1. V

    Remote Access Create

    I'm trying to use the createacct script using PHP but all I get are &You must choose a plan& errors. --More code above-- $acctuser = &test66&; $acctdomain = &; $acctpass = &password&; $acctplan = &&; (Look below) $accts =...
  2. V

    Remote Database Access

    In the MySQL section of cpanel, under &access hosts& there is a form field which has this note next to it: &Host (% wildcard is allowed)&. Does this mean that I could allow remote database access to, say, IPs from to by entering 1.1.1.% in this field? Or...
  3. D

    Remote Account Copier problem.

    I tried to transfer an account from one of my servers to the other. but it failed to do it. althu it copied a FULL tar.gz file with all the MySQL / ftp / pass / homedir and all... it seems that it just didnt expend it as it should have done.. now my quastion is , is there any way i can open...
  4. Radio_Head

    Remote access file example

    on the Remote access file example there is something wrong on this line $response = $whm-&createacct(“&DOMAIN NAME HERE&”,&&USERNAME HERE&“,&&PASSWORD HERE&”,&&PACKAGE HERE&”); error line...
  5. V

    Remote Access Create Account Problem

    I've ben following the remoteaccess.html file and I'm able to delete an account, list accounts, list packages, suspend accounts and unsuspend accounts. My problem is with the create account script. It keeps giving me this error &Sorry, you must choose a plan&..... This is one line...
  6. D

    Mysql - Remote connection

    Hi, I see this in CPanel news:- Mysql Access Hosts Users can not setup their mysql databases to be accessible from any host they choose (4.5.0 build 74 or later only) I have clients who need to connect to Mysql remotely with the mysql ODBC kit from - How can I set them up to...
  7. A

    the remote access key

    Is the only reason for the &remote access key& to prevent having to type in the user name and password and to get aroudn the ssl?
  8. G

    Setup Remote Access Key

    What is this feature for exactly, it looks like some sort of encryption key, but for what?
  9. S

    Server Setup - Setup Remote Access Key?

    I have logged into my WHM and see under Server Setup a new option &Setup Remote Access Key&. What is this new feature for I cant find any details for it? Thanks Eddy
  10. K

    ndc: send remote authenticator: permission denied

    Getting this message when creating new account and subdomain wont work: &ndc: send remote authenticator: permission denied& Any idea how to fix this problem?