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    SNI in cPanel version 60

    Hi, In version 60.0 of WHM, I no longer see where to manage the SNI functionality for other domains. Since the addition of the cPanel SSL to all domains with version 60, it has re-enabled SNI for all domains.
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    SSL without Dedicated IP

    Hi : on our shared Hosting , if any user install SSL without Dedicated IP , all other site when using https:// redirect to website that use SSL . this cause too many complaint . how can prevent this issue ? Regards
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    SNI Best Practice

    Hi, Is there a best practice for SNI? i.e my main server is hosted on ip (not my real IP) and uses SSL to host the cpanel interfaces. Shall I use a separate IP to host all the SNI websites that need certificates i.e or put it all to the primary ip of
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    Path for SSL certificate?

    Hello, I got some problem with SSL and non-SSL Domains with shared IP adress like descripted here: SSL FAQ and Troubleshooting - Documentation - cPanel Documentation I have done the steps descripted in the article but i am not sure if I have done everything right and I am not sure which path...