1. S

    Statistics issue in cpanel for all users

    Hi, I am facing issues with statistics update for all cpanel users. I tried running /scripts/runstatsonce, and could find the below given processes @ server: ------------ [[email protected] domlogs]# ps aux | grep logs root 18970 0.0 0.0 23992 2560 pts/2 SN 09:41 0:00 cpanellogd -...
  2. LeadDogGraphics

    Server Wide Statistics

    I have searched all over but could not find results for getting server wide statistics. If I wanted to know how many requests are being served an hour or per day, where would I find that out? I wish to know overall web server statistics, not per domain. I currently use Apache and Varnish...
  3. A

    Export statistics to PDF awstats

    Hello! I need help to obtain or export to pdf awstats statistics how I can do? :)
  4. H

    Webalizer Usage Statistics stopped working

    Hello cP, I haven't look at my stats in a while, today I found out they haven't worked since Jan 9. We had a server crash due to a bad hdd back in Jan, so when the server was fixed this must have done something to the stats program... I searched and found some threads recommending I run...
  5. A

    Statistics software language

    Hello. I want to change awstats, webalizer and analog language to english, regardless of users language settings. I changed values in WHM -> Application Locale Configuration to english/en for all locales, but seems that settings has no effect to webstats language. How i can change...
  6. A

    log rotation with statistics software disabled

    Hi. Some our customers disabled all statistics software on their accounts. I see than their domain logs is not rotated over 2 months. When is cPanel rotate domain logs with statistics software disabled?
  7. T

    Statistics From CPanel?

    Where in cpanel can you locate web visitor statistics? I thought I read where the hosting site can collect visitor data for your sites. If this is true, where do you find this information in cpanel?
  8. cpanelinfoseeker

    Statistics Software Configuration not displaying ALL users

    Does anyone have a solution for the ALL users not displaying in Statistics Software Configuration? It once worked, but somewhere around 11.25.0 R4347? is stopped working. It will display any of the individual users, but not ALL of the users anymore. I updated today to R44675 and then...
  9. Z

    Statistics Not Updating at all

    I am not sure if my statistic software is running properly or at all. Under "Statistics Software Configuration" I have it set to only use Awstats. If you click under "See Specific User's Statistics Summary" it shows the following which leads me to believe it isn't updating: stats Last...
  10. M

    WHM/Cpanel Statistics not working

    Hello, first of all I wish you all good things in new 2010 year! Secondly I apologise if this is a wrong sub/forum or if my issue is all ready discussed somewhere else on this forum. I have a dedicated server and licenced WHM/Cpanel on it: cPanel 11.25.0-R42399 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9 CENTOS...
  11. G

    web statistics not updating

    I have statistics set to run hourly (my server has very small load) and the threshold set for a load of 3, but my stats still are not updating for awstats. When I force a manual run from whm, they update. Any ideas?
  12. B

    Statistics Langauge Configuration defaulting to catalan

    To .... if someone reads this: We upgraded several servers to latest "current" ...40255. All servers show "Catalan" for all language files when going to WHM -> Languages -> Statistics Language Config Does not matter if it is for English, German, French ... all settings point...
  13. gertiebeth

    Server Wide Statistics in WHM?

    Hello. I was wondering of one of the statistics programs currently offered with cpanel (Analog, Awstats, Webalizer) allows for a server wide view of all accounts. I'd like to know page views and traffic for ALL user accounts. Is this possible? And if so, where do I look at the reports? If it...
  14. S

    Statistics generation question

    Can someone provide a general overview of the stats generation process? I am setting up cron to avoid having overnight operations overlap. This is quite easy for backups and cpupd, but I'm not sure how the statistics generation process is timed, other than in the Main >> Server Configuration...
  15. D

    Site Statistics

    I have webalizer enabled and can view them from within the cpanel, does anyone know how to enable webalizer or configure the settings to sow the stat pages on the website instead of just in the cpanel? any help would be great, thanks
  16. B

    Bandwidth statistics problem?

    Bandwidth statistics problem? I am using cPanel 11.18.6-RELEASE 24739, that is present on Lunarpages servers. It was strange today, when I looked at the bandwidth statistics, and I saw that it show different ones. For example I have 3 websites, and that circle should be filled with 3...
  17. D

    Statistics Software Configuration

    Is there a way to stop statistics generation for a particular site.
  18. B


    I am having trouble believing that the stats that I am getting could possibly be correct. When this page was hosted on my ISP it received an average of about 10 visits a week. Since moving it to in late December this has gone up to almost 10,000 a month. It also showing over three...
  19. B


    I am having trouble understanding the significance of one of the statistics in my reports. I don't understand why they showing so many failed requests. 3,295 so far for February. They also show 8,987 succesful requests which is up from about 20 per month on my previous host. I am having trouble...
  20. M

    IO Statistics Load

    I just checked my IO statistics and found that I have a large number of blocks bieng written to my two hard drives on my server. I'm suspecting this is the reason for also increased load on my server. Now I'm thinking either 1) A site on my server is generating this amount of usage or...