1. G

    [Resolved] cPanel update to breaks RoundCube

    After the latest cPanel update three hours ago from to RoundCube stopped working. After the webmail RoundCube log in I get: Which looks like a 501 internal server error (permissions?) ... I did a forced cPanel update (/scripts/upcp --force), but that did not...
  2. H

    Issues with cPanel/WHM logins and Roundcube after upgrade

    Hi After upgrading cPanel to 11.32.2 (build 15) last week, we're encountering a couple of problems. Firstly we can't login to WHM/cPanel/Webmail using http://ip_number:port, but can login using We've checked & disabled the Firewall etc, but it hasn't made a...
  3. T

    RoundCube and Spam Assasin

    I am new to the forum so my apologies in advance if this is a re-post or posted in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone has integrated Round Cube email with SpamAssasin on a Cpanel/Whm managed server. I am interested in adding a "Message Is Junk" action for emails that will add the...
  4. sehh

    roundcube Error No. [501]

    I've recently recompiled Apache and PHP, which caused roundcube to stop working. When I try to access roundcube, I get the following error: SERVICE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Error No. [501] So I traced it down to a single line of code. Apparently, the 501 error means that roundcube can't...
  5. A

    roundcube login using curl

    Hi... Myself anupam baruah.I want to login roundcubemail directly from drupal 7.8.In this case drupal username and password must be same as roundcube username and,.....when i log into drupal7 automaticalyy login to roundcubemail using same login info....i have used curl for...
  6. battisti

    Roundcube high load CPU

    I using 11.30 cpanel and many threads of cpanelro are consuming a lot of cpu I see in this thread this old problem was solved! Any idea how to resolve this?
  7. L

    cPanel & Roundcube or Horde customization question

    I just switched from shared hosting over to VPS... basically I am not sure, how do I get like FTP or web based file manager type of access to the system folder and the files that my WHM uses to run Horde, and Roundcube? I am desperately needing to like add some plug-in files to the Roundcube...
  8. A

    Please update ROUNDCUBE version

    Hallo, my provider said that it depends on Cpanel automatic updates to change RC vers. I noticed that Roundcube vers. included in CP is 0.2.1 which is full of bugs. Please update almost to 0.2.2... better should be the latest 0.3 ! The versione you are offering is far older and creates lots...
  9. S

    Roundcube 0.2.1 now missing from current release?

    Hello, I had been holding out on preforming updates to one of my cpanel servers (running CURRENT tree). I updated today and noticed that Roundcube did not get updated, even though an update was listed for Current 34560 on March 13th. My version stayed at 0.2-stable for some reason. I would...
  10. K

    Roundcube cannot connect to database. Help please?

    Client reported this evening that they get the following error trying to log into roundcube: DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED! I honestly have NO CLUE where to start debugging this, I'm not finding any errors, I'm stressed I'm tired I could use an extra hand trying to resolve this from...
  11. M

    Roundcube Not Stuck On Sending....

    Roundcube Stuck On Sending.... Hi, After update the server which is performed every 24hrs there seems to be a problem with RoundCube. When ever we go to send emails and press Send it will just says at the top Sending.... and thats it it wont go to send the email but will just keep saying...
  12. V

    upgrade roundcube to 0.2

    Hello! How to upgrade roundcube to 0.2? Force upgrade does to 0.1.1e Any ideas? Thanks
  13. SuperBaby

    RoundCube v0.2-stable not included in cPanel 11.24.4-S33268.

    Just updated cPanel/WHM to the latest stable version 11.24.4-S33268. Very disappointed that cPanel has not included the latest version of RoundCube v0.2-stable released on 2008-12-30. Instead the old v0.1.1 which was released on 2008-04-05 is used. Maybe cPanel team did not have enough...
  14. Domenico

    RoundCube Version 0.2-stable released (current used version vulnerable?)

    Hi, I was wondering when RoundCube will be upgraded to the latest stable and if the current version used by cPanel is vulnerable for the latest exploit.
  15. R

    11.24 Upgrade: Roundcube Database Connect Error

    Just migrated from 11.23 -> 11.2411.24.4-R32603 without incident. Only issue is that users cannot access Roundcube webmail (they are getting DATABASE ERROR: CONNECTION FAILED!) when trying to bring up the URL. I've had roundcube installed under /usr/local/lib/php/roundcube/ and running w/o...
  16. W

    Roundcube Upload File problem

    Hi i have a problem for upload file via Webmail only with Rouncube. When i try to upload appear "File Upload Failed" I have another server with the same version and work fine, i try upcp, back to stable version but nothing fix the problem. cPanel 11.24.4-R32443 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9...
  17. P

    RoundCube Showing a Blank Page

    I have had RoundCube enabled on my server ever since it was available, and all of the sudden, it stopped working. When I log in to my webmail and click on the RoundCube logo, it shows an empty page. A peak at the response headers shows that I am being returned a 500 Internal Server Error. Is...
  18. M

    x x3 RoundCube themes?

    I have: WHM 11.23.2 cPanel 11.23.4-S26138 CENTOS Enterprise 4.6 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0 shouldn't I see x3 theme when I go to Main >> Themes >> Change WHM Theme? I only see x. I bring this up because at one time I had a nice Roundcube theme and somewhere during an update it...
  19. K

    Roundcube Database Error Issue

    I'm completely new to RoundCube, in fact I didn't even know it came installed with cPanel. But one of my customers noticed, started to use it, and something broke it. I'm now getting a "Database Error:: Connection Refused" error when you try to connect to it. I've tried looking for some...
  20. J

    Backup Errors and Roundcube Blankness

    I just moved to a new server and I have some errors that i'd like some help with if someone would be so kind. First issue is Roundcube is blank. It's enabled but whenever I try to access it via cPanel, the page is just white. I noticed during a backup when its backing up databases, it says...