1. Spirogg

    New Thread just incase anyone having issues with auto SSL Currently, there are some known issues with Sectigo's certificate Issuing platform.

    Currently, there are some known issues with Sectigo's certificate Issuing platform. They have updates posted to their status page here: Once this is resolved the certificate(s) should be issued. this is an issue for me right now as well 9-30-2020 at 3.34am CST so...
  2. imorandin

    Disable cprapid hostname on setup

    Hi, In cPanel v90 there is a new feature that automatically sets a hostname ending in to the server so it can issue a SSL for it: Automatically-Issued Hostnames | cPanel & WHM Documentation. We use automated cpanel deployment and this behavior breaks some things for us, not to...
  3. F

    SSL on computers with Windows 7

    Hello everyone, I would like your opinion. We have some new customers who still use windows 7 on their machines, and now face problems accessing their sites after migrating to our server with cPanel. We have servers with the latest version of cPanel and we leave it enabled only for newer...
  4. E

    Does WHM support Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificates?

    The subject makes it quite obvious, does WHM support Let's Encrypt Wildcard certificates? I have a list of 20 domain belonging to one company, and they all need Wildcard certificates. Since our server is already configured for Let's Encrypt I would like to continue using their service. I guess...
  5. Michael-Inet

    SOLVED SSL certificates and IP addresses

    Only somewhat a cPanel question, but is it possible to include an IP address in SSL certificates? Which is nice, but 99% of the time I use a direct IP address to access anything on the server's hostname, which throws that pita Firefox warning. If the server’s IP was in the same cert, life...
  6. albatroz

    Using a non free SSL certificate with CPanel hosting

    Hello, One of my customers wants to purchase a non-free certificate for his website and was wondering if it would make any conflict with the SSL certificates already being used for mail. webmail. and cpanel. subdomains that are generated by CPanel automatically.
  7. D

    Auto SSL pointing to parked domain not primary

    I run about 200 sites across 2 servers using cpanel. I'm finding an inconsistency in where auto ssl points the certificate. in some cases it adds it to the primary domain and in other instances to the parked domain. how can I control that the primary domain is seen to have the cert attached. see...
  8. M

    cPanel Service SSL Certificate Warnings

    Hello, I'm sorry if this issue has been posted before—couldn't find an actual fix for the issue. :) Every morning at around 02:55 I'm sent an e-mail titled "cPanel Service SSL Certificate Warnings". The error message within the e-mail states the following: The system failed to acquire a...
  9. P

    Turning off SSL For New Domain Redirects To Another Domain On Serer

    So here is an odd dilemma that I am just not figuring out. I have a new domain name I registered this weekend and it is being used to install a script that I want to run that the installation process required that SSL be off (for the installation process) and then I can turn it back on...
  10. N

    Hostname Force SSL

    Hi, So my hostname pulls up the /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi, but I would like to know if there is a way to force it to load over https? So if someone goes to it forces
  11. O

    autoSSL and cloudflare SSL

    Hi I am using the autoSSL offered by the WHM on my website, at the same-time I am using cloudflare as a reverse-proxy and it is offering me a free certificate (I am using the free plan). When I use the flexible option (shown in the fig below) which is supposed to serve the traffic from port 80...
  12. M

    Free SSL and KernelCare question

    Hi, We're configuring new server and have some questions: -Its better Let's Encrypt or cPanel SSL?: SSL -You recommend me install KernelCare?, because i see the update are only "virtual": kernelcare I think will need reboot server equally for other things, for example update SO, WHM/cPanel...
  13. R

    WHM purchase and install an SSL Cert is erroring out

    From WHM, I go to the "Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate" page - it lists my two domains. I click on the "Go To cPanel", it launches cPanel and I get the following error: The system failed to load the market provider module for “cPStore” because of an error: (XID kmvexq) The request...
  14. A

    Free SSL with cPanel ?

    I signed up for a hosting and just realised that I have an ssl certificate included. It says DV certificate issued by cPanel for your domain dot com Is it free forever ? My domain is valid for an year but the SSL says its valid for around 3 months only
  15. R

    cpanel ssl certs versus CA authority certs

    Can someone help provide clarification about cPanel Inc ssl certs please. I just discovered AutoSSL and cPanel Inc SSL certs - they are covering a secondary domain (on its on cPanel) of mine and I am not even certain how or when it got setup. I know I didn't do it. But I have been purchasing...
  16. M

    Cpanel service SSL issue

    Hi : we used SSL on cpanel service and hostname : and this working fine without browser alert . but when we want go to client Cpanel from WHM , we forward this address : and get broswer alert . How can fix it ? fix browser alert from
  17. B

    Cannot Launch Webmail SSL Expired - except it didn't

    Hello, I can access just fine and the Auto SSL expires in June 2020. All good. when i go to Email Accounts > Luanch Webmail I get this: Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords...
  18. K

    SSL certificate for path

    Hi All, I am using Let's encrypt certificate for my domain. Domain is now secured with SSL certificate, but the path is still shown as insecure. Example: is now with SSL certificate, but is still without SSL. What could be the issue? I have access to C-Panel...
  19. M

    SSL Error

    Hello SSL is not work on one of my domain I tried different methods but the problem didn't work out I get Time out error Http is ok. for exp : recreate account, reissue certificate ,... When I move to another server, everything is OK How Is possible Remove all of Cache in Server for this one...
  20. K

    Error with SSL

    Hello guys, I am facing SSL error on my website. A few days ago my website ( is loaded and run with SSL. But, yesterday it was not loaded with SSL and when I called from https my website broken. I can call it from http with no error and I can still using admin panel with https. I...