1. Carl Beebe

    Notification From Server

    I am getting these emails - and i am new to cPanel and was wondering if anyone knows whats going on ? - I am getting alot of CPhulk Failed logins but the server is blocking them . anyone have any good blacklist lists available as well ?or any suggestions - I believe someone might be trying to...
  2. B

    cpanel-dovecot-solr appears to be down email

    Bonjour. Je reçois sur ma boite mail toutes les 10 minutes ce message : The service “cpanel-dovecot-solr” appears to be down Puis The service “cpanel-dovecot-solr” is now operational De quoi s'agit il ? Merci
  3. I

    How do i deal with cpanel-dovecot-solr?

    Hi, I've been in charge of a CentOS VPS with WHM and cPanel for nearly two years now, and it has mostly run fine without any issues. Today, however, I received this email: Server: Primary IP Address: Service Name: cpanel-dovecot-solr Service Status: failed...
  4. S

    Problem with cpanel-dovecot-solr.service

    Hi, I need help. I have this error in my cpanel. - CENTOS 7.1 x86_64 vmware – cpanel - cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 21) Home »Service Configuration »Service Manager cpanel-dovecot-solr.service - Solr for cPanel Dovecot Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/cpanel-dovecot-solr.service...
  5. N

    cpanel_dovecot_solr_maintenance error email

    Please let me know that why I am getting this email? If this any error we have? Cpanel::Exception::HTTP::Server/(XID v8dt6h) The response to the <abbr title="Hypertext Transfer Protocol">HTTP</abbr> “GET” request from...
  6. sozotech

    Solr - Another app is currently holding the xtables lock

    I see this rpm update has been applied on our system(s) but we still continue to see solr failing to start. May 02 09:17:42 XXXXXX cpanel_dovecot_solr_firewall[393489]: Another app is currently holding the xtables lock; waiting (3s) for it to exit... May 02 09:17:42 XXXXXX...
  7. M

    cPanel update blocked by CSF firewall maybe?

    I just got this latest message in my cron report emails, any idea how I can fix this as it was through the automated cron script, I assume there must be a new port needing opened at 8984 for this update to proceed? This is not open by default in CSF firewall by the looks, and has never been an...
  8. N

    What is cpanelsolr? How did it get installed?

    Hello What is cpanelsolr? How did it get installed? I've just noticed its running a java application, A quick google has given me a little info, but would now like to know what its purpose is with cpanel and when did it get installed?
  9. M

    cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 13) - Java installed by itself?

    Hello, my cpanel server did the latest update automatically, and how it has the cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 13) version. When I check => Home »System Health »Process Manager the first proccess I always see is by user cpanelsolr and the command is: /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.8.0/bin/java -server -Xms512m...
  10. M

    Error with cpanel_dovecot_solr_maintenance cron

    I just logged in to my whm for the first time in about a week. There were a bunch of new options available from the last update, which I went ahead and enabled (nothing extraordinary), and then I got what I had assumed was my normal "someone has logged in to your whm" email. However, this one...
  11. M

    Service Down cpanel-dovecot-solr

    Hi guys. I`m getting this error from my server with Centos 6.9 x86_64 When I try : yum clean all; yum reinstall cpanel-dovecot-solr I get this error: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 6 - "Couldn't resolve host ''" Trying other...
  12. T

    SOLVED Disable Solr

    Just updated to 64.0 build 12 and want to disable Solr. Where in WHM do I go to do this?
  13. Buzz50

    cpanel_dovecot_solr_commit: No such file or directory

    Since an update yesterday I am getting emails every few minutes with the Subject of: Cron <[email protected]> /usr/bin/test -e /etc/cpanel-dovecot-solrdisable || /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/scripts/cpanel_dovecot_solr_commit and the message content of: /bin/sh...
  14. A

    SOLVED cpanel-dovecot-solr not working on Amazon AMI

    For those running cPanel on Amazon Linux and having trouble getting solr to work (continuous failed service checks). This is probably due to the fact that java 1.7 is still default om Amazon Linux. On the commandline check if the service is running [email protected] [/]# netstat -an |grep 8984...
  15. ElviCities

    SOLVED cpanel-dovecot-solr times out/crashes

    With Cpanel 64, we have an awesome new feature w/ solr. However, (on my system at least) it is completely non-functional - as the service fails to start: Mar 30 04:29:49 [email protected] systemd[1]: Starting Solr for cPanel Dovecot... Mar 30 04:29:52 [email protected] solr[9653]: Archiving 1 old GC...
  16. R

    Installing Solr

    Hello, My goal is to install Solr search on Drupal 7 and som far Ive been able to install Tomcat by running EasyApache, now I´m a bit confused on what the next logic step to take is, theres alot of guides around but none that really targets CENTOS and Tomcat, is there anyone at this forum that...
  17. J

    solr addSortField

    i am using solr to index and search documents. i have got the following fields defined in my schema.xml <field name="id" type="string" indexed="true" stored="true" required="true" /> <field name="title" type="textgen" indexed="true" stored="true"/> <field name="date" type="date"...
  18. E

    Can the indexing rate be made faster in Solr

    Can the indexing rate be made faster in Solr