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    How to create a subdomain without service

    Hi, I need to make subdomains without using [cpanel/subdomains] because this option creates the service subdomains and proxy dubdomains that I can not avoid because I have reseller access. 1. Subdomian to directory: pointing' 2...
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    How to safely delete the Proxy subdomains records

    Hi, I am using the reseller interface and I want to delete all the Proxy subdomains records created when a subdomain is added. If I understood well, those records are written in the DNS zone and httpd.conf file, then: If I delete Proxy subdomains from [cPanel / DNS Zone Editor] do they will be...
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    What are cpcalendars, cpcontacts, and webdisk

    Hi, Domains have:
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    Certificate for WHM subdomain?

    I'm using LetsEncrypt and Auto-SSL, but I'm not sure how to make the get a certificate as it's not part of the default "package" that gets generated for a domain.