1. T

    SSL Self-Signed Certificate

    Hello. I'm trying to apply a Let's Encrypt certificate to a new domain in whm but it keeps showing this notice "Self-Signed Certificate". How can I switch it to DV certificate ? Thanks _____ VPS, CentOS7
  2. L

    As I have applied auto HTTPS:// for some other domains and worked WITHOUT HAVING SSL???

    SSL cert for expired? Is it really needed? As I have applied auto switch to HTTPS:// - with .htaccess file - for some other domains and worked WITHOUT HAVING SSL??? Please provide cPanel/WHM Documentation URL/REFERENCES for Linux Auto SSL...? My VPS server is CentOS 7.9 - cPanel/WHM - LAMP
  3. R

    SOLVED 1 service generated warnings while checking SSL certificates (checkallsslcerts)

    Hello, in the last days i received 4 emails with this subject and last night cPanel attempted to renew the hostname cert of my VPS with failure Taking a look at the error "We were unable to process your request. Please try again later." i'm not 100% sure but i suppose that it could be...
  4. J

    auto SSL one of my subdomains but getting an error

    Hello, trying to auto SSL one of my subdomains but getting an error - What can cause this error 4:28:04 AM SUCCESS TLS Status: OK Certificate expiry: 3/2/22, 9:26 AM UTC (55.29 days from now) 4:28:04 AM Analyzing “” (website) … 4:28:04 AM ERROR TLS Status: Defective...
  5. N

    Unable to install SSL for autodiscover with Let's Encrypt

    Hello, I am receiving email from my server every day regarding inability to install SSL for autodiscover for all of my domains (150 domains on server). I have posted error for one of accounts, but all of them get the same error. This is the error log: AutoSSL would normally...
  6. C

    Connecting to WHM Securely and Conveniently

    Good day, There are many different addresses that can be used to connect to WHM. One address is This gets me securely (that is, using SSL) to WHM. The disadvantage, at least in Firefox, is with auto-filling the name and password: Firefox displays 11 possibilities for...
  7. F

    AutoSSL SSL Certificate covers domain, but not www.

    Hi, I've noticed suddenly the AutoSSL SSL certificate covers a domain, but not a 'www.' sub-domain any more. The domain: The www. sub-domain: The browser still says it's ok, so far but... what happened? CPanel says it's installed, but the www. sub-domain isn't installed, that I can see...
  8. M

    [Urgent] SSL will expire but WHM not renewed him

    Hi, I have a very serious problem, WHM/cPanel send me notifications about SSL expiration but not renew him automatically. Will expire tomorrow but WHM not renewed him. This is the information that I receive in my email: The SSL certificate for “exim” on "" will expire in...
  9. D

    ssl not work

    My website does not work with SSL. I've already clicked on autossl but the page is still http.
  10. V

    cPanel courses SSL exipred

    Good evening, I tried accessing the cPanel courses but when chrome tries to load the main page appears de Connection is not private, and can't access to cPanel courses: Edit: With Firefox or Edge I can access the content through advanced setting, but chrome won't allow it stating that...
  11. T

    Force autoSSL for service SSL

    Every day I get 9 emails telling me the service SSL will expire in less than 30 days.. I googled up and down and can't seem to find out how to force WHM to run autoSSL on the service SSL cert. I really don't want to get 9 emails a day for the next 29 days. The server domain is a subdomain of...
  12. S

    Sectigo issues partial SSL certificate (only some of the hosts for the subdomain)

    I have AutoSSL enabled and for years it has worked properly. No recent changes to configuration on my end. Yesterday a new account was created with a subdomain of our primary domain (all new accounts start as subdomains of our domain on our hosting platform). Sectigo/cPanel did the AutoSSL...
  13. R

    Failed update of services SSL certificates.

    Hi! I manage a VPS. CentOS v7.9.2009, cPanel v100.0.5 Lately I receive error warnings after update retry of SSL Certificates of Exim, Dovecot and WHM. I have 15 more days to solve the problem, or else I assume mail accounts will stop working. There is no file to check line...
  14. E

    SSL gone "self-signed" on main WHM installation breaking email clients

    The scenario a WHM host with many cPanel domains is called: Many of the actual clients are not using `` as their email server, but rather the main hostname, `` I know, this is not how it's done but it's been like that for years and...
  15. V

    Hostname ssl certificate not loading

    Hello Recently cpanel is not giving certificate for hostname why is that? Our hostname is valid and the ip address is resolving, there is no firewall blocking, but the certificate is not issued. It commad output like this. [[email protected]]# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts --verbose The...
  16. A

    In Progress [COBRA-13602] service ssl are not renewing

    my service ssls are not renewing its shows the error like this The system failed to acquire a signed certificate from the cPanel Store because of the following error: (XID 4jg4yw) The cPanel Store returned an error (X::InvalidInput) in response to the request “GET...
  17. Q

    SOLVED [CPANEL-39321] Service SSL Certificates expire in 11 days, but not auto renewing

    I'm receiving daily emails saying that the cPanel service certificates are due to expire on the 11/28/21: 'You need to install a new certificate as soon as possible. You can do this with WHM’s “Manage Service SSL Certificates” interface at
  18. sajithgsm

    SSL is not issuing

    Hi from today morning, SSL is not issuing by AutoSSL, and the inprogess is still over 3-4 hours. The Log is: 11:47:01 AM The queue contains a request for a certificate for “twelvegi”’s website “” (order item ID “1329620411”). The system last polled for this certificate...
  19. R

    Create an AutoSSL Certificate for just the domains not covered by the Standard SSL I just bought

    Hello, recently I upgraded the SSL certificate on one of my domains (let's call it to a Standard SSL. However, this domain only covers and Basically these domains are not covered by the Standard SSL and there may be more: cpanel. cpcalendars. cpcontactacts...
  20. H

    Let's Encrypt - Certificate not working

    Hi. i am using Let's Encrypt for my server and for some reason some clients are complaining about non working tls sertificate and https not working on my site. Any ideas on how to dig further where to find the problem? Chrome on android said (acording to the customer) ...