1. O

    Sectigo cpanel SSL error: You do not own the following domain ... at .../Cpanel/SSL/Auto/Provider/ line 208

    Is there another log that says what failed at this line in the code? "at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/SSL/Auto/Provider/ line 208" Everything checks out. A new .txt file is placed in /.well-known/pki-validation/ and is visble on the website. Comodo server sees it as well: x.x.x.x - -...
  2. P

    Uninstalling SSL Certificates Leads to Site Wide 404

    I just uninstalled the SSL certificates from a domain because they were all self signed even though AutoSSL should have created valid certificates. The domain is brand new and running AutoSSL didn't fix the problem. Then I found these instructions which I tried to follow, but instead of creating...
  3. Babene7

    AutoInstallSSL not working under Jupiter theme

    Hello guys, I was wondering if someone has found a way to make the third-party tool AutoInstallSSL work with the new Jupiter theme on cPanel. It only works with previous themes like Paper Lantern. I have reached the devs but haven't received a reply yet. So, has someone found a way to make it...
  4. jimlongo

    SOLVED Wildcard SSL not covering all subdomains

    I have a wildcard certificate from Cloudflare. Domains: CloudFlare Origin Certificate * Issuer: CloudFlare, Inc. Key: RSA, 2,048-bit (c771e514 …) Expiration: Apr 3, 2037 3:46:01 AM I've installed this, but when I look at Manage SSL Hosts only a...
  5. K

    SOLVED Expired cPanel SSL Cert is being used instead of new LetsEncrypt

    One of my websites is displaying an expired cert instead of the new one. How can I address this issue? Backgrond: I have had to move my server host twice in the last month. First, I had to move to an upgraded server to avoid the SSL problems discussed in this thread. Unfortunately the host I...
  6. E

    AutoSSL failed to request an SSL certificate

    Dears I have an issue with Autossl can't request certificates for new domains or renew old SSL certificates AutoSSL failed to request an SSL certificate for “ because of an error: (XID 6cvudr) The system failed to parse the JSON stream data “” for the caller...
  7. T

    Auto SSL before current SSL Expiry

    A few accounts have SSLs that will be expiring soon. I wish to change them to AutoSSL certs ahead of time, but if I delete the current cert it takes time sometimes to request the new cert, causing downtime. Is there a way to request the new cert while leaving the old one in place until the new...
  8. T

    Adding an alternate IMAP SSL port

    Is there a way to add an alternate port for incoming IMAP? some local isps in my country are inexplicably blocking port 143 and 993, so adding an alternate port would definitely help
  9. M

    Auto SSL failed, Self signed certificates

    Hi, i have issue when use AutoSLL, some of my domain have this error ERROR Defect: OPENSSL_VERIFY: The certificate chain failed OpenSSL’s verification (0:18:DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT). could anyone help me ?
  10. G

    1 service generated warnings while checking SSL certificates

    Hi folks, I keep receiving the following email from WHM: ======== SUBJECT 1 service generated warnings while checking SSL certificates FROM cPanel Service SSL Certificate Warnings BODY The following cPanel service generated warnings from the checkallsslcerts script. cpanel The system...
  11. S

    cPanel SSL store failure?

    I keep getting this warning every day. The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store because of the following error: (XID 9ge33g) The cPanel Store returned an error (X::TemporarilyUnavailable) in response to the request “POST ssl/certificate/whm-license/90-day”: We...
  12. S

    cPanel and WHM both do not recognize SSL certificate

    Let's Encrypt works fine on the domain itself, but when copied to cpanel, dovecot, etc in WHM, the certificate doesn't take effect. It says "Manage Service Certs" so I know that's where I apply them, and I can see it's the correct cert that's already installed, but cPanel, and WHM both throw up...
  13. Spirogg

    keep getting in my SSL certificates under my hostname in Ubuntu cpanel setup

    I setup dev cpanel account with Ubuntu cPanel 102.2 I added my ns1 ns2 and IP address I changed hostname to server2.mydomain.tld I performed a dns cleanup restarted DNS restarted named via ssh soft reboot of server went to terminal and ran /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts then got a few...
  14. Spirogg

    In Progress CPANEL-39993 - Manage Service SSL Certificates > iOS Push for Mail wrong hostname

    Use this interface to manage SSL certificates for services other than Apache. Daemons (cpsrvd, Dovecot, and Exim) iOS Mail Push Notifications (APNs) I had setup a new server with AlmaLinux 8.5 and cPanel a couple weeks ago. - first server was server1.hostname.tld -new server i named...
  15. H

    Auto SSL subject domain name primary domain

    With the Let's Encrypt auto SSL plugin, is there a way to have it use the account's primary domain as the subject for the ssl cert always? Sometimes I'm finding that an account's ssl cert has a as the ssl cert Subject and the or * is one of the alt...
  16. W

    DNSOnly SSL certs renewal problem

    So, because of the new (pain in the ass) changes to SSL cert renewal process, how am I supposed to renew (won't auto-renew) certs now? Domains:
  17. N

    1 service generated warnings while checking SSL certificates

    Getting lot of email about 1 service generated warnings while checking SSL certificates. The following cPanel service generated warnings from the checkallsslcerts script. ⚠ cpanel The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the...
  18. M

    cpanel shared ssl auto renewal won't work

    I have some websites that uses shared SSL from Cpanel and get notification says AutoSSL certificate expiry on 2/9/22 UTC and Potential reduced AutoSSL coverage what action should I take to resolve it? thanks
  19. C

    You must URI-encode this value SSL command line instalation

    Hello, I have tried different methods to URI ecode the SSL, but it keeps coming back in a wrong format, can someone tell me the correct way to do this to script SSL installations needed by cPanel? Thanks
  20. D

    SSL false positive?

    Hello there! Since yesterday I have been recieving messages regarding ssl failing DCV, the thing is that if I go to SSL Status in the account affected, it states that the certificate is issued for the next 90 days. I'm actually using Let's encrypt since I suffered the issues Sectigo is having...