1. amstel

    SSL/TLS: Renegotiation DoS Vulnerability

    Hi, I have been running a security scan on one of my website. A scanner has found that issue: SSL/TLS: Renegotiation DoS Vulnerability (CVE-2011-1473, CVE-2011-5094) Summary The remote SSL/TLS service is prone to a denial of service (DoS) vulnerability. Insight The flaw exists because the...
  2. K

    How to scan Cpanel or WHM?

    Hi, are there any way to scan either cpanel or whm for malware or other security issues? Or get alert is something is changed that shouldn't be. I can do the website but we use a lot of ftp and I want to scan all cpanel files. Thank you
  3. M

    Compiler Access Settings

    An account hosted on my VPS was recently breached. I've resolved the account level issues and am keeping a close eye on it. It appears to have been caused by a back door created through a free WordPress theme that one of the site users installed without my knowledge. While I was thinking...
  4. D

    Increase in perl script attacks

    Recently I have noticed a lot of perpetually running perl scripts on the server. It uses 99% cpu and drastically increases the load on the server. The script is run from a /var/tmp/ directory and is initiated through a user's cronjob. It is run every minute. This has happened with a dozen users...
  5. 4

    Security questions location?

    Hello, Until recently, the root security questions file was located at /var/cpanel/userhomes/cpanel/.cpanel/securitypolicy/questions/root.json This made it nice and easy for us to copy the same security questions to new servers so we didn't have to keep creating new ones and running the risk...