1. B

    Spam filtering using a bayesian filter such as Bogofilter?

    Does anyone have bayesian spam filtering running on their server? I've been using POPFile on my desktop which has been brilliant, but still requires the downloading of all that spam. What I'd like to do is to have something like Bogofilter running on the server... train it up over a while...
  2. P


    Hi, A client has copied an emil to me that suggests that AOL have had complaints that spam has originated from my server. I've disabled all scripts and looked to see if there are any insecure ones running. Is there any way I can tell if my server has been routing spam. It doesn't appear to...
  3. J

    Best way to determine which user is sending spam

    Hello It appears that someone is sending out some nasty spam through my server. I am wondering what the best method is to track down the culprit? It is an exim mailserver. Here is a snippit of the mail header: ******-0008SM-T4-H mailnull 47 12 <> 1064792937 0 -ident mailnull...
  4. Radio_Head

    * EUDORA 6 * Spam is death ?

    Hello , just to report that 6 is out . Finally Eudora integrated a spam program inside the email client :) It works togheter with filters ,and it works at the same way of spamassassin (!) . When Eudora receives Email , it assigns a spam point to the email , and if reaches your assigned...
  5. M

    Reading SPAM BOX with Eudora or outlook

    Hello, It's maybe a stupid question but can anyone tell me how to configure eudora or outlook to read the spam box? I allready added a IMAP account to eudora but what's the login and password I have to use? I allready tried the one of the main account but it doesn't work. I can specify the...
  6. P

    Spam Assassin

    I can't get spam assassin to bounce emails to the spam folder and over the last couple of days i have been getting this message Which i am guess is the reason beind it not working, anyone know how to fix this please ?/ Cheers Keri Support Ticket Number:
  7. R

    spam by return address

    I am being innundated by "returned" spam being sent by mail programs to assorted addresses on one of my domains. The return addresses are all forged of course and the mail did not originate on my box. I put a blackhole wildcard on that domain but it made no difference. Any suggestions...
  8. A

    strange spam problem

    Hi, Just looking for ideas or help on a 'new one' to us.. We have a client who got a spam complaint on their main server IP. Now, the spam is NOT being sent from the server or even referencing the server/host/IP on our network as far as headers.. But, the spammer is sending spam with an...
  9. D

    Exim SPAM blocking problem

    I'm a new user of cPanel, and am a bit nervous about making configuration changes. I want to turn off sender verification. I have been reviewing the Exim Configuration Editor and the Exim web site. If I add # require verify = sender and # require verify = header_sender to the first...
  10. C

    Spam Assassin

    Can anyone please tell me how to configure Spam Assassin through cPanel so that it either completely discards/deletes messages tagged as spam, or to send them to one central e-mail address or spam box on a hosted reseller account/server? I need to be able to take care of spam for my customers...
  11. Radio_Head

    serious spam problem

    Someone is sending spam messages containing virus using my box .. this is the email header is my box and is my hostname . on X-Failed-Recipients is one of my users . What is mailnull ? Any idea who is sending spam ? 19u5KF-0002rr-5h-H...
  12. J

    Self-generated Spam from Cpanel

    Auto-generated Spam from Cpanel Hi, All domains on our server reveived many similar automatically generated spam email (i.e. from an email address to the same email address) with nonsense message. The email looks like this: ------------------- Return-path: <[email protected]>...
  13. jimjoe

    spam assassin

    Can't find spam assassin in Cpanel :confused: I must be totally dense, but i can't find spam assassin in the new x skin cpanel. Is it still there? It's activated in web host manager. If not, how would one remove spam assassin that was activated prior to moving to x skin? thanks! Jim
  14. B


    Just wondering if there is a way to add certain words or phrases to the /etc/antivirus.exim file? I am trying to curb spam and there obviously certain words that are good to include, such as Viagra... or penis enlargement. Is there a way to do this? GLOBAL??? Support Ticket...
  15. L

    WTF? spam?

    Since a long time ago i have noticed strange referers on my stats programs (and my clients stats programs for that matter). Today i decided to investigate one of them: These guys somehow visits every account on my server and inserts his own URL (as shown above)...
  16. L

    spam assassin blacklists??

    Hi I have spam assassin configured and working on our server. I was wondering is spam assassin setup by default to access black lists or do I have to configure that in some way? If so how? We seem to still be getting some spam thru, the spam is coming from well know spammers so I would be...
  17. L

    Spam access via POP

    I am migrating from a straight Unix-based ISP to one built around cPanel (7.2.1 build 84). However, the volume of spam we receive may place a prohibitive burden on our email and could make the migration untenable. The version of cPanel we use partly solves our problem, but not all of it--details...
  18. T

    Unable to delete spam filters...

    I have a client that is unable to delete spam filters. Is this a known bug, if not what can I do to fix this? Support Ticket Number:
  19. L

    I found the spam boxes

    for everyone who wonders where the hell all the spam goes to once you turn on the spam boxes here is the answer: -Turn on hordemail -Then from cpanel, go into webmail -Login to horde using the ftp username and password -In the top right go to the folders/messages drop down menu -It should...