1. F

    Filtering out Yahoo spam

    I am getting a lot of spam sent via the Yahoo! servers, can I use the cPanel email filters to filter out any Yahoo spam? REGEXP?! I've a list of the IP addressess and just one domain seems affected, and the spammer is occassionally faking the sender as gmail and using yahoo domains other than...
  2. H

    Proper way to block Referer Spam in .httpd by keyword

    I am being plagued by referrer spam that is spoofing as Goodle and am tired of playing whack-a-mole with the IPs so instead would like to block any referals that contain the phrase Article Dashboard regardless who it is from for all sites. Will this do it:? <Directory...
  3. P

    Spam not getting Scored?

    I am having several customers complain about spam, and when I look at the the emails in their box, it almost looks like they are not getting scored. This is what I see in the headers on messages that are obvious spam: X-Spam-Status: No, score= X-Spam-Score: X-Spam-Bar: X-Ham-Report...
  4. S

    Server Overload caused by spam script

    Evening all, This morning my VPS crashed and took ages to reboot. Since then I have been getting a server overload email, which upon investigation seems to be a spam script working. I have PHP and SuEXEC running and also CSF.. I have rebooted the server.. Restarted the exim. I have...
  5. T

    RoundCube and Spam Assasin

    I am new to the forum so my apologies in advance if this is a re-post or posted in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone has integrated Round Cube email with SpamAssasin on a Cpanel/Whm managed server. I am interested in adding a "Message Is Junk" action for emails that will add the...
  6. J

    problem with auto reply and spam

    Hi, we have changed our email domain, so we have a autoreply e forward from the old email to the new. Since last week we are receiving spam from our own auto reply. All the subject are like "RE: ***SPAM*** Score:18.8 Administrative Assistant Position" and the email body is what we configured...
  7. postcd

    Server overloaded - SPAM? Exim processes

    Hello i need help, i can see exim processes like this on my server: 27869 mailnull 25 0 7700 852 532 R 4 0.0 0:17.53 /usr/sbin/exim -bd -q60m There are load spikes and swap is at 50-100% Mail Queue is at maximum 4000+ messages and tail -f /var/log/exim_mainlog shows some like spammy...
  8. 5

    Google indexing strange spam sub-domain in my site !!!

    Hello, i checked my site in google search engine and got some sub-domain unknown and strange !! you can see that in my attach file. after that i checked in Cpanel/WHM root i didn't find these sub-domain. it's just in google search engine.all password with me no one use it. who created...
  9. S

    Are Spam Auto Delete & Spam Box mutually exclusive?

    I would like for spam that scores higher than 15 do be automatically deleted. I would like all other tagged messages below 15 down to say 5 to be delivered to the spam box. There is no indication in the panel, or the documentation if both features can work at the same time. In fact, I have...
  10. AndyReed

    More spam and phishing during the holidays

    Hello, With the approaching of the holiday season, there is an increase in the instances of SPAM, and phishing. This happens every year, as people's attention turns more to shopping, sending e-cards, etc. Botnets With the increase in botnets, the SPAM is getting even more frequent, and...
  11. fearmydesign

    Settings for getting spam under control

    Hello everyone, does anyone know of documentation that I can read on how to effectively setup my server (whm) for email use only in order to control spam. There are a couple of emails that are getting about 500 spam emails everyday single day, and I don't know what to do. We got a completely new...
  12. Ahmed S

    Remote Spam Assassin Server

    Hey guys, Running a cPanel powered server and decided to use a remote Spamd server to save resources. So far, works great! But I'm trying to figure out a way to apply user prefs. What I have in mind would be rsynching between the 2 servers for users and their .spamassassin directories where...
  13. S

    Spam Abuse Help Needed

    For the past couple of months my server is being abused by unknown hackers who are stealing clients passwords. These hackers then install 2 files (1 .html and other .jpg) by the same name, and then send spam emails like the following example:-...
  14. N

    cPanel + Spam

    I fight a constant battle against spam being sent from our servers. It's now at the stage where I'm looking to impliment a solution that actively blocks/stops outgoing spam at the source. For example, checking for DarkMailer and removing the content or suspending the user. Most of the...
  15. 8

    spam subject rewrite is gone !?!

    hi, in WHM, we were rewriting the email subject with ***SPAM [$spam_score]*** globally for all users And this was REALLY used by all our clients and us. But I cannot find this feature anymore in WHM. cPanel 11.25.0-S43473 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9 Thanks for pointing out.
  16. V

    New problem with Spam Assassin

    It seems they are changing how you set the rewrite message. Prior you go to WHM and set the add to subject in the Exim Configuration Editor/ Now it's gone There is now no new place to set this default value as it's not there in my WHM as it was before. It turns out that when you reset...
  17. R

    Spam user Logs

    Hi I have a client who has been accused of sending spam, and thus I need to extract the mail log showing all emails sent from this particular user within the last X days. How can I do this? The client is on a dedicated IP if that matters. Thank you.
  18. U

    Spam Box location

    Hi, I'm trying to change the default location of the spam folder enabled by the Spam Box feature from ".spam" to ".Junk", which is what Thunderbird looks for by default. Is this possible somehow, either with exim filters or something a bit simpler? Thanks, Alex
  19. B

    Does spam get forwarded?

    I'm curious if spam gets forwarded back outside the server. [email protected] forwards to [email protected] Their spam score is set to 4. If it is over 4, does the email get forwarded or does that email bypass spamassassin?
  20. S

    I think someone is using my computer in sending spam

    I think someone hacked into my computer and is using it to spam. The reason I suspect this is because I get these "mailer-demon" e-mails sent to me. The thing is I never sent these e-mails in the first place. The mailer demon comes back to cPanel. I found this out by cutting and pasting part...