1. MarkDalton

    SOLVED cPanel Store Error

    When selecting PRODUCTS within the Market Provider Manager I get the following error; API failure: (XID gvtnq6) 1 error occurred: Error #1: The cPanel Store returned an error (X::ItemNotFound) in response to the request “GET products/cpanel/2?version=11.60.0”: No Products Found
  2. M

    Cpanel SSL certificates get The system failed to fetch the DCV (Domain Control Validation)

    I have WHM 60 (updated from last night build 19) I have enabled Cpanel SSL market place and with an account that I own I could start the buying process a few days ago, but now I can´t either. She gets this error: Resolution Failed “The system failed to fetch the DCV (Domain Control...
  3. PCZero

    Feedback on WHM60.x

    I have to day first off that I am impressed. I VERY much like the icon based interface over the big rectangles that 58.x had. I do wish the text was below each icon rather than to the right of them. It would make the UI flow a LOT easier. As I click through the icons to get to a specific...
  4. StevenM.

    cPanel Store (SSL's) Monthly or Yearly?

    Hey everyone, Curious if the Market Provider Manager are Monthly or Yearly purchases for the SSL's. Just shows USD but nothing of verification as to when they need to be renewed by the customers. Thank you!
  5. StevenM.

    cPanel Marketing Products - API Failure in WHM

    Hey everyone, This morning we tried to set the cpanel SSL marketing products up through WHM, and received this error below.
  6. J

    AutoSSL in V. 58

    We have just begun testing v.58 and I would like to verify with the community a quick detail regarding AutoSSL functionality. After activating the Cpanel AutoSSL provider, the system appears to have fetched free certificates for the handful of domains hosted on that machine. So... is this...
  7. W

    cPanel Market not showing in control panel

    Hi there, What else need to be done to show the market in customers cpanel? - It's enabled in the features list. - the market is configured. - reset the user interface to default. - run upcp. Any more ideas? How can we sell it if it's not in customers panel?
  8. W

    cPanel Store - cPanel DV SSL Certificate - approval process

    Hi, I was wondering if each purchased certificate through the cPanel Store is approved manually. And between what hours we can expect this to be done. I think that I would edit some language files to include this information as I sold a couple last Saturday. But as of now they are still pending...
  9. M

    Buy SSL certificate for hostname

    Today i bought new certificate using "Market provider manager" for a client and everything ok. Then i tried to buy a new one for my hostname, but i cant because it isnt a subdomain from mais domain and i cant create as subdomain. Have some trick to do this? Thanks