1. M

    Automatic Spam Box

    I would like to ask if all new users can have Spam Box folder activated by default. And if I can set a cronjob in order to empty all spam box folder once a week.
  2. D

    Why is SpamBox not enabled by default?

    It's great that SpamAssassin actually finds a lot of mails and marks them as spam, but it seems unnecessary to put these emails in the inbox by default. We get a couple request every day regarding spam emails, and most of them just needs to enable SpamBox. Why is this not possible to enable by...
  3. R


    Can help me forward all emails that are considered SPAM to the spam folder of the email accounts on my cPanel server. Sorry my English!
  4. cPanelNick


    The spam folder is just an folder/directory that can be accessed via IMAP and this all 3 supported webmail apps and desktop clients.
  5. M

    SpamAssasin spambox will not delete?

    We have used teh Clear Spam Box for SpamAssasin but it looks like there is still 300+ Megs of Disk Usage like so: mail/[email protected]/new How do we delete this?
  6. W

    Spambox issue with spam folder hidden or not created

    Hello We have issue with spambox/horde We have enable from whm spamassasin and, from cpanel customer's, spambox function Problem is that for all customer that have email in the past folder spam are not been created.. For new account is created but is hidden from horde, we must go on...
  7. B

    where is spambox clear/delete button?

    I'm running the latest stable version of cpanel. I have spamassassin enabled and have a spambox enabled (which is visible under squirrelmail and contains a few thousand messages.) Today when I logged in to cpanel to clear my spamassassin spambox, I clicked the spamassassin icon but there is...
  8. U


    i am using WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.1-R20683 CENTOS Enterprise 4.6 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0 spambox option is not working properly. 1)its enabled in tweak setting both option have check marked in tweak SpamAssassin Spam Filter SpamAssassin Spam Box delivery for messages...
  9. C

    Spam Auto Delete and Spambox at the same time

    Hi In the cpanel you can activate Spam Auto Delete and Spambox at the same time. What happens when both is used? Are the mails automaticaly deleted or moved to the spambox? Michael
  10. A

    Spamassassin Spambox trouble

    Hello, All of the sudden several of my customers were unable to send mail to recipients on the same CPanel server (we only have 1). No NDR was returned. Eventually I figured out that the messages were going into the user's "spambox". When I disabled spambox (left spamassassin on) the...
  11. H

    How to remove SpamBox?

    If I disable the SpamBox feature in the WHM features list, it still remains enabled on any accounts that have it enabled (of course now they can't disable it or clear it from their cPanel, because the controls are no longer visible) Can somebody tell me what the SpamBox creates/modifies when...
  12. S

    How To Setup Spambox in Outlook Express?

    I am trying to configure a spambox in outlook express for a customer but it is not working. I am setting it up as an IMAP account. Settings are below: e-mail address: [email protected]****.com/spam user name: [email protected]****.com/spam password: using the password for email [email protected]****.com Incoming Mail...
  13. A

    spambox [moved]

    spambox first of all, i`m sorry for posting this thread..but i`ve search all the threads, but dont seem to figure it myself.. this is regarding spambox case is just similar as "Spam Assassin Mail lost?" issue..
  14. W

    Looking for script that empty spambox folder!

    hi all, spamassassin is greate. However most customer don never empty there spambox so a lot of space will be used. Is there any script that can empty the spambox afther x days automatically? Thanks a lot
  15. h2oski

    how to /dev/null spam when spambox is full?

    currently when a user has spambox enabled and it fills up. the spam is sent to the queue. does anyone know how to delete the spam when the spambox is full?
  16. S

    SpamBox activates but doesnt create folder

    not sure whats happening here, but on a couple of servers ive noticed that when you activate the spambox its saying its active but the spam folder doesnt show up in horde. anyone else noticed this? I have mailscanner and ClamAV installed on the servers if that makes any difference.
  17. P

    identify users using spambox

    Is there a quick way to find out which domains have the spambox switched on?
  18. 3

    SpamAssasin - Spambox and blackhole

    Hi all, I need a little advice on this situation.... There are 2 or 3 email addresses on my server that are not being used anymore, don't even exist anymore really but that ARE getting a lot of spam polluting my catchall email address. How do I get rid of these emails sent to those specific...
  19. carock

    Add logrotate to spambox?

    I use newsyslog on my FreeBSD server to keep my "spamboxes" from consuming diskspace. It appears that RedHat Linux comes with Logrotate which is actually a better solutoin because the rotated files are not mangled in a way that makes them unreadable by an E-mail client. It would be nice to...
  20. casey

    Enable spambox -> messages in inbox disappear?

    Has anyone noticed this? I enabled the spambox last night, and I check this morning and all the e-mails in my webmail inbox are gone (even the legitimate ones). If there are spam messages in the inbox at the time the spambox is enabled, do all legitimate messages also get deleted the first...