1. psytanium

    SOLVED Can't connect Dreamweaver via SFTP

    Hello, When adding a project to Adobe Dreamweaver, I have the option to connect to the server via : FTP (Works fine) SFTP FTP over SSL / TLS (Implicit encryption) FTP over SSL / TLS (Explicit encryption) I can connect using FTP, but it's better to get more secure by using 1 of the other...
  2. T

    How to add SFTP to the specific access folder?

    How to add SFTP to the specific access folder inside public_html using updated WHM version?
  3. D

    Backup WHM Server to Synology NAS with Rsync

    Hi All, I been doing some searching across net and the answers are mixed. I want to use WHM Native backup solution only. I.e. NOT Jet backup and want to backup all accounts to a Synology NAS. I was hoping to use rsync so I could do incremental to minimise bandwidth each night. I have 2...
  4. B

    Is it possible to make changes directly on the production site via SFTP text editor or GIT client, and use the cPanel automatic deployment model?

    The automatic deployment in cPanel starts with pulling from a remote repo like GitHub, that requires a repo URL. Does that mean that I must make all the changes to my site on GitHub, if I want to use the cPanel automatic deployment? I would like to use my favorite SFTP capable text editor or...
  5. C

    SOLVED FTP Server required to use SFTP ?

    Experimenting with WHM backups -> Additional Destinations -> Destination Type SFTP Does an ftp server type need to be selected in WHM -> FTP Server Selection on either souce or destination servers [or both servers] to enable a successful backup SFTP transfer? Or is the SFTP server process...
  6. G

    Validation for SFTP Destination fail

    Trying to add an SFTP location to WHM for backup, but when it validates, I get the error: " Error: Validation for transport “hkhost” failed: Could not delete the file we had uploaded onto the server: Couldn't delete remote file: No such file".. Logging in with FTP software to the backup server...
  7. I

    Backup to SFTP only sends system, no accounts

    We have configured an SFTP backup destination, and although it saves the complete copy of WHM in the temporary one, only system sends to the destination. I need to send all accounts with incrementals to make offshored copy. Instead, on an external disk connected to the server if you leave me...
  8. N

    Any plans to deprecate FTP in favour of SFTP?

    Does CPanel have any plans to discontinue FTP? If so, when? 5y, 10y? I'm looking into purchasing a new webcam, the last one lasted 15y. Some support SFTP, some only do FTP. Our old one was FTP only but otherwise great, and its new equivalent from the same company is also FTP-only but...
  9. D

    In Progress CPANEL-24094 - SFTP Relative Path Problem

    Just to let you know, there seems to be a problem with SFTP transfer destinations and relative paths. This has been touched on in a couple of other threads (end of FTPS (Secure FTP) for WHM Backups?, also In Progress - [CPANEL-24094] Relative paths required for backup destinations) but there...
  10. C

    Backup to remote sftp

    Hi i am new and i would like some help. I have whm v90.0.15 on centos7 I rent an sftp disk and i would like to send my backups there. I don't want to keep them to my server. I added my destination under Additional Destinations and is validated. But i think that also keeps them on the local...
  11. F

    SFTP works. standar FTP randomly doesnt list files

    Hi, FTP was working fine and suddenly when I connect to any website hosted in my dedicated server it shows Status: Resolving the management of xxxxx.com Status: Connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx:21 ... Status: Connection established, waiting for the welcome message ... Status: Initializing TLS ...
  12. C

    Unable to SSH or SFTP, able to access WHM

    Greetings WHM v86.0.18 Server was setup a few years ago, updating automatically. I have been able to access SSH and SFTP over the years without a problem. SSH authentication via password (not keys). Last time was about a week ago. Today I tried and I wasn't able to, as soon as I type the...
  13. A

    SFTP Error occured trying to open local file

    I am setting up a new VPS and making the security as strong as possible because I was recently hacked on my last server. I have had priblems setting up SFTP all day. At first I had issues with uploaded files being 664 and folders 775 when uploaded and i fixed that by changing the umask values to...
  14. G

    Files uploaded using SFTP and FTP Wrong File Permissions

    Looking back i see this issue reported back in 2011. Its 2019 and this issue is still unresolved? According to other threads this was a result of CageFS. But i just forced a reinstall of it and it has not solved anything. Why is this issue still unresolved? Also, files uploaded using regular...
  15. J

    SFTP extremely poor performance on specific account

    Recently I have noticed that transferring files to a certain account on my server via SFTP is extremely slow. I have tested on other accounts including root on the same server and it is fine. FTP is fine for all users. Instead of using all 10 threads, only 1 file gets uploaded per approximately...
  16. Ishware

    Timeouts and slow SFTP uploads, FTP can't list directories

    New server with - Removed - (whee!). cPanel 78.0.3. - Connecting via FTP, can't list directories/files - get disconnects - Connecting via SFTP jailed or nonjailed is slow - Uploading files via SFTP - uploads 1-4 MB at 50Kbits/sec or less, stalls out. - Uploading files via cPanel File Manager...
  17. T

    Create FTP Account?

    I have a WHM CPanel How do I set up an FTP account? So with port 21 I have made configuration but where do I create username, password
  18. B

    Setting up an SFTP server question

    Hello, I know windows ftp - I know jack and squat about cpanel or whm and jack just left town. I've got a hosted whm vps package on godaddy because I thought it would be as easy to set up an FTP site as it is on their regular hosted however they don't support WHM VPS sites and I'm completely...
  19. M

    Set SFTP destination to use IPv4 only?

    Hi, Sometime in the past two weeks, something changed that has forced two of my servers to attempt to connect to my offsite backup system using IPv6 (the server hosting the offsite does not support IPv6). Since then the remote backup destination has failed with a connection timeout and I've had...
  20. G

    Need multiple tries to SSH and SFTP

    For some reason, my cPanel server always requires me to SSH or SFTP multiple tries in order to successfully log in. Typically it takes me spamming the ssh login command 5-6 times. After I'm logged in, the SSH connection is perfectly stable. The same occurs when I use Filezilla with SFTP to...