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    rpcbind - lfd excessive resource email

    Could be coincidental, but lfd excessive resource email started at the same time cPanel updated to 110.0.1 today. lfd on vps2.aps123.com: Excessive resource usage: rpc (676 (Parent PID:676)) Time: Tue Apr 4 16:35:31 2023 -0600 Account: rpc Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 19867 > 1800 (seconds)...
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    rpcbind and gpg-agent process

    Hello I am on a dedicated server with Centos 7 64bits. Today I received a notification (by the security server of configserver) with the following context: Well, I know what this warning means, so I looked in this forum and found out that it's safe to disable it if I'm not in NFS securely...
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    SOLVED rpcbind got installed.

    So I go to check my e-mail today and I see a lot of updates were pulled in by yum last night. This is the first time in a while since I've gotten an e-mail like that. Anyway, it shows rpcbind was installed. Some of the various updates (there were a lot) show the words updates after them...