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    Mail coming from localhost being blocked

    hello I have the problem the email of the password forgotten function does not go out, because a blocking service blocks our IP address. I found out that the mail server uses the domain "localhost.localdomain" and the IP "" as sender and not the correct domain and e-mail. I'm currently...
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    Unable to receive password reset link

    Hello, We are unable to receive password reset link after changing cpanel's contact email id from whm. While we click on reset password, we enter the newly entered email address, but it shows the below provided error : The email address you provided does not match our records. It shows error...
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    Password Recovery - Email Hint

    Maybe this is related to the OP's issue - this just came up... Version 56.0/33 User tells us he tried his old username and a few different passwords, didn't work. "Then I tried to do a password reset but it tells me that the feature is disabled". So I go to his site /cpanel and click the Reset...