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    High CPU overload, on VPS with lots of free RAM.

    Hi everyone. Our e-commerce website (wordpress/woocommerce) uses a lot of CPU and very little RAM (on average only 20%). Server handles traffic OK, till we have more than 60 clients at the same time (more than 100 page views per minute) server than suddenly starts to overload CPU and gets...
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    My I/O usage always hitting the limit (256KB/s). What should I do?

    I have a problem with my I/O, it always hits the limit of 256KB/s. What should I do to reduce it? What is the Step-by-Step do I need to fixed this? Other of my resources are not like this. This is my current major problem. So I really appreciate any help from you guys. Thanks.
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    Limit CPU question

    I have typed every account to use 20% of the cpu but when one account hits the 20% CPU usage the server hits the full cpu usage (4 cores). Now the question: why is the the option to limit the cpu when it dosent work?
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    Which cPanel account is abusing MySQL?

    Hello; how to identify teé cPanel account that abuses the MySQL database
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    Apache HTTPD very slow

    We have been running cPanel for several months without a problem. But today we received complains from users about sites being slow to access. Later we also a notification from cPanel titled "FAILED ⛔: httpd" We restarted Apache and everything normalised. But about half an hour later the...