1. N

    spam to [email protected]

    spam to exisitng e-mailaccounts on server We received today the following message on many accounts sent to [email protected] How do these spammers know the username for each domain. Is this a bug? Return-path: <[email protected]> Envelope-to...
  2. E

    How to reduce SPAM through exim.conf ?

    I wonder if anyone can provide advice on how to change the /etc/exim.conf file. When a connection is received to deliver email to my server (SMTP TCP/IP port 25 and 26 too)... a) Check that the connecting IP has valid non-numerical reverse DNS lookup response, and it matches the "helo"...
  3. V

    SPAM - how to fight this?

    Hi guys, Actually my server get a lot of spam, I activated the spam assassing and some filters, but the emails are redirected to my principal email, exist some method for no receive any SPAM email or block this? (I don't want to waste MB or GB of Month Bandwidth in this trash email). If...
  4. C

    Getting Spam - on pointed domais

    I have several domains parked pointing to the existing site and now I am getting spam addressed to the "pointing" domains. I never setup email for those domains and my setting in CP is to reject all invalid mail boxes. Tried to use redirection in WHM with the same result. Add on domain...
  5. M

    excess spam recently

    In the past few months I have seen SPAM skyrocket. People who were with other hosting switched to me and agree they are getting much more. I keep current on all the updates but was wondering is there something in Cpanel that is being exploited?
  6. T

    [Cpanel Bug] :: Spam Filter

    It seems like CPanel Spam Filter is not working or filtering emails. I have created several filters on our domains, however I am still getting spam emails, which should have been deleted by the spam filter. If anyone can help me out, it would be wonderful. Thanks. Vishal
  7. dory36

    automatic purge of spam folder?

    Any way I can automatically delete messages older than XX days from the spam box created by spamassassin? Thanks - Bill
  8. Q

    Demo Accounts & Spam Open Relay

    Hello All, This seems like a pretty obvious problem to me, but it hasn't been corrected yet. Can someone tell me why DEMO accounts have the ability to send any email at all?! I think someone needs to add the ability to easily remove authentication for exim so that demo accounts can't be...
  9. L

    How to stop spam?

    Well, I've reviewed some threads already but they are quite old and don't think they would work well at this point anymore. I am wondering how and what I need to do to stop spam or atleast eliminate the majority of it? It clogs my mail queue and even prevents alot of non-spam from being sent...
  10. F

    Spam Assassin - sa-learn

    Hi, I managed to get sa-learn to work in that I can log on to my server as root, point sa-learn at a mailbox, and have it tell me it has learned from x ham/spam messages.....but how do I know it worked? I didn't provide any paths to any config files how do I know it has updated...
  11. F

    why isnt spam assasin more configurable?

    is there a way to make spam assasin configurable for each client? my customers would be much happier if they thought they had more control over what they received. is there either a way for them to make more custom changes or a better client i can drop in its place? spam is my no.1...
  12. E

    Auto-delete Spam

    I was wondering if there is a way to delete spam that has been placed in the spam box by spamassassin? With the level of spam that most of my clients receive there is no way I won't have constant quota problems, as I know no-one will regularly remove their own spam. So, I would like to setup...
  13. V SPAM

    Anyone else get spam from these retards?
  14. J

    Spam not recognized by Filter

    The email filtering in cPanel's 8.8.0-RELEASE 73 shows: Hint: To filter all mail that SpamAssasin has marked as spam, just choose "SpamAssassin Spam Header", "begins with", and then enter "Yes" in the box. I've configured SpamAssassin to rewrite the header, and used the above hint plus...
  15. S

    Weird Spam

    I just received this email which looks like it's coming from my server and is probably sent to all of my customers but not sure about that. How can I troubleshoot and put an end to this? Theres actually an attached zip file when trying to open I recieve a pop up for the password which I did not...
  16. E

    Spam and a account I don't use

    Spam and an account I don't use A filter has been added that sends all mail header_to: that is [email protected] Discard This seems to work for my problem below, can some of you confirm it is my answer to the problem? UPDATE: it did not work, just got a new load of spam. help...
  17. C

    Spam + hacked = Help Me!!!

    Hi. Today my server had a great problem with congestion of sending of emails provoked by attack Spam. I received the following information from aid of the CPANEL: "Your /tmp directory was hacked into which I believe was part of the problem. You will need to get your admin to check what...
  18. M

    spam sent from my server, but not in exim logs and without my headers...

    My server is getting reported to Spamcop for spam every 3 to 4 days for the past 2 weeks, which means I am almost always listed. The last one lists me like this : Received: from [MY IP] by via HTTP; Spamcop reports : host...
  19. B

    End User Spam Assassin 'training'?

    Is there a way that an end user can run the SPAM Assassin learner (SA-learn) on mail directed to his domain(s)? Please advise. It appears that Cpanel installs with SA:autolearn=off. Lots of spam that is padded with gibberish text is getting through. John
  20. M

    Spam assasin

    Hello, Is there anyway to set up spam assasin to send all the spam emails to a determinate email address and no to the spambox. My clients will never go to the horde webmail to delete all the spams, and it's easier for them to receive all the spams in an emai laccount in their computer...