1. B


    I am having trouble believing that the stats that I am getting could possibly be correct. When this page was hosted on my ISP it received an average of about 10 visits a week. Since moving it to in late December this has gone up to almost 10,000 a month. It also showing over three...
  2. B


    I am having trouble understanding the significance of one of the statistics in my reports. I don't understand why they showing so many failed requests. 3,295 so far for February. They also show 8,987 succesful requests which is up from about 20 per month on my previous host. I am having trouble...
  3. M

    IO Statistics Load

    I just checked my IO statistics and found that I have a large number of blocks bieng written to my two hard drives on my server. I'm suspecting this is the reason for also increased load on my server. Now I'm thinking either 1) A site on my server is generating this amount of usage or...
  4. J

    how can i run bandwidth statistics for certain account manually ?

    hi, i know the server will run the bandwidth statistics for all the account one by one, but a user hope i can give him what he used now, what command i can used to run bandwidth statistics for certain account manually instead of by corn ? thanks a lot. :)
  5. F

    How to remove Plugins/Configure Statistics Software link?

    In the X theme still appears the "Configure Statistics Software" under "Plugins" section. Our resellers can see trough this link all accounts. I have updated our WHM to 11.2.0 but the problem does not disapear. I think that is an old bug of StatSelect plugin (I intalled it some time ago)...
  6. B

    Statistics Processing Times problem

    WHM 11.2.0 cPanel 11.11.0-R16983 CENTOS Enterprise 4.5 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 I have checked a few weeks ago not to perform stats running between 15:00 and 18:00 pm. Yesterday I upraded cpanel and also rebooted the server. But I just see that now is 16:50 and is a stat running at top cap07...
  7. dev.null

    server complains about keeping up with the statistics processing schedule

    Roughly 10 days ago the server was force-shutdown and that seems to have stopped the ability for it to realize it's stats are out of whack. (I just heard someone say "oh yeah, I know what that is" - thanks!) WHM -> Statistics Software Configuration: It ends up saying each user is over 10...
  8. K

    Statistics config

    We want to have 1) statistics off as default 2) only awstats available for the user to choose 3) allow the user to choose to use stats or not So I set the following in Statistics Software Configuration: * Generator Permissions only awstats checked * Default Generator, non checked...
  9. H

    parked domain statistics

    I see from (from a couple of years ago) that there was mention of support for parked domain statistics coming up. Is there now support for parked domain statistics in CPanel? What version is required for that? How is it turned on? Thanks...
  10. R

    aditional user for statistics

    How I can create aditional user that can see domain statistics ? Thanks in advanced and regards from Spain Roberto
  11. C

    Statistics Software

    Hi, I am new to cPanel. I would like to know how to instal either webalizer, analog or awstats in cpanel, at present the 'Statistics Software Configuration' section has a red circle with an x for each of the prementioned programs. Should mention here that I bought a fairly simple website...
  12. K

    Minor Bug? - Capitalized Domains and Missing Web Statistics

    This applies to cPanel 10.9.0-R79 and lower. I'm not sure if this applies to current/edge versions. Today I had to fix an issue where web statistics weren't generating for a domain. I found that when someone had changed the primary domain for an account through WebHostManager, they just...
  13. H

    General Statistics Question

    Good afternoon All, I have a generic question about stats: Inside WHM, where it says: Default GeneratorRun the following generators by default. (Until modified by the user) Does that mean stats are actually processed by ALL 3 programs effectively causing all the stats to be run 3...
  14. M

    Statistics Software Configuration

    We are still getting this email message. See below. The Statistics Software Configuration is not keeping up at setting 24 hours. I changed to 48 hours and it did ok for 1 day. Now it can not kept up again. It says: The server is having trouble keeping up with your statistics processing...
  15. H

    How to rebuild the site statistics ?

    Hello, I noticed that my site's stats (awstats, webalyser, etc.) show "0" for the last 3 months. How can I rebuild the stats either from Cpanel or WHM ? Thanks !
  16. J

    What updates Statistics Software Configuration

    I've found that the information used to calculate the stats run times (as displayed in WHM under "Statistics Software Configuration") don't appear to be accurate. Stats seem to be run without a hitch, the log doesn't indicate any problems with the run, however when I review the domains that are...
  17. Rooter

    Statistics update "cycle" custom values are reset to default upon Tweak Settings save

    I posted a bug report for this issue earlier last month, but I hope that by creating a thread for it more attention will be drawn to the matter. (I searched thoroughly on the forums and could not find the same nor a similar issue.) Every time the Tweak Settings page is Saved it resets the...
  18. D

    Webalizer not showing August statistics

    One client pointed that he can not see August statistics for his site. I went to his cPanel and I see webalizer is showing 12 months statistics and now with July it is 12 months. I went to some other accounts and all are having the same problem, all accounts which are on server longer than 12...
  19. X

    Statistics log files

    Hey guys, Just wondering where I can find (the paths) the log files on my server for the cPanel statistics software (analog, webalizer, awststs). I would like to possibly clear some of these out, as the more popular sites are causing load issues with it. Thanks, Kyle
  20. X

    Statistics script stuck - causing high load

    Hey guys, My usual load is around 0.2 . However, this morning I noticed an unusual average of about 1.45. So, I logged into SSH and ran "top -c" to see what the problem was. I notice that I have a user that is constantly showing up with th following command: I am told this is the...