1. Spirogg

    Error: Failed to detect code [LlsNLK7sLm2bxuWS4WvQHdFT3OqCk] in SYSLOG_LOG [/var/log/messages]

    I recently had this issue on a new server installing AlmaLinux 8.5 minimal and then cPanel I guess during OS install - AlmaLinux Minimal did not install rsyslog for some reason or not. UPDATE 02/05/2022 3:21am: Note: The rsyslog package does not come by default on AlmaLinux installations so...
  2. R

    SOLVED [CPANEL-39236] Login bug can cause services to restart

    I discovered an odd glitch that probably should be reported as a bug. If you login to WHM, go to a service that can be restarted, such as "SQL Server (MySQL) " and then select "YES" to restart the service. The service restarts displaying the startup info and that the service has been restarted...
  3. C

    Show Server Information Status?

    Hi Where to config to show all service status on my server, I can't see apache, mysql, ftp,... status apache, mysql, ftp... still running but I don't see here, how to fix? thank much
  4. 4

    Service Manager - Run Exim on another port - changed.

    I just noticed while configuring new servers since WHM version 58, the option in Service Manager to run Exim from additional ports no longer adds those ports to the Exim configuration for you. By default this has port 26 listed. If you enable the service - it does nothing other than monitor...
  5. C

    Services down

    I have a MAJOR problem. For some reason (not sure how and why it happend) all the services in cPanel are disabled. If I try to start services via commandline, I get the message that the services is disabled. I am assuming that someone unchecked everything in the first column - Removed -...