1. N

    SPAM - Message Being returned

    I have a friend of mine who I have given a hosting account on one of our servers. Everything has been good for about a year, then all of a sudden a couple of days ago his inbox starts to fill up with undeliverable messages. I changed his default e-mail address to mine so I could see some of...
  2. D

    spam assasin problem

    Jan 3 16:55:00 ns1 spamd[10035]: Cannot open bayes databases /home/stormbox/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/O: tie failed: Jan 3 16:55:02 ns1 spamd[10035]: Cannot open bayes databases /home/stormbox/.spamassassin/bayes_* R/W: tie failed: File exists Jan 3 17:17:12 ns1 spamd[10574]: Cannot open...
  3. S

    configure spam assassin settings globally

    Does anyone know where we can configure spam assassin settings globally? Thanks Mike
  4. W

    Spam Box Cleaning?

    hi, is there any way to clean customers spam box? There are many clients forget to check spam box from time to time and this will full up there account... thanks
  5. M

    Spam Assassin or a better solution?

    We were pretty happy with Spam Assassin a few months ago. But lately it seems like more and more spam is slipping through. Does cPanel keep Spam Assassin updated or is this something that we have to do? And my second question would be if anyone has implemented a more successful solution...
  6. J

    Spam Assassin and Forwarding

    Does Spam Assassin filter emails (adding the SPAM tag)before being forwarded to an external address?
  7. N

    There is a way to send out spam in Cpanel servers

    Hi, I think my server is used to send out SPAM. (The problem is no matter what I do, I cannot stop it) I have specified the maximum each domain can send out per hour in 150. But when I view the Mail queue I have more than 30,000 messages there! (Each one with hundreds of mail addresses)...
  8. S

    Spam Assassin not properly scanning and scoring HTML messages

    Hello On one of our servers Spam Assassin does not properly scan and score HTML based messages. When an HTML message comes through it does not have information related to Spam Assassin in the email header. Here is how the entry from the maillog when receiving a text message: Dec 18...
  9. A

    share your rules (spam)

    anyone care to share their rules that they might have to dev null spam emails? (post your raw files)
  10. makan

    Help: Setup SPAM Filters

    hi all, i got an error message when i tried to add/delete SPAM Filters on When i add a filter it said: ----------------------------- Created... A filter has been added that blocks all mail header_subject: that is xxx Fatal! Write Failure...
  11. J

    Spam Assassin White List

    Is there a way to white list a domain in spamassassin that will be applied to every domain? I.e. a master white list? Regards, Jee
  12. F

    Automatic default address and spam assassin

    Hello everyone I'm a reseller with cpanel and i have about 350 accounts... was thinking if there was some script that can automatically set the change for all the accounts to "Send all unrouted e-mail for: :blackhole: " and if there was a way to turn the spam assassin on for all the...
  13. S

    Using the CPanel Filter and Spam Assassin

    Okay - here is the deal. I am looking for the right answer and not a hack. I can see that CPanel by design has attempted to answer this question, but the functionality does not seem to work. My quest is to put this power into the hands of the user and not have to have some back-end hack that...
  14. S

    Spam Assassin - Please Help

    Spam detection software, running on the system "", has identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original message has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn't spam) or block similar future email. If you have any questions, see the administrator of...
  15. M

    how to stop bounced spam to non-existant users

    What happens is that several of our customers have changed their email addresses due to their primary one being overwhelmed by spam. But the spam just keeps coming. And when it does not find an account on our clients domain, it bounced to our mail queue, which fills up very fast. they...
  16. T

    Exim Filter Doesn't Read Spam Assassin Header

    I want to be able to sort spam by level. If a spam has more than 12 points, I want to delete it. If it has 12 or less, I want to put it in the spam box. Problem is, Exim doesn't see the "X-Spam-Level:" header. WHY? (Note that I have reconfigured Spam Assassin to use X's instead of *'s so that...
  17. B

    spamd ( Spam Assassin Daemon ) spawning loads and consuming memory

    I've run into a problem with Spam Assassin. I don't have many busy domains, in fact I only have one that is even slightly busy... yet my resources keep being sucked dry. I've gone into dcpumon logs and pulled out that last 'top' prior to my rebooting on the last occasion that the box...
  18. dynaweb

    Spam in Queue

    I am currently getting attacked by SPAM email being sent to the main domain on my server. I receive over 1000 messages an hour and they are all being caught by email scanner (good) but they still end up in the mail queue for some reason (bad). If I let it go for a few hours server load rises...
  19. N

    I need help to stop this spam

    Hello, I really don't know what to do to stop spam from my server. I have checked "maximum mails per hour per domain" in 100, I have SMTP Tweak protection, I have Mailscanner installed, but nothing works to stop spam. The problem is that I see my Mail queue with more than 6 000 messages...
  20. D

    Spam Protection - we need more help

    Earthlink and others are making big gains in spam protection with their whitelist approach to spam protection. I would like to see cpanel implement a whitelist/responder approach similar to what earthlink and other compaines are doing that we could offer to our customers. It basically...