1. O

    Email from cPanel saying that "Some of the server's DNS resolvers failed to respond"

    I started getting an email with the subject "Partial DNS resolver failure" and it says that "Some of the server's DNS resolvers failed to respond". It lists 2 DNS resolver addresses. One of them is "Normal" and the other is "Unreliable". This is the first time I've ever received such an...
  2. B

    Resolvers changing/reverting?

    Can someone tell me why my resolvers periodically revert to and I can go to Resolver Configuration, customize the three values, and come back [some time later] and they'll be back to Google's public DNS. It may be after a reboot -- I haven't tested that and I don't often...
  3. E

    SOLVED Some of the server’s DNS resolvers fail to respond.

    Hello, I have some trouble whit my DNS resolvers. I got 2 ip's , one is working fine but the other not ? i have whit ip an whit ip i always get an error from I use the setupresolvconf and that says : Your resolvers have been...
  4. S

    modification to resolv.conf

    Hello, My server is old and everything is working fine, just some customer complaint they are not able to send email to one company and they are also not receiving their emails. When i traced it was showing host did not lookup. I searched and somewhere written add entries in /etc/resolv.conf...
  5. P

    SOLVED Resolver Configuration Keeps Resetting

    Hello my Resolver Config keeps resetting to nameserver I have tried changing this in Networking Setup »Resolver Configuration and /etc/resolv.conf This server is with Google Cloud that I have only just setup a few days ago, also what might be related is that my server name is...
  6. S

    How to check if I run an open resolver and close it if it is open ?

    I need to disable open resolving and recursive calls . what exactly should i put in named.conf ? says my main ip is not vulnerable to DNS Amplification attacks. but my host is null routing some of my additional IPs saying they're a source of such attack.
  7. D

    Recursive resolver

    How can I enable the WHM / Cpanel server to resolve names recursively (sites that are not hosted on himself)?
  8. P

    Setup Local resolver

    Hi, I want to setup an local Resolver in my company,i have a series of ip addresses,i want to setup a dns server in my local for forward lookup that allow mu ip range only. Means it will allow DNS query for my ip range only else just forward query to google or opendns. Also Cpanel DNS...
  9. saamxvr

    Resolver IP problem on cPanel/WHM 11.30.0

    Hello on june 10th i was transfer my site new server but still not Resolver IP i was register in godaddy - - look ther ping well just ping - Online ping - Online web-based ping: Free online ping from 50...
  10. A


    Can someone please please please help me. I'm ready to push my wife out a window... This is driving me nuts.... LOL no, but really.. I went out and spent the money on a dedicated server, bought cplanel.. And for the life of I cant' get it to work.. One user from here did spend and great...
  11. B

    Resolver Config question

    Originally I had my resolvers set to my own Dns nameservers. But I wasn't sure if this was correct, so I ask my hosting provider what they should be set to, they gave me their dns servers, and I changed it over to them, adding my namserver as third. Then all of my email started failing to...
  12. B

    What will be the primary & secondary resolver?

    Hello, I just installed cPanel in my vps. During first using, initial setup prompt me to provide Primary & Secondary Resolver. But I am not sure what it will be. Can anybody help me on this? Regards
  13. P

    Resolver question

    After modifying the resolvers IPs, what do we have to do to apply settings ? Restart bind? Are these settings applied on the fly? Thanks in advance ! Best wishes, Alex
  14. 4

    Resolver question...

    I know everyone always recommends that you use nameservers provided by your data center to use as your main resolvers but is that really a good idea if you have your own dedicated cpanel nameservers? What advantage would there be of using the DC's busy servers rather than the dedicated "DNS...
  15. H

    Modify Resolver Configuration

    When I go to change my IPs in the setup, it goes through but when I go back to see it never changed the IPs. When I try to edit resolv.conf manually from SSH it says Permission Denied. I'm su and on root when trying to edit this. Any help?
  16. F

    WHM Domain resolver problem

    Hello, Plz can any one sort out this problem... i have got server with five ips.. now i registered name servers... as i login in whm with ips like same i can login as nameserver/whm means my name servers are resolved.. but when i use this name servers for any domain...
  17. K

    using a local resolver ~ doesnt work?

    When I set “resolv.conf” to: [SERVER IP] [Datacenter Resolver IP] [Datacenter Resolver IP2] I am unable to ping/email any domain outside of my server, LIKE:,, or - It’s really a pain using the datacenters but they work but sometimes cause speed issues, what...
  18. Z

    Resolver Setup wont

    Ok here is my deal. I add all my dns info into the Resolver Setup Configuration. It tells me that its now Setup then goes right back to the Resolver setup screen again. Any ideas?
  19. S

    How to find resolver issue?

    We are having trouble sending email to some of the domains and I suspect the problem with resolver. How do we debug this? Thanks Shann
  20. S

    Resolver quesion

    Hi, I have a quick question. When resolver.conf file get called, from my understanding it uses to find out namservers in the domain name space. Does it get called when traffics come to server? Thanks in advance.