1. I

    SOLVED Should Server Side Includes be disabled?

    Hi, Should Server Side Includes (SSI) be disabled? (from a security point of view) And *could* SSI be disabled? Does anything rely on it from a cPanel/WHM point of view?
  2. SuperBaby

    SSI now disabled by default?

    Since yesterday SSI (include virtual) suddenly failed to parse. I have checked under: WHM >> Apache Configuration >> Global Configuration and the settings are correct. I noticed that SSI works if I manually add "Options +Includes" to the htaccess file in the root directory of all...
  3. B

    new server - ssi not being parsed - where to look?

    New server. Running apache 1.3.x. Transferred first accounts and see that my index.shtml file is not being parsed on the new server but is instead being spit out raw... loading in browser and viewing source on new server shows <!--#include...
  4. R

    Cpanel 404 editor adding extra line / ssi not working [moved]

    I don't have access to the server and I'm not familar wiht the inner working of cpanel... Here is my story and I hope someone can help me. I'm hosting on a new provider and I wrote/use a program where it uses this line in the 404.shtml file. ------------------------------- <!--#include...
  5. rootuser

    SSI errors

    when iam trying to run ssi pages to a particular client getting errors in my browser like [an error occurred while processing this directive] in the same time in server error log showing unable to include file "../include/left.htm" in parsed file...
  6. S

    ssi trouble [moved]

    ssi trouble I am having trouble with includes on my site. I am using the following tag to call them in "<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/" -->" I have changed the permissions on the file to 755 and have added the following lines to the .htaccess file in order to enable them to...
  7. smile

    Calling SSI from other directories

    I'm facing some problem with the SSI. When I make shtml file and the include html files happen to be in the same directory, they work fine. For eg: in include file top-menu.html is present in the same directory and it is working fine. But it...
  8. R

    mod_perl & ssi

    I'm trying to set up a new site that needs mod_perl installed, but another one of my sites uses entropy banner from fantastico... for some reason ssi will not work with mod_perl installed... any thoughts?
  9. I

    ssi not being parsed

    I am having problems with the diplay of shtml pages, when I name any file with the extender .shtml pages I get a Cannot find server or DNS Error message. I have tried working with support to add apache handlers in the cpanel pages and still get this message. If we delete the .htaccess...
  10. D

    SSI Config Problem

    Hi, I have a problem with some SSI config I am trying to setup. SSI's are enabled ... i.e. exec cmd line is disappearing but the scripts arent being executed due to the server config .. i.e. permission of some sort. Ive been told that some default configs don't allow the SSI code to be...
  11. B

    SSI Problems

    My host still hasn't gotten back to me, the problem is that when ever I try to access a .shtm or .shtml file which I know works it shows a cannot find server error in IE. By default cPanel sets .shtml as a server parsed handler, and I added .shtm as a server parsed in the apache handler a while...
  12. B


    I remember I could set a user defined MIME Type in cPanel that would parse .htm and .html files as SSI's... does anyone remember/know how?
  13. K

    ssi + php

    hello i have problem with mix ssi and php. this is my sentence: <?php virtual ("/cgi-bin/at/in.cgi"); ?> and server return: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: virtual() any have idea?? Support Ticket Number:
  14. M

    how to turn on SSI for all pages

    Normally only pages with shtml extension are processed for SSI calls. How do I make it so that all html pages are scanned for SSI calls? thanks Support Ticket Number:
  15. T


    same problem.... i double checked apache conf but .shtml is already added to the Handler.... anyone????
  16. J

    SSI and includes

    Hi all : The problem is that SSI includes like this : #INCLUDE virtual=&amp;/cgi-sys/blah...&amp; dont´t work . The error I get is : [an error occurred while processing this directive] The error_log say : unable to include &amp;/usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/blah ...
  17. Radio_Head

    SSI problem

    Hello, on some account SSI is not working while in other accounts (on the same server) SSI is working fine . On the accounts where SSI is not working I removed every .htaccess file , but is was not useful . Any idea ? ( I have red hat 7.2 and latest cpanel)
  18. H

    How install module to support SSI?

    Please tell me. Thanks
  19. H


    Well, I tested SSI with PHP and since that it works but for some reason SSI is not working on the server if I try to run a news script by using CGI Script. Any sugestions or Cpanel is not supporting SSI for Perl Scripts?
  20. H

    SSI problems

    Is anyone having problems with SSI? A client just informed us that its not working for them at the moment. It was however working just the other day when I had a look, and we haven't touched the server at all since then. Strange...