1. Ashstyles

    What is the procedure of renewing web hosting?

    Hi I hope you’re all doing well Actually, I made a Vape review website last year and purchased web hosting for one year. Now my web hosting has expired and I want to renew it but I don’t know the procedure. Let me know the right procedure and help me out. Thanks!
  2. K

    SOLVED Removing site publisher causes 500 internal server error

    Hello all, I followed a forum guide on here regarding how to remove the site publisher template. However, after deleting the index.html file, the website shows an internal server error. "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please...
  3. USA_Webmaster

    SOLVED Unhook Remove Disable Site Publisher

    How do I customize the default cPanel Paper Lantern theme to disable or completely remove Site Publisher? This means, Site Publisher would not be shown in the search box or under the domains panel. If you were to F12 inspect, it'll be something like this: #domains-container #domains-group .item...
  4. A

    Disable Site Publisher

    Hello. So I thought it was a good idea to activate a site publisher countdown theme. Bad idea. I already removed the index.html, assets, images, license, etc. but the template is still on. I have no idea how to disable it and I'm getting kinda desperate. Anyone experienced this issue?
  5. M

    replace metadata in site publisher's templates

    Hello, it is my first post on cpanel's forum so i want to say hello to all cpanel's community :) I work on the translations site publisher themes by edit meta.json and files in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/site_templates/ Last night I do cPanel updates, what in resulted overwriting...
  6. S

    Site Publisher disk usage

    I've noticed that since Site Publisher has new templates, its disk usage has increased tremendously. Usually there's a "backups" folder that takes up all the space. How/when is this created? Also, what's with the "powered by" link?
  7. A

    How Do I Remove Site Publisher Template?

    Hi there, I accidently used this great tool of adding a simple template 'under construction' from the tool Site Publisher, thinking it would be a good idea, whilst I create my wordpress site behind it. However it is now just over riding my wordpress site and I cannot see the previews etc...
  8. WebHostPro

    Can't get Google maps to show with the Site Publisher

    I just built a demo site for the Site Publisher But when I add the Google url it will not show the map:,-118.2570781,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c2c7b4ed60c7f7:0x2332514680b9f2f5!8m2!3d34.0483757!4d-118.2548894 Any...
  9. R

    Change Site Publisher to Wordpress

    I have designed a website using wordpress parabola theme. I want to know how to make this theme my main website using the cpanel. I used the initial site publisher to set up a page but I will want to let the wordpress theme take over instead of the site publisher's own. Would appreciate your...
  10. J

    Disable Site Publisher

    Hi everybody, Is it possible to disable Site Publisher from my server? I don't want to offer that tool to my customers. Thanks in advance, Jesus
  11. I

    Quick Start Guide to Site Publisher Templates | For Hosting Providers and Resellers

    From Barbara, over on the cPanel Blog: "Many end-users are looking for a simple way of getting a functional site online as quickly as possible. In our latest release we introduced Site Publisher, a tool that can give your customers a live site in just a few clicks. As a designer and hosting...
  12. B

    remove Publisher Site

    Hello I active the site publisher in the C Panel menu How can i restore the site to the first place ?
  13. E

    cPanel Default Page Showing

    I used the Site publisher for a little while while I finally figured out how to install Wordpress properly. Now I have Wordpress installed the Under Construction page won't go away, and I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to fix this problem. Website in question is: - Removed -
  14. F

    Remove Site Publisher Site

    Hi! I want to know how to be back to a normal site when i use this tool, please, dont know how.
  15. C

    How to translate cPanel sections like Site Publisher?

    Hi, How can I translate some parts of cPanel like new "Site Publisher" extension. Or CloudLinux provided links in cPanel like Php Selector? In my own language of cPanel, not every part is really translated or correctly translated. So I want to fix it. Which file should I edit?
  16. I

    I Just Want a Site

    From over on the cPanel Blog: For many end users, they simply want to get online. Installing and managing WordPress, Drupal, or other content management systems vastly over-serves this demographic. They have very simple needs. Why should fulfilling their needs include managing plugins, worrying...