1. J

    Subdomains acting funny with SSL

    I've setup a subdomain for my site in cPanel. It is set to point to www/static directory. When i visit the site with it works fine, contents of www/static are loaded. However, when I visit using ssl: it serves me contents of www/ Side Note...
  2. paulkoan

    UserDir for Resellers Shared SSL Dedicated IP

    Hello, Is there a supported (ie won't get lost by upcp) way of allowing a reseller to share their SSL so that their customers can access their sites via the reseller shared SSL rather than our one? (all the reseller accounts would hang off their dedicated IP). So https://<reseller SSL...
  3. K

    SSL Certs - are they Trusted

    I have just used Cpanel to create/generate/activate SSL cert for my domain. However the domain - continues to show as un-trusted. I am wondering - is it as easy as generating an SSL cert in cpanel and then all is well - when it comes to being trusted? or - does my cert need to be placed into a...
  4. N

    Wildcard SSL for domain

    I am having trouble installing a wildcard certificate for a domain being hosted. The domain is different then the server domain and has a dedicated IP. I setup a key with the domain * I setup a csr with the domain * I received the certificate from the signing...
  5. M

    SSL Encryption is required for access.. error page displays upon making new account..

    The site is if you go to it now you will see "SSL encryption is required for access to this server. Log in using SSL." What should be showing is my new account default empty public_html folder Another strange error, we migrated from an old server to this one and the...
  6. J

    How to remove SSL Cert form Cpanel

    I am wondering how to remove ssl certification from whm. I had removed the certificate from manage host and all keys related to domain. But still when I browse my site it takes me to and gives ssl error. Do I have change anything in httpd.conf or anything from whm. Regards, Pank
  7. S

    Installing SSL for default website

    Im getting a lot of user IP's blocked for browsing to the URL - mainly due to LFD. I can't disable LFD, and I don't want to block these users (I think they are using some kind of website monitoring tool). Is it possible to install an SSL v-host onto the default...
  8. H

    compile curl with ssl

    Hello, I have a CENTOS and need to enable CURL with SSL. can someone please help how do I do that? thanks
  9. S

    Manage Service SSL Certificates - CRT not showing

    In WHM, I've used Manage Service SSL Certificates to install an InCommon certificate for cPanel services. This worked perfectly. Then I tried to do exactly the same for Exim and Dovecot services. That seemed to go well, but mail clients still get an "untrusted" warning. If I issue these two...
  10. C

    cPanel Login Requires SSL

    Hello... I am new to cPanel/WHM. Why does cPanel require SSL to login to cPanel? I have went to the tweak setting and have turned off everything to do with SSL and it still requires it. Any help on this would be fantastic... Matthew
  11. WebHostPro

    Can you transfer a SSL cert?

    I'm migrating off an old CPanel server and want to know if I can get the ssl cert off of there for the new server? Otherwise I have to track the SSL cert down off my back up computer ;( Thanks!
  12. J

    SSL Certificate issues on Add-on Domain with Separate Dedicated IP address

    Okay, so let me tell you where I am right now. I have successfully changed the ip address of an add-on domain. I have also successfully installed an additional SSL certificate to that add-on domain. So now I have two domains that have an SSL certificate, they both share the same folder on the...
  13. C

    Redirecting all clients to login on main server domain which has SSL certficate

    I currently have SSL certificate Setup for and I have managed to enable ssl on all services cpanel/whm/ftp/email logins. I have few clients hosted with me, I would like them to be redirected to for cpanel/whm logins when they visit...
  14. B

    SSL Certificate created for naked domain instead of www

    Hi, A client has an ecommerce store on my server and using their control panel created a new CSR. The problem is that Cpanel defaults to the naked domain, not the, so therefore the SSL is basically useless for them. Is there a way, even via WHM, that I can force www...
  15. M

    SSL for WHM

    Hello! I have managed to successfully install a SSL cert for my domain. How would I go about getting this certificate to work with WHM? So I can login to securely? Thanks :)
  16. B

    Getting SSL cert to work on server for cpanel/WHM login

    Hi guys, Having some trouble to get a SSL cert working on our server for accessing cpanel/WHM. Installing the SSL cert itself wasn't a big deal. Done that hundreds of times for 'normal' domains, but this now keeps me stumped: Let's say our server has the IP and we used to...
  17. P

    SSL Installation Trouble (Guidance Requested)

    As the title indicates, I'm not having any luck getting a cert installed. Perhaps I used some wacky method? Here's what I did. Last month (6/26) I generated the .KEY & .CSR via openssl genrsa -des3 -out certificate.key 204 openssl req -new -key certificate.key -out certificate.csr I...
  18. B

    PureFtp using SSL

    I am trying to get Pureftp to work with AUTH SSL, but I get the message that it is not implemented. It does work with TLS, and I do have a SSL certificate installed and setup thru service manager for FTP. My pureftp config Lines contain : TLS 1 # List of ciphers that will be accepted for...