1. C

    mysql 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3.29 - sql error logging issues

    My webhost is migrating clients including me to a new server and as part of that I have discovered that they have taken us from mysql 5.6 to MariaDB 10.3.29 Seems MariaDB sql error logging is a plugin [SQL Error Log Plugin] - assuming " The SQL_ERROR_LOG plugin collects errors sent to clients...
  2. D

    Synchronize Sql Passwords

    What is the procedure to synchronize passwords for MySQL users with WHM? When suspending accounts I keep getting errors that none of the passwords work. Running MariaDB10.3, seems related to the recent WHM issues with 10.3 These are the errors thrown when suspending accounts: warn [suspendacct]...
  3. Michael Legg

    MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade on Remote Server

    The cPanel "MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade" tool doesn't work if you have MySQL running on a separate server . When I try to run it, I get the message "This system uses a remote server for MySQL/MariaDB. Perform the MySQL/MariaDB upgrade on the remote server." Are there any pitfalls we need to be aware...
  4. I

    Waiting for SQL Databases and dependent apps info?

    Hey everyone, we just bought a new server and we'd like to install cPanel as well, but during installation, we got a problem which never meets us which is : [2019-09-30 12:40:06 +0000] [2234] ( INFO): Waiting for (SQL Databases and dependent apps). it's stoping just like that. - Removed - hope...
  5. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED [CPANEL-27618/27634] False SQL service failure notifications in version 80

    Hello Everyone, Internal case CPANEL-27618 is open to address an issue where false SQL service failures are reported after the update to cPanel & WHM version 80.0.9 on systems where MariaDB is started improperly via the LSB init script. Here's an example of how the service failure notification...
  6. J

    diskspace and sql space limits

    Hi all, Noob question: how and where do i check the packages limits (max xx diskspace/sql space/total space) and how does whm handle things when the limits are reached (100% full) does the system block all actions on that account or do email etc keep working? Q is where do i configure the...
  7. P

    upgrading to v.58 fails due to SQL.

    Hi :) I read 58 Release Notes - Documentation - cPanel Documentation in regards to SQL and that upgrade would fail and it does. Servers are running MariaDB10.0 with SQL Governor. So what do I turn off in order to upgrade to V58? Yours. Peter
  8. J

    SQL database can't be accessed, despite there being a user with granted permissions.

    I have been trying to transfer over a website that uses prestashop from my hosting provider to cpanel on another provider, and to a different domain. I believe I have set up everything correctly, however when the website loads, all it says is Link to database cannot be established...
  9. B

    New SQL doesn't support UTF-8

    Hello, I was using SQL 5.0, in the sql it looks like this: †Ú¯Øª But in the site it's showing fine. (all table has same value in old and new version to UTF-8 General, I tried other value also). But when I upgraded SQL to newest version: 5.6, have issue, the char is like this in the sql...
  10. sahostking

    sql file in cron.daily folder

    Hi, We have a client that somehow has his server go down each day at a specific time. We checked and found a large .sql file over 4GB (looks like a backup of all his databases) in the /etc/cron.daily folder. Can this have caused the outage. Will it run that file? Load seems to go from 1.43...
  11. A

    All SQL Databases 0/0

    Hi, I have problems with the new version of cpanel In my pack I put 4 database but when the client connects it this here are my errors logs: [2014-06-06 11:36:51 +0200] warn [cpanel] Cpanel::Wrap::send_cpwrapd_request The adminbin “cpmysql” in the “Cpanel” namespace call to...
  12. P

    SQL extension

    Hi does anyone know what this means MyBB was unable to load the SQL extension i installed it from softaculous but not get this error ?
  13. D

    WHM Login and SQL Server conflict

    Hi, I had to change my root password the other day. As a result, the SQL server was down. So I had to restart through SSH. As a result, I cannot log into WHM because "The login is invalid". But then when I rebooted the server, I am able to log into WHM (without changing any credentials). But...
  14. N

    SFTP with sql server 2008

    I want to know the syntax of SFTP command that will execute by sql server job and what steps will I have to follow to do public key authentication ? I am using SFTP to transfer files from window server 2008 to another window server 2008.
  15. S

    Trying to move SQL backups out of user accounts

    I've running a SQL dump program that backs up databases and puts them in a. Backup folder in the root of the account. The files are zipped and ftp'ed offsite The scripts are run by cron in each account Id like to have the backups all either get written or moved to a mounted drive at the...
  16. I

    Server Name when trying to connect to My SQL remotely

    Hi everyone. I have a MySQL database setup which is hosted on a remote server. I am trying to access that data from Excel. Excel is asking me for a server name, and any info I can find tells me to use localhost as the server name. My understanding is that local host will work if the excel...
  17. M

    Remote my sql help

    Hii plz anyone tell how we can add or remove,remote my sql ip's by using ssh.??plz help
  18. K

    [hackcheck] sql has a uid 0 account

    Hello good day everyone. days ago I get this message to my email, I know that this message be? someone who knows and can help me see the cause of this message? are very grateful for the help. IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email. This message is to inform you that the account sql has user id 0...
  19. T

    Reset SQL Password from cPanel

    I know this has been discussed, and apparently there is "no way" to reset an SQL password from cPanel, only shell, SSH, or create a new user. BlueHost, has a custom icon by the looks of it (http://www.bluehost.com/cgi/demo), that allows a user to reset their SQL password. My question is...
  20. I

    Where do i find SQL Host?

    Hello, Where do i find SQL Host. I have trouble finding it? Thanks,