Also, can you monitor your accounts disk space and bandwidth using the remote access key option? Any programmer guru out there know about this???
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    createacct in Remote Access Keys

    I'm got an interesting issue. Remote Access Keys doesn't appear to be returning anything when I use the createacct function. Here's a snippet of code: ... $strRAKResponse = createacct($host,$user,$accesshash,$usessl,$acctdomain,$acctuser,$acctpass,$acctplan); echo $strRAKResponse; if...
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    Remote Access Keys No Longer Working?

    I used to be a reseller and used Remote Access Keys for automated account creation. I'm now on my own server and can't get it to work (4.9.0build 64). Has anyone else noticed this happen? Does WHM prevent me from using the &root& account with RAK? That's the only change I've made to...
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    WHM - php error handling of remote access functions

    Hi, Im trying to make a PHP script to create user accounts as soon as their payment has been authorized with paypal, it works fine at the moment, but there is no way to check if there has been any errors creating the account, like if the username has been taken, is there anyway to echo an...
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    Getting 'OK' response from Remote Access Keys

    I'd like to know what the possible responses are and how to get them using remote access keys (specifically on 'createacct'). I'm able to get it to create an account, but I'd like to receive some type of status response code to know whether or not it was successful so I can trap it and notify...
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    Remote Backup

    I am looking for a way to backup a server and download the backup via SSH to a remote pc to store on a HD. Someone out there must have figured a way. It is running linux box. The server has a 60 gig hd and I have a 120 gig hd on my pc. I have a cable connection so I am not worried about the...
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    Remote acess keys and php

    I am creating a paypal gateway that automaticly creates accounts once I get paid... The problem.... It reterns the error &sorry, cannot create an account with ulimited badwith& even though the account I have specified has a bandwith limit. I guess there is more documentation than the...