1. S

    Replace Roundcube logo on a per account basis

    As the subject says. If customer xyz logins into their webmail/roundcube interface the roundcube logo uses a customize logo (customers logo). Possible? -bob
  2. coursevector

    RoundCube Redirect Issue with IE11 Win7

    I opened this ticket originally with RoundCube but they don't think it's their issue so I'm going to the next link in the chain. I'll copy and paste what I put in the RoundCube ticket below: I'm experiencing an issue on my WHM server running...
  3. Masimo

    SOLVED HELO name problem on roundcube

    Roundcube doesn't show server hostname in HELO, i can confirm its OK on horde and just a problem on roundcube. How can fix this problem on roundcube?
  4. A

    Problem with Webmail search

    Hi, We have roundcube client that when trying to search emails from a friend "Marko" using the search options (in inbox folder) he gets different results: If he search: "Mar" he gets this results: When he search full name: "Marko" the results are fine: How can we fix this in WHM or in...
  5. T

    skip roundcube for specific accounts

    Hi, How i disable roundcube for some accounts? I tried edit the file bellow, but dont work. /var/cpanel/users/$user skiproundcube=1 This setting only work in: /var/cpanel/cpanel.config Thanks
  6. J

    RoundCube Contact lost on server to server transfer

    Hello, I have transfer and account from one WHM to a new WHM server using the WHM transfer tool but it seems that the old server had SQLite for Roundcube and the new server had the default RoundCube MySQL database. So the issue after the transfer is that all contacts in Rouncube disappeared...
  7. J

    Log directly into Roundcube webmail?

    This thread is for continuing an old discussion, so please start by reading the old topic: Own domain that goes directly to Roundcube webmail? I would like to check if there has been any development on cPanel that would address this issue during the past two years? Basically the issue feels...
  8. C

    Roundcube default config and postupcp file

    Hi, After looking for this old thread: Roundcube, default config for "identities access level" I've found what I was looking for. I'm using 11.58 and going to 11.60 version, but I see default "identities access level" on Roundcube is 0: $config['identities_level'] = 0; This would allow enduser...
  9. C

    Converting RoundCube database from MySQL to SQLite question

    Hello, Can you please tell me the benefits of converting the RoundCube database from Mysql to Sqlite? Does this conversion bring a benefit to the loadserver?. My stats shows me hugely Imap and webmail session which tends to increase the server load.
  10. T

    SOLVED Roundcube SQLite convert stops on accounts that has exeeded quotas

    Hello, When we run the command /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/convert_roundcube_mysql2sqlite to convert roundcube databases to sqlite, it gives an error on accounts that has overquota. Is it possible to skip accounts that are overquota?
  11. J

    Global Address Book for Roundcube

    Hello, Is there anyway to add a global address book to Roundcube that displays all email accounts on the system? Or is it possible to take the Horde Global Addressbook and make it appear in Roundcube? I am fine with still managing it through Horde if needed. Thanks.
  12. D

    Deleted the roundcube folder

    Please, I need help I deleted the roundcube folder in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube I tried to fix the problem by running /scripts/upcp /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update-roundcube --force but it did not work Please I need help
  13. nisamudeen97

    SOLVED Roundcube Critical Bug reported

    Hi, In the roundcube webmail, there is a critical bug: an attacker can compromise the server with an email. You can have more details regarding the issue in the below url I could see my cpanel panel...
  14. S

    SOLVED Roundcube Customization

    Maybe these instructions should be remove: How to Customize Roundcube Webmail - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation I found this on a search before finding this thread. However, this method appears to no longer work, so I did update myself. One server rolled itself back to 1.1.4, but...
  15. P

    SOLVED Roundcube vulnerability

    This report carried by The Register details a major vulnerability in roundcube. Roundcube posted a patch to GitHub at the end of November, and issued a version 1.2.3 here The version installed on cp is 1.1.4-8.cp1158. Any advice on updating to a secure version?
  16. M

    Altered RPM Notice - cpanel-roundcubemail

    Since about 2 weeks, we're getting the following notification from all servers on a daily basis: Running the "check_cpanel_rpms --fix" command fixes the RPMs, but the next day the RPM breaks again. This happens on old servers, as well as on freshly deployed servers. All servers run the latest...
  17. N

    Roundcube Error Message size exceeds server limit

    We were able to send internally between our domains and accounts on our dedicated server files up to 80 megabytes which is very important to our work but now we can't using roundcube and an error message appears (error message uploaded). This is a roundcube thing since using desktop based...
  18. D

    Enabling fetchmail on Horde or Roundcube

    Hi, It seems that the fetchmail function has gone from Horde or Roundcube. Aside from yum install fetchmail does anyone knows how to reactivate this function in either of the webmail platforms?
  19. K

    Problema RoundCube

    ¡Hola! ¿Por qué cada vez que entro en RoundCube cualquier cuenta de correo quiero eliminar un email siempre me salta un popup: "connection error (failed to reach the server)"? Gracias!
  20. N

    Webmail - Roundcube 1.2.0

    When will cPanel update to roundcube 1.2.0? Current version is 1.1.4 on cPanel/WHM 58.0, but would like it to support PGP email encryption, and that is featured in 1.2.0. Is this anytime soon, or is there a guide I can follow to update it manually in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube ...