shell access

  1. A

    Shell access is not enabled on your account

    Hello, I'm trying to connect to the cpanel through SSH Access to find a specific link and delete it, but when I try to connect, the following error appears: "Shell access is not enabled on your account!. If you need shell access please contact support." How can I fix it? My server is from...
  2. S

    Adding shell access for users questions

    Hello, We have two domains setup, and one is an alias for the other. We're trying to add a second account to whm / cpanel and then a third account, and provide all three with ssh access and write abilities to /home/<domain_owner's_home>/public_html, but also give them access to those two...
  3. hydn79

    How to default Manage Shell Access to "Jailed"

    On this page within WHM: Home » Account Functions » Manage Shell Access ... how can I set cPanel/WHM so that all new account default to "Jailed shell"? Currently every new user has to be manually set to jailed afterwards. Thanks!
  4. PeteS

    Shell access enabled even though package does not allow it

    I [Case 135905] Shell Access disabled by default cPanelMichael noted: "This is addressed with internal case number 135905 in cPanel version Fixed case 135905: During account creation, set 'hasshell' value based on selected package." But today I created a new account, using the...
  5. Fr3DBr

    SOLVED Shell Access - Not being enabled

    Hi, guys. Currently I'm using WHMCS+cPanel+CloudLinux. In my "package" in both cPanel and WHMCS, I've selected the option to "enable shell access". Although, when new accounts are created, the shell is still disabled. Additionally, if you upgrade/downgrade the package of one account via...
  6. P

    transfer to new server - database connection failure - shell access required

    Hi - I have a centos5 server (running whm) and am upgrading to centos7 server Initially I transferred packages to new server, now trying to transfer accounts. After transfer of site, I get database connection failure. No remotely obvious reason or errors. I stumbled across fact that if I...
  7. F

    Client shell access not working

    One of my clients has requested shell access, I have enabled it on their account and ensured they have 'jailed shell' selected in the SSH 'Manage Shell Access' area of WHM. However, they are unable to connect using their password when using Putty on Windows. login as: username...
  8. S

    SSH Shell Access Showing error via Putty as well as via cPanel

    Hi we are facing some wired issue with the cpanel. as SSH Shell Access is one of the main thing that we use on almost daily basis. We are facing some wired issues 1. When we try to access the SSH via Putty via the main account root. It connects and when we go the directory Public_Html it say...
  9. D

    [Case 135905] Shell Access disabled by default

    Hi, I have a weird behaviour when I create new accounts, all users have "Access shell" enabled when I not allow "shell access" for all accounts except the administrator. I checked the following features: - Package --> Settings options --> Shell Access "unchecked" - Packages --> Feature...
  10. M

    SFTP without Shell Access?

    Is it possible to allow customers to FTP via SFTP without also having to give them shell access? Thank you, Michelle
  11. K

    Help troubleshooting ssh shell access

    Hi all, I'm new to cPanel and WHM, helping a friend with a site hosted at Godaddy on CentOS with cPanel and WHM. I've added a keypair to the root user's 'manage root's ssh keys' page in cPanel, and then used ssh-add to add it to my local dev machine too (Ubuntu 12.04). However, ssh'ing in as...
  12. D

    Shell access is not enabled for demo accounts

    Enabled demo on an account that we have a cronjob that runs every 9am. Cron Daemon emails me "Shell access is not enabled for demo accounts!" Cron Daemon still emails me even when i disabled the demo account. Any ideas?
  13. P

    Manage Shell Access and under Disabled Shell.. screwed up !!

    Hi, I went to WHM - Manage Shell Access and under Disabled Shell I clicked Apply to All. How come today I did it again and see the details below. However the above users having starter package assigned and it does not include shell access. I am getting this disabling shell progress at...
  14. T

    Manage Shell Access nuisance after upgrade to

    I have account packages defined with shell access disabled by default. If I need to grant shell access to an account, I use the "Manage Shell Access" feature. Since upgrading, when I grant shell access I get a warning message: "Package conflict: Account is on package Standard" ("Standard" is a...
  15. PCZero

    manually add user with ftp and shell access.

    I am attempting to set up my cPanel box so that direct login (SSH) as root is disabled. The objective it to set up a user account (not a cpanel account but a user account via the useradd command), add the user to the wheel group, then use that new account to SSH and use su- to change to root...
  16. K

    shell access

    Hi all I am new to C panel and whats to use shell access on it. I have the shell access button and expected that i would get java telnet applet but i get only two options i.e manage ssh keys and video tutorial. How do i get to get the shell access from here? Any help on how I can get the...
  17. U

    Ownership Problem (I don't have Shell access)

    Hi there, I was having a big problem with new components installing via Joomla 1.5 and all the files that copied, became 99 ownership (nobody). I just checked the FTP layer settings of Joomla and there is no problem with those settings. When I uploading files via FTP client(fillezilla), that...
  18. M

    Jailcell shell access - reseller

    Seems to me (been a few years), that I was able to grant jailcell access to a reseller allowing him to manage "all" of his owned accounts (only). Now, I cannot see where this is possible other than the reseller needing to have a login for each of his owned accounts. Am I missing something?
  19. S

    how to disallow shell access

    I have a reseller that requested the activation of "Account Modification" so he can modify the domain name of an account resulting to requests from his own customers However we noticed that when we give him access to "Account Modification", he's able to give shell access to his customers even...
  20. S

    Mac User - Jailed Shell Access Trouble

    I have a Mac customer who can't access his account via SSH (Jailshelled). He has tried Telnet Launcher and Apple's terminal. He keeps getting permission denied messages. He's tried using: username@IP and [email protected]. Any help would be appreciated on how to log in via Mac...