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    Service subdomains on linked server fail HTTP DCV

    Hello! We've a setup of two servers, one with standard role linked to a secondary with mail only role. All domains have service subdomains (mail, webmail, cpcontacts...) whose DNS record points to mail server. All of them that are not DNS managed by primary server are failing DCV, by DNS and...
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    How to create a subdomain without service

    Hi, I need to make subdomains without using [cpanel/subdomains] because this option creates the service subdomains and proxy dubdomains that I can not avoid because I have reseller access. 1. Subdomian to directory: pointing' 2...
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    How to safely delete the Proxy subdomains records

    Hi, I am using the reseller interface and I want to delete all the Proxy subdomains records created when a subdomain is added. If I understood well, those records are written in the DNS zone and httpd.conf file, then: If I delete Proxy subdomains from [cPanel / DNS Zone Editor] do they will be...
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    What are cpcalendars, cpcontacts, and webdisk

    Hi, Domains have:
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    Certificate for WHM subdomain?

    I'm using LetsEncrypt and Auto-SSL, but I'm not sure how to make the get a certificate as it's not part of the default "package" that gets generated for a domain.