1. rivermobster

    Auto SSL won't run with Cloudflare...

    I got a message from cPanel that Auto SSL was not going to renew on one of my sites, due to some redirect issue... It's site I am using Cloudflare on, so that made it a weird issue to diagnose. So what it turned out to be was... You cannot have a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS enabled in both...
  2. G

    Auto SSL notifications for subdomains like mail with external DNS settings

    Hi, We have a bunch of account with external DNS, MX records being the most common, and hence get a stack of system emails. Using Let's Encrypt. I understand it's possible in WHM to turn off AutoSSL notifications to admin or user for failures or warnings. Seeking a couple of clarifications...
  3. C

    SSL Certs - DV vs. EV vs. OV

    Does purchasing an EV or OV SSL certificate make your website any more secure than a site with the free cPanel DV SSL certificate? What reason would you purchase an EV or OV?
  4. A

    How to Install an SSL on a domain from a file in SSH/Terminal

    Hello, i have an file certs.txt which contains SSL of my domain. i want to install that ssl on that domain like i have SSL of , i want to install that SSL on all subdomains and through Command Line how can i do this
  5. S

    Deceptive site ahead - warnings just started today from Google Chrome (only)

    Hi All, Latest version of Google Chrome 89.0.4390.90 (Official build) has suddenly started today, 15th March 2021, to display some of our sites as insecure, despite the fact that the TLD and subdomains are reporting just fine with SSL Shopper...
  6. A

    Website Loads the Content of another website if ssl is not installed

    Hello ! I am facing an weird issue in my server. Actually, Yesterday one customer purchased hosting from me but when i open his website ( suppose ) then it shows the content of another website hosted on my same server ( suppose ). and when i open with...
  7. grindlay

    Exim presents wrong certificate after updating SSL host

    I use Cloudflare CDN to manage security on my domain. I've run into the same problem described in multiple threads where the LetsEncrypt certificate validation service fails due to cloudflare - the workaround is a cumbersome 'pause cloudflare on the domain every 3 months' and run AutoSSL. This...
  8. T

    Need to temporarily enable TLSv1

    I need to enable TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 on our server temporarily, for one of our apps that requires it still, for now. However, cPanel is no longer allowing that the "standard way". Editing the values in httpd.conf do not seem to do anything. How should I proceed? Thanks!
  9. N

    SAN SSL Certificates

    Hi, I've got a web app that I want to white label. In order to provide a white label solution, I will require a SAN (Subject Alternate Name) SSL certifcate, of which the list of SAN's can be updated programmatically & dynamically. Example: 1. My app domain is 2. User wants his...
  10. psytanium

    Generate and install free SSL on a Centos VPS

    Hi, I have a Godaddy SSL certificate installed for 4 years now, but about to expire soon and I have to renew it, but looking for a way to save the SSL cert price and install a free certificate on my Centos VPS server. What do you recommend ? Where to start ? Let's Encrypt or the default CPanel...
  11. M

    Remove Sectigo auto ssl from whm

    Hello : Happy New year ! How is it possible Remove Sectigo auto ssl from whm ? Thanks
  12. M

    SSL error after last WHM update (92.0.6)

    Hi, After the last WHM/cPanel update (92.0.6) I'm receiving this error each time that AutoSSL (Let's Encrypt) renew the SSL: AutoSSL certificate installed! AutoSSL has renewed “”’s Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate. The new certificate lacks 7 of the website’s...
  13. N

    NEED ADVICE: Make Primary Subdomain for the Main domain (The SSL certificate)

    Hello, i have a Dilemma. I work with Nginx and even apache today work on a virtual host ( Reverse Proxy ) i have my mine domain with him i open the account: now this domain did not come with a subdomain, but my other sites come with a subdomain in the SSL certificate...
  14. M

    certmonger needs restarting

    I wasn't sure which section of the forum I should post this in, but... One of my servers shows that something to do with certmonger needs restarting: [~]# /usr/bin/needs-restarting 6220 : /usr/sbin/certmonger-S-p/var/run/ 5660 : /usr/bin/python/usr/sbin/tuned-d-c/etc/tuned.conf...
  15. H


    Hello team and everyone, I'm system admin in Vietnam. I just migrate all accounts from old server named to the new server named The domain own its cPanel SSL. So I need to change the hostname on new server to
  16. Michael-Inet

    How to get an SSL Client Certificate for the same Addon Domain on 2 different cPanel servers?

    Background: For Server {} and Addon Domain {} cPanel issues SSL Client Certificates in the form of: Common Name: Containing:
  17. U

    Configuring Apache web server to use Lets Encrypt wildcard SSL

    Hello! I was installed and configure everythink, could you help me with add sertificate on httpd.conf Where I need add this cert in httpd.conf ? SSLCertificateFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/domen.tld/cert.pem SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/letsencrypt/live/domen.tld/privkey.pem...
  18. Alongar

    SOLVED Manage SSL Services via WHM

    Hello, I have self-signed SSL certificates on my cPanel/WHM services. Do I need to wait for the cPanel maintenance to run so the server can order a replacement certificate? If so, when does the maintenance script usually run (how often)? Also, can I run the script via the terminal before the...
  19. R

    SOLVED SSL Duration?!

    I need to renew a 2-year EV SSL certificate but upon trying to do so via the UI, there's no option to specify the SSL duration (i.e. 2 years), nor does the UI or even the documentation say what the duration will be when the order completes. It's really unhelpful and very frustrating that...
  20. I

    SOLVED Unable to generate free service SSL for server hostname

    Hi cPanel requested the SSL service certificate before I had a valid CAA record in place. Now I'm not sure which CAA record is valid, is it 0 issue "" or 0 issue ""? I've ran /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts multiple times over last few days with no success. The...