1. F

    High CPU load and lots of '/usr/sbin/httpd -k start processes'

    Almost everyday my server 'hangs' for about 2 hours, because there are 20+ processes '/usr/sbin/httpd -k start', owned by nobody. If I kill these processes, everything returns to normal. I checked all the logs and also the Apache connections to see if a specific site is causing higher than...
  2. M

    SOLVED High Load every day at 10:00 am

    Hi, since 22 November, everyday at 10:00 the load of the server starts to increase until I have to reboot because it becomes unusable. Since then, I'm monitoring everyday with this guide Troubleshooting high server loads on Linux servers and another tools that I use for my work. I've been...
  3. L

    mysql using high memory

    i am runninf cpanel fro webhosting and about 20 account hosted, the most of them is new website with low traffict my memory usage is about 1GB of 4GB and CPU usage within 0.2 of 4cores based top/htop mysql usage is on top of chart: /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql...
  4. Y

    Website high CPU usage

    I have a very strange problem, a website of my cpanel account is consuming more than 80% of my CPU, when I suspend this site everything returns to normal but when I bring it back it again consumes this high CPU number. What could it be? Can anybody help me. Here's a photo.
  5. Masimo

    Mysql overload problem

    I found a problem on mysql server overloading by databases query process time. Please have a look at attached screenshots, some databases query process is too many and its will take too much time, so database server will going to crush and overload. How can fix and take this problem on control...
  6. L

    Out of Memory The process “php” was terminated

    Hello My Web Server keeps running out of memory which causes websites to fall over. This has happened 12 times in the past 3 months, roughly once a week. But its happened 3 times in the last 7 days, which is why I'm posting here. I get an email from cPanel Monitoring to say: Out of memory...
  7. E

    Unwanted second httpd server instances

    I noticed weird behavior with apache on one server. I'm running EA3 (mpm event) on Cloudlinux 7. Everything was until couple days ago when I noticed (usually discovered by increase in apache load) there are where to much instances running $ps -aux | grep httpd root 807675 0.1 0.7...
  8. B

    Config apache for high traffic

    hello, I use Wordpress site on VPS with maxcdn and my apache (httpd) is falling few times a day when the site got more than 800 users active (according to google analytics). My Hosting guys dont know what to do so I am asking you guys, what should I do to optimize my apache and Mysql to get...
  9. S

    High Server Load Issue

    Hello, I have dedicated server with cpanel + cloudlinux. My server load average was always 1.0 to 3.0 but now i am seeing it is 50.0 and 60.0 i dont know what is taking too much resources and my services getting up and down.. sites working slow.. I have no heavy users i want to analyse what is...
  10. P

    Website slow performance issue

    Hi everyone, My website is currently having a trouble with a slow response time and I'm at a loss for a solution, even with assistance with my webhosting company. Basically, my hosting has been excellent for over 6 months but at the start of the week the website started responding slowly. An...
  11. F

    WHM Apache Status - Request Truncated

    Hi all, Ive been optimizing my server and getting decent results. I would like to know though how I can view the full contents of the "Request" Column when viewing apache status on this page Home »Server Status »Apache Status WHM 58.0 (build 32) At the moment its truncated
  12. leonep

    Limit processes resource with cpulimit

    Buongiorno ! I want to know if is safe to use cpulimit on whm/cpanel server version 58.0 , centos 6.8 The purpose is to limit clamscan cause i reiceve always alarms from LFD and i don't need priority on this task thanks
  13. staberas

    Need help with optimizing

    Need help with optimization: Current VPS is a 4Core with 4GB ram (3.8 free) Currently hosting many sites wordpress but only one is heavy (15K posts + couple plugins) Need help in optimising speed & stability Currently the heavy site uses very big amount of memory php (version 7) & sql...
  14. H

    Very slow new account

    Hello, I just installed Cloudlinux 7.2 and cPanel 58 with some plugins: CSF, CageFS, ClamAV, softaculos etc on a Vmware virtual machine with 8 cores xeon E5540, 32 GB RAM. The storage is a perc 6i raid 10 with 6 x 1TB SATA3. The CL+cPanel has ~ 1 TB of disk space. At this point, there is...
  15. Harikalar Kutusu

    Optimization questions

    (sorry for the long post) I had performance and stability issues on my relatively low level (XEON 4 cores, 2 GB RAM, SAS disks) cPanel VPS (Centos 5.11 WHM 56) server, thus I moved to a much better VDS (i7-2600, 16 GB RAM, SSD, 100 Mbps interface). SW reached end of life anyways... Current...
  16. L

    MySQL resource usage

    This is happening to me, and is consumming almos all the server load and sometimes even more, please tell me how to stop it from appearing again after I kill it
  17. icandoit

    Concerns About Server Optimization

    I know a few good server admins however they do not use cpanel and I am sure they do not hae much knowledge on cpanel servers. I need to do server optimization . Should I let them do the job? As I myself am not a linux admin I do not know how much I should trust admins who do not know much...
  18. C

    VPS shared memory question

    Hello, I need the help of experts here, I was a web administrator, but just learning about VPS Hosting. there are simple things but it is quite complicated for me. What is the shared memory here, because I have two separate vps hosting, which is a shared memory = 0, the other shared memory =...
  19. weblinks

    VPS High load and spamd

    Hi, My VPS cloud configuration as follows : 4 cores 3.1 GHZ 8 gb ram CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 kvm WHM 58.0 (build 31) I am facing problem from last few days that my this vps load goes high on daily basis. 8/12 times in 24 hours. I am regular looking csf email of high alert and trying to findout...
  20. Z

    Apache status

    Hi, I saw this on our server: 2284 - 0/0/697 . 1.26 120319 0 0.0 0.00 13.84 ::1 OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0 43-2284 - 0/0/558 . 0.06 120276 0 0.0 0.00 11.81 ::1 OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0 44-2284 -...