1. M

    DCV challenge failure because of remote nameserver

    Since a Cpanel l update I am receiving the autossl error NS DCV: The DNS query to “_cpanel-dcv-test-record.mydomain” for the DCV challenge returned no “TXT” record that matches the value “_cpanel-dcv-test-record=5sdsdfasdfYz6qCvsZkn5nN24y0HuUpb5fOqqadsr53qn9fe53ghU8WwQHbO6z3”.; HTTP DCV...
  2. P

    Cannot overwrite account on Remote Root Account Transfer

    Hello There, Im trying to transfer accounts using PHP and WHM API 1 Functions: enqueue_transfer_item Although I implemented every overwrite option for the module AccountRemoteRoot, when I review the completed session, I get the error saying that the user already exists: I want to be able...
  3. A

    We have a VPS with one domain working fine—added another as remote alias, then transerred new domain to same name servers - NOW SERVER NOT FOUND

    Let me try to better explain this : Original site— on old server, I don't have access to this server (have to go through a middle man) New site——built on GoDaddy VPS (same domain name BUT WITH new extension) so I could easily work and finish the new site while allowing...
  4. D

    AutoSSL error - Remote IP address is not licensed.

    To start off, I'm no expert and am looking into an issue we are having for another member of our team. The error we are getting is this. "The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store because of the following error: (XID akbjv5) The cPanel Store returned an error...
  5. R

    Remote Uploads

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to figure out the best way to secure my server with regards to remote uploads. Most of the sites hosted on my server are Wordpress and we need file uploads enabled for users via WordPress only. How can i stop other malicious remote uploads that are trying to directly...
  6. O

    Connecting to remote server via SSH issue

    I have setup ssh key password less login but while doing ssh to the remote server from auth server through the another user [abc] then it shows below error... Auth Server error: permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,password) Remote Server error: sshd[3320943]: Invalid user...
  7. R

    Remote user account Transfer

    Eu estou tentando transferir um arquivo de outro servidor através de transferência de conta de usuário remoto, mas a transferência está em 0 e a mensagem que aparece é: Servidor de enquete remota (19 / 1.440 try) ... O arquivo de backup, backup-11.15.2018_12-02-59_renatocandido.tar.gz...
  8. K

    Remote User Account Transfer: Failed to extract the archive

    I'm trying to migrate from WHM to another, both from different providers. I used the Remote User Account Transfer because I was getting a lot of warnings with the Transfer tool method. Here is the error I get through Remote User Account Transfer: Starting “RESTORE” for “Account” “removed”...
  9. L

    Remote Images not showing after moving server

    I've got a in unexpected issue after moving a site from a very old cpanel server to a new one. I use an old version of version of dreamweaver (CS3) for editing emails. All the image urls are the full remote url (examplecom/newsletter/email-image1.jpg). Since moving the website to the new server...
  10. M

    block server access/connection to remote url

    Hi, I'd like to block any access from my server to a specific url and am wondering the/a best way to go about this? I have root access to my fully-managed VPS. My host said that they add the url to be blocked by iptables. However, looking online about using iptables this way shows that it can...
  11. WebHostPro

    SOLVED Can I remove the remote MySQL icon from cPanel?

    Hi, We don't allow remote MySQL on shared servers so we would like to remove the remote MySQL icon from cPanel to eliminate confusion. I'm looking in the feature request section but it only lists MySQL not just the remote MySQL option.
  12. O

    Allow Remote MySQL Checklist

    Hi Guys, Currently I have to whitelist each of my customers IP's for remote mysql access on 3306. However, we have dynamic IP's in our country and so adding/updating IP's on the firewalls allow every day is a real pain. Looking to open up port 3306; but what measures should I take to ensure the...
  13. C

    Remote Access Key not seen

    Hello, I installed a new cpanel and it's trial. remote access key isn't exist in this cpanel (Home »Clusters »Remote Access Key ) . I would like to create a key. Please advise.
  14. N

    Remote Root Account Transfer had warnings

    I have completed Transfer my site to new server. I have getting Warnings error after the Transfer complete. Please let me know this fix and Does Transfer completed successfully? Can ignore the warnings? TRANSFER: 2 completed, 0 had warnings, and 0 failed. RESTORE: 2 completed, 2 had warnings...
  15. H

    SOLVED Reseller account not seeing Remote Access Key

    I have just installed a fresh cpanel on a server. This is server info: (at the top after logging into whm) CENTOS 7.3 virtuozzo [server1] v66.0.14 When I create a test reseller account, after logging into that whm account, I don't see the link "Remote Access Key". I'm I missing something...
  16. N

    Remote Root Account Transfer

    I have completed Transfer my site to new server. I have getting Warnings error after the Transfer complete. Please let me know this fix and Does Transfer completed successfully? Can ignore the warnings? TRANSFER: 2 completed, 0 had warnings, and 0 failed. RESTORE: 2 completed, 2 had warnings...
  17. W

    Remote user account Transfer

    Hi! During a transfer of an account to another one, I encountered the following error and I don't know how to fix it. I apologize if I posted in the wrong section and thank you for taking the time to help me. Have a nice day! That's what I wanted to do. That is the error:
  18. T

    Opposite way and delete such remote domain

    When you set the MX entry to remote mail server it tells to server to not try to deliver the mail locally and to use the external mail server. How to do do also in a opposite way and delete such remote domain as it is showing: cat /etc/remotedomains
  19. T

    Remote IP

    We try setting the domain name instead of IP. Most likely a domain name can be used there. Is this technically possible for the Remote IP enabled.
  20. H

    Remote backup problem

    I use remote backup destination for my server from OVH. I have error during backup transport: [cpbackup_transporter] Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2ce1fb0) <<< 421 I can't accept more than 3 connections as the same user How can I limit outgoing connections to 3?