1. Rogerio

    SOLVED Problem searching emails via Roundcude after transfering account

    Hello, A client was hosted in one server and I moved it to another. Both cPanel v78, transferred via Transfer Tool. After the migration, the search box stopped working for old emails in webmail (Roundcube). When searching, Roundcube only find emails after the migration. Solr is installed, and...
  2. S

    When will RoundCube be updated?

    Why cPanel not updated roundcube webmail to 1.3.8? Must of plugins only work in this new version... this version of roundcube released in 26 October 2018. Thanks
  3. M

    Roundcube error with specific mail

    I am experiencing a strange problem with specific mails on Roundcube. I am receiving email from a fax server always with same format including a pdf! With Roundcube I get error: Could not load message from server. Then roundcube stucks and Inbox (on the left list) is renamed to Inbox625. As...
  4. B

    Roundcube requires login twice

    Hello all. Ever since the latest cPanel upgrade my clients seem to be having issues singing in to their webmail accounts. If they are logged in to cPanel and click "check email" even if their credentials are correct they cannot login. If they open up a new browser (or simply log out of their...
  5. M

    Multiple users on roundcube

    Hi folks, we have more than 1 users for a single e-mail account inside our cPanel and they all use webmail on 2096 port. Problem is when more than 1 user is logged in to the same e-mail account via roundcube the error appears : access denied. My /usr/local/cpanel/logs/login_log says this ...
  6. G

    Disable altered RPM check for some Rouncube files?

    Hello, we modified some files for Roundcube (simple stylesheets and some html/images ".html, .css, .gif, .png"). I've got a couple of questions. 1) Now cPanel alerts us for "Altered RPM found" and lists the files we modified. Is there a way to disable this alert, without turning off...
  7. W

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23516] Use of undefined constant roundcube errors

    [2018-12-09 00:35:44 +0000] info [webmaild] [fcgi] PHP message: PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant IDNA_DEFAULT - assumed 'IDNA_DEFAULT' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_utils.php on line 908 PHP...
  8. G

    Add Plugin to Roundcube?

    Hello, How can I update the DB of roundcube ? Indeed I can add plugin, modify template but some plugin need to modify the DB... I don't see some info about that ? It's possible ? Especially since it is an open source software. So if anyone has a solution, I'm interested. I specify that this is...
  9. M

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23532] Roundcube Timezone error after upgrde to 76.0.0

    Hello, i start to get wrong timezone (+3 hours) only in the Roundcube after the upgrade to WHM 76.0.0, how can i fix that, i can´t access all my client´s webmail and change manually, using Horde the time is right, the problem is only with Roundcube. My server is configured to use Timezone...
  10. R

    SOLVED Blank reply on roundcube mail

    Hello! We have single Cpanel account which are using round cube for webmail. Recently the user noticed than new mail or reply to email shows blank (when reaching loading timeout). This happens for only single Cpanel account's single email account. Other mailboxes (email accounts) of the account...
  11. S

    Forwarding outgoing e-mails?

    Hi a year ago the only supported option for forwarding an outgoing e-mail was making copies of outgoing email is through the Archive option in cPanel. Is this still true or has there been any changes? It would be greatly appreciated if the outgoing e-mails would be as easily forwarded as...
  12. L

    Roundcube Error - Unknown storage engine InnoDB

    Hi, When accessing the RoundCube webmail error message is displayed in the browser: DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED! Unable to connect to the database! Please contact your server-administrator. In /var/cpanel/roundcube/log/errors is shown: [23-Aug-2018 09:25:57 -0300]: <9qct9rqj> DB...
  13. S

    Roundcube to SQLite conversion

    I guess I'm just surprised and I guess I missed something. I know there was a big shift to moving a lot of the cPanel specific stuff from depending on the system SQL service (MySQL or MariaDB) and towards SQLite. It looks like this conversion for the Horde database went through automatically...
  14. U

    Roundcube corrupt tables with this webapp disabled

    Hi Today, I am facing a problem with roundcube database.Here is the log: I only have enabled horde as only option for webmail. Really, I don't like roundcube. Is possible uninstall toally from the server? I want to keep away roundcube from mysql server :) Thanks!
  15. S

    Roundcube Prepared Responses storage location

    A client says they have lost 50 or so prepared responses for a particular address in Roundcube. I am looking for the user configuration but can't find anything that seems to relate to the documentation at all in the Roundcube configuration dumps. Any idea of where else I should be looking?
  16. N

    Roundcube Read mail notification problem

    When I click an email in roundcube, that is requesting the notification of receivement, i get the following error
  17. vagkaefer

    Spamassassin "spam" folder in RoundCube

    First, read this: Spamassassin "spam" folder in RoundCube Then: I know the problem is about 50 years old, but the problem continues! I researched again and could not find a solution. I followed this problem for years, for webmail to work, I need to access all the email accounts and change the...
  18. N

    Roundcube address groups empty after migration

    again i throw my self at the mercy of the infinite wisdom of the community: I had to run from a bad server co. in the process I transferred all accounts seemingly successfully with few exceptions, one of them being the fact that the address groups in roundcubes address book didnt transfer...
  19. W

    convert_roundcube_mysql2sqlite issue

    Hello, We recently migrated a server to newer hardware and are having trouble with Roundcube email contacts. They were missing from the new server because the old server had them stored in MySQL and they weren't carried over in the migration. I've followed the steps contained on the MySQL to...
  20. Z

    IMAP sync outlook 2013 + Roundcube (webmail)

    Hello, Can someone help to explain more about how IMAP works with RoundCube in cPanel server? i found a difficulty to solve problem when one email account missing mails from last week. A. My current version setting are: 1. Server version cPanel = Version 68.0.26 (centos7). 2. Daily use...