1. M

    SSL Cipher to cover old browsers

    Hello We are using Cloudlinux + cPanel + LSWS. Recently we can not use mozilla ssl config for old browsers ( And our websites have ssl error in old browsers (for example IE9 in windows 7) Is there any ssl cipher to use in cpanel to resolve ssl issue in old browsers?
  2. M

    SSL Medium Strength CipherSuites Supported(SWEET32)

    Hello, how do I resolve to avoid use of medium strength ciphers? SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported (SWEET32) The remote host supports the use of SSL ciphers that offer medium strength encryption. Nessus regards medium strength as any encryption that uses key lengths at least 64 bits...
  3. I


    Dear, Since the transition to the new root certificates i got still the ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID errors. When I open the certificate it shows as cPanel already mentions the hostname of the server and not de FQDN the certificate needs to be. The update_lets_encrypt_cabundles2 script seems...
  4. mlopez

    Market Provider: cPanel DV SSL Certificate

    Hello, I do not completely understand how it works. I've enabled cPanel Store and entered the store commission ID. So now we've got SSL Certificates available for sale. The question is: now the AutoSSL feature won't be available? All users would have to pay for cPanel SSL Certificate? If so...
  5. W

    [ssl:warn] [pid 19731] (9)Bad file descriptor: AH02026: Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock

    Apache error log is showing this: [ssl:warn] [pid 19731] (9)Bad file descriptor: AH02026: Failed to acquire SSL session cache lock Any ideas what the above means? How to fix?
  6. I


    We have a cpanel for mail only with let's encrypt installed, everything worked fine until today. We get certificate warnings when connecting to POP or IMAP, we are getting the default SSL from the server. All our clients connect on mail.[domainname.extension] and the SSL is created but not...
  7. sajithgsm

    SSL Error

    Hi, Since today, I'm getting this error on each cpanel. The certificate has the following errors: Certificate #4 (CN=DST Root CA X3,O=Digital Signature Trust Co.) has 1 validation error: CERT_HAS_EXPIRED. how can I fix this? But when I go to the SSL / TLS Status, its showing very normal and...
  8. 0

    php cannot request my SSL websites

    Hi friends, I have a PHP script running on my cPanel server (v98.0.8, CENTOS 7.9). My PHP script makes a nightly HTTPS request to a Windows server. The Windows server uses a LetsEncrypt certificate. All has run fine for years but just now, my PHP requests are failing with...
  9. B

    Creating combined SSL certificate from cPanel generated individual sub-domains

    Hi, I've been using the below method to create CA bundle certificate from a cpanel generated subdomain. What I'd like to know, is how I create a single key and single bundle file that covers multiple subdomains? my $output = `uapi --user=username SSL fetch_cert_info...
  10. G

    How to have hostname in the SSL certificate

    The server is using letsencrypt and I notice the certificate doesn't include the hostname inside its Domains list (SAL?). I only see these www, mail, whm, webmail, cpanel, autodiscover, and webdisk. I see so many SSL verify error: certificate mismatch in exim_maillog. How do I solve this issue...
  11. H

    Let's Encrypt Error SSL

    There was a problem processing your request Let's Encrypt for cPanel is currently unavailable. Please contact your host. All the installations are correct. But always error in Cpanel plugin..
  12. A

    Any command to install Let's Encrypt SSL on Hostname and cPanel Services ?

    Hello, is there any way or any command to install SSL on hostname , exim , and other cPanel services ? I have searched but didn't find any easy solution, i have tried to do via SSL Management in WHM, but that is not working properly. After searching a lot, i found a thread ...
  13. P

    Secure 3,500 domains per SSL certificate

    Hello I've had a problem for several years now and simply can't seem to find a solution. I have multiple client cPanel accounts with up to 3,500 domains each. The issue is that I need to have an SSL certificate for every domain (3,500) in each cPanel account. Using cPanel AutoSSL the max limit...
  14. P

    Auto SSL Generating Self Signed Certificates for New Domain

    Today I registered a new domain name and created a new website for it using cPanel. It is an add-on domain in a subdirectory on the main one. Everything works fine except every time I run Auto SSL it only creates self signed certificates. Every other time I have ever created an add-on domain in...
  15. S

    "User-excluded domain" from SSL?

    When I do an SSL update/check (eg. autossl_check --user=username), everything is fine for one domain. User-excluded domain: 1 ( TLS Status: Incomplete Why? works, but does not because of this? Where do I fix this? uapi --user=username...
  16. P

    Auto SSL Not Working

    I setup AutoSSL back in January, but after April 14's checkup, I started getting these errors in the log and now our SSL went down disabling usage of our apps: The subdomains are configured on the same server. The X.X.X.X IP is our domain host where a CNAME was setup for the sub1 and sub2...
  17. A

    How to Install SSL via Command Line ?

    Hello , I know it's not related to cPanel but here all are professionals so am asking. I want to generate an SSL for and install that SSL on domain from command line. anyone know how can i do this? if anyone know please...
  18. rivermobster

    Auto SSL won't run with Cloudflare...

    I got a message from cPanel that Auto SSL was not going to renew on one of my sites, due to some redirect issue... It's site I am using Cloudflare on, so that made it a weird issue to diagnose. So what it turned out to be was... You cannot have a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS enabled in both...
  19. G

    Auto SSL notifications for subdomains like mail with external DNS settings

    Hi, We have a bunch of account with external DNS, MX records being the most common, and hence get a stack of system emails. Using Let's Encrypt. I understand it's possible in WHM to turn off AutoSSL notifications to admin or user for failures or warnings. Seeking a couple of clarifications...
  20. C

    SSL Certs - DV vs. EV vs. OV

    Does purchasing an EV or OV SSL certificate make your website any more secure than a site with the free cPanel DV SSL certificate? What reason would you purchase an EV or OV?