1. N

    Stoping a remote user account transfer (cpanel 11.44)

    Hi, We’ve tried to transfer an account from a remote server (Another hosting company) to our server. We’ve used the new Transfer Tool interface from whm 11.44 to initialise the transfer. So far, everything was going great until we fell into an endless loop... We get this nonstop...
  2. G

    Rsyslog forward log to remote syslog server

    I've setup a central syslog server using LogAnalyzer on CentOS6 server to consolidate all the cpanel logs. I created a config file in /etc/rsyslog.d/ to foward any log contains 'apache-access' to remote server, however, the same access log was also logged in /var/log/messages. Is there a way to...
  3. J

    Remote Root Account Transfer never finish

    The Remotely Root Account Transfer is stuck by 82%. It seem all files has being transfered but i cannot stop or clear the transfer. What should I do? Thanks
  4. postcd

    httpd dont start - Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host.

    Solved: httpd dont start - Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host Hello, WHM is running on a VPS OpenVZ, the memory was exhausted and VPS container needed to be restarted. After restart i can see httpd has issues. "service httpd restart" dont return any message and status is same pkill...
  5. J

    WHM 11.44 Upgrade Issue with Remote MySQL

    Hi, Our Web Server has tried to upgrade to WHM 11.44 but failed and is showing the yellow error box message in WHM stating that "The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked. " - "Please correct these issues and rerun updates. fatal: Newer releases of cPanel & WHM are not compatible...
  6. C

    Server slows to a crawl when copying accounts from remote server

    I'm migrating websites from an old cloud server account to a new one with a different host, using the built-in cpanel account migration. The two servers connect with no problems, and the files do eventually move across, but the transfer speed is stuck at 0.1345 M/s so the transfer takes...
  7. G

    Error connecting to remote MySQL

    I have two servers, and I recently upgraded one of them. The one that has been upgraded hosts the main MySQL database. The other server has several sites that access this database. They all worked fine when accessing the old server, but now I'm getting this error: Can't connect to MySQL...
  8. G

    Remote server rsync using cron

    I have two servers, and I'm wanting to set up a cron job to backup contents from one server to the other. I'm writing my own thing because I only want to copy certain directories, instead of the whole account (the whole account is huge, and most of it doesn't need a continuous backup). If I...
  9. J

    Remote FTP validation problem

    Hello, I brought a premium account from & I want to store my backup files there. They provide me FTP account to upload my files. But when I tried to validate FTP from backup configuration cpanel it's showing this error: "Error: Validation for transport “”...
  10. O

    Cpanel With Remote Servers

    Hello, I need to install CPanel in a Centos Servers. I also have a Windows 2008 R2 Web server and another one Windows 2008 R2 mail server. I need to manage domains and emails on remote servers. Is it possible?
  11. K

    Error with remote FTP backup (WHM)

    Hi guys! I'm having a problem with remote FTP backups in WHM. It connects correctly to the server but when I try to validate it I get this error: Error: Validation for transport “Mi casa” failed: Could not upload test file: Permission denied. However if I do a cPanel backup to the...
  12. M

    Allow Remote Domains question

    Hello everyone, I am new to WHM (I do know how to use cPanel however as I have used it on many shared hosting environments). With that said, I have a new fully managed VPS and just got off the phone with tech support while having issues trying to add Parked domains via cPanel. Just in case...
  13. I

    Sending copy of logs to the remote syslog server

    Is there any way to send copy of logs from cPanel to the remote syslog server? Thanks
  14. N

    Problem doing Full Backup in cPanel to a remote FTP

    Hi! In cPanel when i try to create a full backup to a remote ftp, the backup file is created the access to remote FTP is started, but immediately after the login to the FTP server, the file is deleted from the home dir and then the transfer is aborted with nothing transfered. Now i will...
  15. R

    Remote Database Access Hosts

    Hello, I'm trying to allow a website hosted on my cPanel server to access a database on my other cPanel server. I have added the correct IP's into "Additional MySQL Access Hosts" but when I go into the users account "Remote MySQL" and enter the IP there, it's not being saved. "There are no...
  16. P

    WordPress & Remote MySQL server

    I have my WordPress installations configured to use a remote MySQL server. I couldn't find where I can set this in the cPanel install of WordPress. I know I can / have installed WordPress manually via FTP but I was hoping to save a little time Thanks
  17. C

    Allow Remote Domains

    I run cpanel server and name server separately. When I tried to add an addon domain, this error occurred. the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your...
  18. K

    Remote FTP Backup and Restore

    When selecting remote FTP backups only, does the remote server also need to have WHM/cpanel? If not, how to you usually restore from FTP backups?
  19. T

    remote mysql option

    Could someone confirm to me if it is expected behavior that when you stop using the "remote mysql server" option and revert back to using the local install it removes all databases that are currently installed. If this is the case (as I have just found out), where is this documented. Thanks Toby
  20. G

    View Sent Summary - remote

    In WHM, under the "View Sent Summary" option, what does the user "-remote-" signify? I ask because I have a server that hosts a handful of small accounts, but -remote- is showing a relatively large number of emails. In the last 24 hours, it's showing 4,494 total emails, 3,437 sent...