1. R

    Restore backup from 'Custom S3-compatible backup locations'

    I believe it's not possible to restore the backup from "Custom S3-compatible backup locations" so what's the point to make a backup, I do not see the option to restore it, other than FTP, is there is a better option to restore the backup from "Custom S3-compatible backup locations"
  2. Y

    Restore backup from 'Additional Destinations'

    I've configured Additional Destination(Blackblaze) to backup and unticked 'Retain Backups in the Default Backup Directory' backup configurations since I don't have much disk space left and backups are consuming a huge amount of dis space. Backups have successfully transferred into Blackblaze...
  3. M

    Check if Additional Destination gets disabled during backup

    Does anyone know if it's possible to setup a cron to check to see if an additional backup destination gets disabled during backup? It seems to happen from time to time and it would be nice to get an email alert if it does!
  4. M

    Backups - Remote destination validation

    I have a similar problem, I get Error: Validation for transport “backupserver” failed: Could not delete the file we had uploaded onto the server: Couldn't delete remote file: No such file I have connected via command line to test connection, which works. I can also see validate.tmp files...
  5. J

    Webdav - Stack

    Hello guys, I want to backup to an webdav URL and the hostname is but WHM requires me to remove any trailing paths or ports. How can I remove something that is required to reach the webdav enviroment or how else should I set it up. Greeting Joey.
  6. H

    Remote backup problem

    I use remote backup destination for my server from OVH. I have error during backup transport: [cpbackup_transporter] Net::FTP=GLOB(0x2ce1fb0) <<< 421 I can't accept more than 3 connections as the same user How can I limit outgoing connections to 3?
  7. C

    Mysql backups

    Hi, how do you get automated backups onto your local computer of a Mysql db please? Chris.
  8. Rogerio

    Backup Transport Errors

    Hello, I send my daily backups to another server using SFTP. Since update 58.0.30, backup script isn't closing connections. Example: I have 82 websites, it opens 82 SFTP connections and keep connected or doesn't close the connection gracefully. Files are uploaded ok, but connections keep open...
  9. 3

    Cannot open file: No such device or address at bin/ line 1472.

    I Use Backup to a another server via Sftp every Sunday Morning and for the past 4 sundays since starting the backup to another server I'm getting this error with the same account. Replace account name with X's here is the full error log Please someone tell me how to fix this [2016-09-11...
  10. R

    problema con backup ftp

    Hola a todos, les cuento mi problema, configure en whm el backup diario para todas las cuentas cpanel, estas se guardaran en un servidor ftp externo, actualmente tengo 4 cuentas, y el backup solo esta funcionando para 2 cuentas sin problema, y las otras 2 crea el archivo .tar.gz pero lo crea...
  11. N

    Backup transfer failed with a lot of "Upload attempt failed" errors

    Hello, two days ago i have backup transfer error. This is the cpbackup_transporter.log log file: [2016-09-04 02:08:18 +0200] info [cpbackup_transporter] Initializing log file [2016-09-04 02:08:18 +0200] info [cpbackup_transporter] cPanel Backup Transporter Queue Daemon started. [2016-09-04...
  12. S

    Backup transport error : timeout

    Hello ! :) I get errors regarding the backup transport on my backup server. There are two backup files : - one which is about 17 Gig big and which can't be sent, - another one which is only 50 Mb big which is sent successfully. Here is the log's content : [2016-08-30 02:25:07 +0200] info...
  13. S

    Trying to setup Amazon S3 backup

    Hello, I am trying to setup a complete server backup to Amazon S3. I have followed this tutorial to the letter: However I am getting this error when a backup is run: The system encountered errors during...
  14. R

    WHM CPanel Amazon S3 Backup

    Hello, I am facing trouble configuring backups from CPanel to Amazon S3. Is this feature supported by Cpanel? I am receiving a error message which i think is about old authentication mechanism which is not supported by Amazon IAM. Any fix or updates for the same is available? Or any alternatives?
  15. L

    Good (Remote) Backup Additional Destination?

    In short, I'm currently only backing up to my default /backup directory, and I need to start thinking about contingency as one of my projects gets a bit more serious. Currently it's only my own and family/friend websites; it's not a web hosting business, I do not have any billing software and...
  16. bgarrant

    Amazon S3 Backups and Encryption

    I have the WHM backups working with S3 very well. I assume the s3 uses a secure connection by default correct? Also, is there any way to enable encryption or is that not needed? I see I can enable it on the s3 bucket itself, but will that mess up anything if I do a restore? I setup s3 using...
  17. bgarrant

    What is a good Remote Backup solution?

    I want to offer remote backups as a service to my hosting clients. It would be great if it could be automated with WHMCS, but the most important part is that I can pick and choose what clients get the service. I see WHM has a backup remote option to S3 or SFTP. Is the built in backup solution...
  18. A

    Backup server to external hard drive recommendations?

    Hello! I don't have much experience with managing a server and am new to WHM, but ended up semi-responsible for an SME's server for multiple websites/databases. I was asked to figure out a way that an office staff member could backup everything to an external hard drive, and was wondering if...
  19. dazeck

    Investigating transport errors

    I've been having trouble recently with the backups failing to be transported to my home NAS box via WebDav so I switched over to FTP to see if that's any better. It's a little better but I still get an email every day saying files failed to transfer but at least now it doesn't disable the...
  20. G

    Retain backups on Amazon S3 only

    I don't know if something has changed since the latest cPanel update or if I'm missing some configuration steps. It used to be that when I set automatic backups to be retained for 1 week on my server, they would still be retained indefinitely on Amazon S3 until I manually deleted them. This...