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    We have a cpanel for mail only with let's encrypt installed, everything worked fine until today. We get certificate warnings when connecting to POP or IMAP, we are getting the default SSL from the server. All our clients connect on mail.[domainname.extension] and the SSL is created but not...
  2. D

    SOLVED Enable SNI for Primary Domain

    My "primary domain" is receiving an odd 421 Misredirect Error. The full error reads: " The client needs a new connection for this request as the requested host name does not match the Server Name Indication (SNI) in use for this connection. " In WHM, under the Manage SSL Host section, the...
  3. S

    cPanel/Webmail/WHM disable SNI redirect

    Is there a convenient way to disable the SNI redirect for cPanel access? I would prefer to just have http://example.tld/cpanel redirect to https://hostname:2083 regardless if example.tld has a valid secure certificate or not.
  4. W

    SOLVED Hostname provided via SNI and hostname provided via HTTP have no compatible SSL setup

    Hello As the title suggests; [ssl:error] AH02032 Hostname w provided via SNI and hostname provided via HTTP have no compatible SSL setup I am seeing several of these types of errors in Apache error log. What could it mean? I read this link with interest. Should I be worried...
  5. H

    SNI in cPanel version 60

    Hi, In version 60.0 of WHM, I no longer see where to manage the SNI functionality for other domains. Since the addition of the cPanel SSL to all domains with version 60, it has re-enabled SNI for all domains.
  6. caisc

    How to install multiple SSL cert on a dedicated IP using SNI

    Hello, I do not want to allow our clients to use server shared IP to install multiple SSL certificates, instead I want them to allocate single dedicated IP and allow that IP to be used for multiple SSL installation. Idea is to allocate a reseller account one dedicated IP, now that reseller can...
  7. M

    SSL without Dedicated IP

    Hi : on our shared Hosting , if any user install SSL without Dedicated IP , all other site when using https:// redirect to website that use SSL . this cause too many complaint . how can prevent this issue ? Regards
  8. E

    SNI Best Practice

    Hi, Is there a best practice for SNI? i.e my main server is hosted on ip (not my real IP) and uses SSL to host the cpanel interfaces. Shall I use a separate IP to host all the SNI websites that need certificates i.e or put it all to the primary ip of
  9. Telematica_at

    Path for SSL certificate?

    Hello, I got some problem with SSL and non-SSL Domains with shared IP adress like descripted here: SSL FAQ and Troubleshooting - Documentation - cPanel Documentation I have done the steps descripted in the article but i am not sure if I have done everything right and I am not sure which path...
  10. D

    Mail SSL SNI isn't working

    openssl s_client -showcerts -connect Returns the global panel certificate (* rather than the domain's certificate. The certificate was installed with Mail SNI enabled: The host, Liquid Web, says I see the configurations are...
  11. P

    SNI Check

    Hi, I wanted to check SNI on my server, anyone can guide me if SNI is enabled on my server or not? I wanted to know to check it? thank you
  12. N

    SNI feature.

    How to enable or configure SNI Feature fro install SSL certificate on share IP Address.
  13. A

    Possible to Mix SNI and Dedicated IP SSL on Apache?

    I've reached the limit of available IP addresses on my Apache web server but increasingly need sites to run under SSL. I'd be comfortable with some of the sites running under SNI but a few of them need the backwards compatibility only offered with SSL on a dedicated IP. So, is it possible to...
  14. A

    Ssl & sni

    Hi I have a server with one SSL certificate on the IP and then some other certs using SNI. Since the IP has a certificate so any non ssl website on the same IP when checked on https shows the default SSL certificate. Can we avoid this process, so that non ssl sites throw error instead of...
  15. L

    SSL SNI Issue

    Hi there, Just found this thread and I'm having the same problem. I'm running CentOS 6.5 x86_64 kvm and WHM 11.42.0 (build 23) I understand that SSL SNI should be working on this combo, however, I'm getting the same issue as the...
  16. P

    Multi-domain SSL for add-on domains, single IP and not use SNI

    hi there, just wanting to know if anyone can help me with my problem. or direct me in the right direction. SNI is great but i don't want to use it for one cpanel account as some users will be using browsers which do not support it. so i have a main domain and 3 add on domains. and i have a...
  17. C

    Will "Needs SNI?" update later?

    Using WHM 11.40.1 (build 8), I have only one dedicated IP which I will be using for myself and all clients unless they specifically want their own IP. This means that SNI will be required.. However, after installing a very basic SSL certificate on my root domain and then looking at the SSL...
  18. sehh

    Server Name Indication (SNI) - usable?

    How usable is the new Server Name Indication (SNI) feature? I understand that it is not supported by a wire range of clients, some of them are: - Internet Explorer on WinXP - Safari on WinXP - BlackBerry - etc.. So do you guys use SNI or is it unusable in practice, because too many...
  19. E

    SNI & Parked Domains

    Hello Everyone, All my dedicated servers have CPanel and my newest has Cent 6.4 and Latest Stable CPanel. I have one of my own web properties that is a SaaS app. I need to be able to put ssl's on the domains being pointed at this one IP address tied to I am...
  20. T

    SSL SNI problem

    I have tried to install a SSL certificate for a user account in Cpanel on a shared IP but when I click on Install Certificate the following message appears: "Your IP address is shared with other users. Because your server does not support <abbr title="Server Name Indication">SNI</abbr>, you...