1. z3d3m0n

    disabling spam filter just one mailbox

    Hello Community, is there a way how to disable the spamassasin filter just for one mailbox? One of our costumers is running a small email marketing campaign on his domain, and he is processing bounced emails with one of his mailboxes. Recently he has complained that no bounced emails are...
  2. postcd

    SpamAssasin - how to block spamhaus listed IPs as cpanel user?

    In some article i read that SpamAssasin can block mail based on source IP being in DNSBLs like As cPanel (v. 100.0.4) user (not admin) i do not see how to do this. I am bothered by SPAM from one company subnets currently and i see these listed also on Can you...
  3. H

    Sending from Gmail to a cPanel server gives me 7.3 spam score

    Hi. I have a cPanel server and when i get email to my mailbox from Gmail, it goes directly to spam box and gives 7.3 spam score. How might i fix that? 1.8 PYZOR_CHECK Listed in Pyzor 5.0 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99 to 100% 0.2...
  4. S

    SOLVED Facing error of "The mail server detected your message as spam"

    Hi, my client trying to send the email to me on my domain and facing the below error message. I have already set the " Apache SpamAssassin™: bounce spam score threshold " to " No bouncing by spam score " and also " Apache SpamAssassin™ reject spam score threshold " has the value "5" in Exim...
  5. P

    Email account is receiving lots of spam bounces

    Hello there, Actually an email account is receiving bounces like this: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender. When I see the headers, the bounce is because of is sending spam, but when I search Mail Delivery Reports, and exim_mainlog/maillog, the e-mail log is not there! Also, the...
  6. C

    SOLVED bounce spam issue

    Hi everybody, I had worked hard to stop spam mails in my cPanel sever, thanks for the cPanel's good feature, I had drop lots of incoming and outgoing spam mails, but recently I found one situation that cPanel can not handle well. That is because some of spam mails sent to non-exist email...
  7. ribo

    After update to 96.0.14 the forwarding incoming emails goes to spam

    Hello, after cpanel update to version 96.0.14 all the forwarding incoming emails goes to spam. I saw that in 2 cpanel VPS. Why happened that?
  8. S

    SpamAssasin doesn't use RBL to check for SPAM

    Hi! I'm trying to make SpamAssasin detects SPAM using RBLs. To avoid "URIBL_BLOCKED" issue I configured BIND as a caching nameserver. URIBL_BLOCKED is not problem now, but seems that RBL are not used. In this FAQ I found that . My resolv.conf contains as I'm using CPanel BIND. Could...
  9. A

    Spam email Accounts Auto Created

    I'm using a VPS server hosted over 100+ Domain on. The problem I'm facing is that it creating auto-new email accounts name smtp**** and smtpfox*** these emails sending 1000's of emails on daily basis I'm not sure why and how to prevent it. 1) How I can delete all those...
  10. 000

    I am desperate, i don't know how stop spam in my server WHM

    hello, this is my current config WHM: but each day my server send more of 4 thousands emails: logically his list include more and more ... what more I can do ?
  11. Michaelit

    Block receive from sender [email protected]

    Hello cPanel members, i would like to ask how can i block receiving messages from [email protected] where mydomain.tld is one of the available domains on my WHM/cPanel server?
  12. Michaelit

    Getting emails (SPAM) from another server through PHP script

    Dear cPanel members i need your advice for an important issue i face the last days. I have found that a PHP script hosted on an external Server send from [email protected]* where MYDOMAIN.TLD is a domain of mine hosted on my cPanel Server. So From [email protected] sender to...
  13. E

    I"m so tired of our mail server IPs being blacklisted -- What are "best practices" for prventing outgoing spam?

    It seems like every other day our mail server IP (in /etc/mailips) is getting blacklisted and then we have to change it to another IP... which then gets blacklisted... and then we change it.. .which is blacklisted... etc... It's VERY frustrating, because we often can't find what customer is...
  14. E

    Is admin notified of outgoing emails filtered by spam assassin?

    Hello, If we enable the "Scan outgoing messages for spam and reject based on defined Apache SpamAssassin™ score" feature in the WHM Exim Configuration Manager... is the server admin notified when an email is rejected? Does the email sender (cpanel account owner) get notified? Or is it just a...
  15. E

    Possible to enable "scan outgoing mail for spam" exim option PER ACCOUNT?

    Hello, In the Exim Configuration area of WHM, there is this option: ------------------- Scan outgoing messages for spam and reject based on defined Apache SpamAssassin™ score ------------------- Is it possible to enable this on a per account basis? We don't want to enable it for the entire...
  16. S

    Not all incoming mails have a SPAM score

    Hi! I've configured a new blacklist rule "*.cam" (see attached), it's working, but some emails from .cam still coming to the Inbox. I've checked Delivery Report (attached) and you can see that some emails doesn't have a spam score and goes directly to the inbox. Why is it happening? Thank you!
  17. G

    HTML Spam filter?

    Hi I'm trying to block a prolific email spammer... To cut it short, I have identified a somewhat unique snippet pattern in source of the html. I have tried using the plain HTML and a regular expression of this snippet and neither are working... I'll try pasting the HTML here, but I'll also...
  18. N


    good day! I ask for help, I am new to vps, I have hired one in contabo, and everything is excellent, only 2 details: the mail that I send always reaches spam, I have everything set the DKIM, SPF, and PTR and in the cpanel it is as validated. any suggestion? on the other hand, I require your...
  19. M

    All emails being sent to the server are being bounced as spam

    Hi All I appears that ALL emails being sent to my WHM/cPanel server to all accounts are being bounced as spam: gave this error: Remote server returned an error -> 550 "JunkMail rejected -...
  20. M

    New Server listed in the Barracuda RBL but passes on all other 85 blacklists

    I've just migrated to a new WHM server. For some reason the main Server IP is listed in the Barracuda RBL but passes on all other 85 blacklists. I did check the IP when it was assigned to me and I'm sure it was clean. At first I assumed that the server was spewing out spam from an account but...