1. G

    Email From my cPanel server landing in JUNK Folder

    I have upgraded to the latest version of cpanel as I try to solve an issue with email. At times an email which originates from the mail server powered by cpanel will end up in the JUNK folder of receipts mailboxes. As I try to figure out what might be causing the issue, I have requested...
  2. F

    SpamAssasin and Bayes

    Hello, I see in folder .spamassassin that the file bayes_toks is updated with some frequency, but which script or job that make this? I want understand the script for improve my antispam. Thanks
  3. anton_latvia

    How to disable "Enable Spam Box" preselected checkbox?

    When we create new account manually, the "Enable Spam Box" is always checked. Why? We want that to be disabled, makes too much troubles to customers. I have checked settings and - Enable Apache SpamAssassin™ Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam (user configurable) = OFF Enable...
  4. L

    SOLVED [CPANEL-26054] SpamAssassin forwards locally delivered SPAM

    G'day All, I can never find an obvious place to lodge bug reports other than by raising a support ticket, so I'll try it here. On all our 76.0.20 servers, the option to scan outgoing and forwarded email is not detecting definite spam created on-server and sent to an external address via a...
  5. Alrissa

    Spam Assasin Spam filters "advanced users"

    I think I missed something in the last two updates. "Spam Assassin" is now "Spam Filters" and the additional configuration changes (blacklisting/whitelisting) are now moved somewhere else? Docs seems to indicate it's still there: Spam Filters - Version 74 Documentation - cPanel Documentation...
  6. knightmare

    my domain E-Mail go to gmail spam folder

    Hello , I am using Centos 7 on degital ocean . I installed whm&cpanel in server . I am using Exim mail server on centos cpanel . I send mail from my domain than gmail receive all mail in spam folder . last few days i face this issue . how to solve it ?
  7. W

    Find accounts that have hit hourly emails limit?

    Hello, How can find out which accounts hit maximum hourly emails limit? Best regards.
  8. E

    SOLVED SpamAssassin reject spam score threshold

    Hello, I have a Cpanel version 68.0.36 and I have to set up SpamAssasin but I have some problems with it. In WHM I have set Home-Service Configuration-Exim Configuration Manager-Apache SpamAssassin reject spam score thresholdReject 9 but I can´t see this value in...
  9. B

    cPanel Monthly January email spam

    Seems the "New Year, New Wordpress Updates! | cPanel Monthly January" email is coming thick and fast. I have had 5 of them turn up today. Whats going on guys? :)
  10. C

    Email Forwarders, Spam Filters & Missing Messages

    I pay a web host for website space and email services. cPanel is included, which I figure out and use as best I can (on a beginning level). For the most part, I like cPanel a lot (except that, for beginners, the documentation is not always complete or easy to comprehend). For 6 or 7 years I...
  11. R


    Can help me forward all emails that are considered SPAM to the spam folder of the email accounts on my cPanel server. Sorry my English!
  12. C

    Spam Error Reports

    Hi, I'm having an issue. I recently added my email to the contact info in WHM (Server Configuration » Basic cPanel & WHM Setup). However, I'm now receiving emails every two-three minutes (I believe I've received over 100 in the past 24 hours) that look like the one below: lfd on...
  13. K

    Joomla caused Spam. Now what?

    Hello there, I am new here, so excuse me if I am posting in the wrong place. I own a cPanel server with a few accounts that I administrate. Most of them are running Joomla + Virtuemart (all runing the same set of joomla, extensions, settings, etc) About a month ago, I noticed that there were...
  14. W

    Redirect referrer spam, without awstats counting it as visit

    Hello, I am trying to limit referrer spam from urls that look like the first line below. The referrals I am interested in are mostly like the second line: My site is on a shared hosting account, so my tools are limited to mod_rewrite in...
  15. N

    [Case 133249] Activating Auto-Delete Spam removes all Forwarders

    I don't know if it's only me but today I noticed that when I activate "Auto-Delete Spam" (Cpanel->Mail->Apache SpamAssassin) all forwarders for this account (all domains of account) were missing. The files in /etc/valiases still existed but were empty. First I was not really sure what it was...
  16. durangod

    prefork and spam assassin

    So i was reading and thinking about limiting the child size for spam assassin to 2, but in my reading i also discovered what appears to be an update to SA that it now uses prefork and limits childs to 5 max. Question, so this means that we no longer need to worry about regulating child size...
  17. Kent Brockman

    Spam Assassin error logged when running cron task: /usr/lib/sa/sa2 -A

    Hello guys. I started receiving this error a couple days ago (2014/01/08) Subject: Cron <[email protected]> /usr/lib/sa/sa2 -A Body: rm: cannot remove `/var/log/sa/sar27': Operation not permitted BTW, I checked this: root [/var/log/sa/]# ls -l /var/log/sa/sar27 ls: /var/log/sa/sar27: Input/output...
  18. S

    Automated DKIM, SPF and SpamAssassin auto-delete spam

    Is there a way to automatically activate the below cpanel features upon an automated cpanel creation via whmcs? DKIM, SPF and SpamAssassin auto-delete spam Thank you very much and Happy Holidays
  19. M

    Wrong script in spam detection system

    Hello, I think there is a mistake in /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter I had in one of my client Spam score set to 5, then i recieved a notice that his clients get reject message : The mail server detected your message as spam and has prevented delivery (10). Then i checked exim_mainlog why is...
  20. G

    Spam scaning is a bottleneck and needs to be offloaded...

    We noticed recently the load and IO climbing rapidly on several cPanel servers that usually have no problems. Normal load is 0.79 to 1.2, and over the past 2 days, it has gone up to 9 or even 14... (earlier today it went to 24)... This of course makes the box unusuable. We noticed then...