1. G

    Files uploaded using SFTP and FTP Wrong File Permissions

    Looking back i see this issue reported back in 2011. Its 2019 and this issue is still unresolved? According to other threads this was a result of CageFS. But i just forced a reinstall of it and it has not solved anything. Why is this issue still unresolved? Also, files uploaded using regular...
  2. Ishware

    Timeouts and slow SFTP uploads, FTP can't list directories

    New server with - Removed - (whee!). cPanel 78.0.3. - Connecting via FTP, can't list directories/files - get disconnects - Connecting via SFTP jailed or nonjailed is slow - Uploading files via SFTP - uploads 1-4 MB at 50Kbits/sec or less, stalls out. - Uploading files via cPanel File Manager...
  3. T

    Create FTP Account?

    I have a WHM CPanel How do I set up an FTP account? So with port 21 I have made configuration but where do I create username, password
  4. B

    Setting up an SFTP server question

    Hello, I know windows ftp - I know jack and squat about cpanel or whm and jack just left town. I've got a hosted whm vps package on godaddy because I thought it would be as easy to set up an FTP site as it is on their regular hosted however they don't support WHM VPS sites and I'm completely...
  5. M

    Set SFTP destination to use IPv4 only?

    Hi, Sometime in the past two weeks, something changed that has forced two of my servers to attempt to connect to my offsite backup system using IPv6 (the server hosting the offsite does not support IPv6). Since then the remote backup destination has failed with a connection timeout and I've had...
  6. CBG

    Allow SFTP but lock down SSH with key only

    Hi, How do I allow SFTP on the SSH port, but also lock down SSH. So that when logging in to SSH, you need to have the key file, and stop password logins. Is this possible and if so how?
  7. M

    sftp connection fails since whm v68.0.19?

    WHM was updated the other day to v68.0.19. Since then I have found I can no longer sftp with any user accounts in their home directory. site.com port 22 with 'username' no longer works, but logging in as root to the server's hostname jupiter.site.com still works fine. This is something that...
  8. L

    Files and Folders Uploaded By sFTP Have Incorrect Permissions

    There is a previous thread regarding a similar issue that is marked "solved," but I'm having problems with this after the supposed update fixed it, so I'm starting my own thread. The issue is that when I upload folders and files via sFTP the folders are set with the permissions 775 instead of...
  9. W

    SOLVED Incorrect upload File permissions 664

    I am starting a new thread as the previous one I started here has a solved tag (which is right, because it was for the opposite issue!) When using SFTP on a newly created user account, files are being uploaded with incorrect permissions. Files are being uploaded with 664 permission - which...
  10. D

    SOLVED SFTP Connection Failing

    Hi guys, I need some help with this. We were happily using SFTP on our SSH connection to connect to the server with the latest version of WinSCP but it is now broken with this cPanel version. Any ideas what I need to change to fix this?
  11. T

    SFTP account access to public_html

    Issue is how to connect in this case just to public_html as there is any password / username or path to particular folder. I like just access to public not the whole account. Need help.
  12. T

    SFTP Backup stopped working

    I have remote backup for WHM 62.0 (build 15) on Amazon S3 and on a Synology NAS using SFTP. Two day ago the SFTP stopped working and now I can access the NAS from another computer but from WHM I can’t validate the destination. This it the log /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup_transporter.log...
  13. R

    SOLVED SFTP Using Domain Not Working

    I have a client who is trying to use SFTP. FTP works, but using the same login with SFTP authentication fails. He has a Cpanel SSL certificate on the domain through AutoSSL and sshd_config is set up to allow sftp: Subsystem sftp /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server /etc/ssh/sshd_config If I...
  14. J

    sFTP Setup

    Objective: Setup sFTP in cPanel In FTP Accounts, in cPanel I'm given a drop down list of domains, choosing any enables a user login & folder and port 21 However I want Port 22 and there doesn't seem to be a solution offered by the Hosting company technical support who are un-familiar with...
  15. S

    SOLVED cPanel Backup Fails

    Hello, I created VPS, Installed proFTPd on it. Added details to cpanel backup and validated. It worked. And the first backup was able to transport completely without any errors. From 2nd backup, Its showing "Validation for transport “SFTP” failed: Could not upload test file: Couldn't write to...
  16. Samet Chan

    SOLVED (SFTP/FTP) Cannot connect server

    I tried login my vps server with SFTP and FTP root. Status: Connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx... Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=7 Command: open "[email protected]" 22 Command: Trust new Hostkey: Once Command: Pass: ****************** Error: Authentication failed. Error: Critical error: Could...
  17. S

    New public_html sub-directories are 775, not 755

    I found this thread Files & Folders Permissions and after reading the replies I've decided to post here. I have a GoDaddy VPS. I have root WHM access. As root, I create a new account. I then connect via FTP and create a new folder within the public_html folder. That folder's default...
  18. J

    SFTP issues

    Hello and good morning all, I've a client who needs to create a SFTP user to upload certain files (csv files) everyday to a location outside the html folder on his domain. I already created the account and I'm able to connect with regular FTP but I just can't connect trying SFTP. Can someone...
  19. Z

    Host key unknown. Trust this host?

    When I attempt to log in to my server via Filezilla FTP I get an "Unknown host key" dialogue box that displays an alphanumeric "fingerprint" string. How do I view this fingerprint via WHM or cPanel so I can determine whether to trust this host?
  20. verdon

    SOLVED SFTP - Incorrect upload permissions

    When uploading new files and directories to the server, via SFTP logged in as a normal cpanel user, on a brand-new server 'CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 standard WHM 58.0 (build 23)' it seems that default permissions are wrong. The original files/dirs are all 644/755. When I upload with my GUI client...