1. johnburk

    Server usage statistics for a WHM/cPanel system

    Is there a server usage statistics software that shows the follwing? - Average CPU usage per week, month and year - Average Memory usage in % per week, month and year - Average Memory usage in total MB per week, month and year - Average Harddisk usage in % per week, month and year -...
  2. F

    Cpanel Visitor Statistics

    Are there any major upgrades planned for any of the stats packages? It would be great if they could somehow match the quality of say statcounter for example.
  3. P

    Web / Ftp Statistics - Error log

    hello, getting the following error log messages from my cpanel: [client ...] File does not exist: /home/domain/public_html/404.shtml [client ...] File does not exist: /home/domain/public_html/robots.txt [client ...] File does not exist: /home/domain/public_html/favicon.ico are these...
  4. G

    Statistics reporting

    Please bear with me for I am new to the server thing and my question might be vague. I have a dedicated server that serves just one site for now. I am always interested in reading my stats. The problem is that stats in the server only report every 10 days or so. Is there a way to set this so I...
  5. C

    simple question - Statistics

    Hi, I added the statistics Awstats Reverse Dns Resolution more I did not notice no difference in my statisticians, I have some place that I can see? Which the advantages of it! Tranks!
  6. D

    CPU statistics per user

    Hi, Is there a tool similar to package sysstat which can report me CPU usage statistics and processes spawned but not only for the entire system but per user too? I have a high load on the server and php is installed as CGi so if there is such tool it would be very easy to find which the...
  7. E

    Statistics Software Configuration

    Hi, I have disabled "statistics" from "Tweak Settings" because my server was hanged twice in a week. But it is showing here "Statistics Software Configuration" :Statistics Status Summary: Generator Allowed Enabled By Default webalizer Red Alert awstats Red Alert analog Red...
  8. M

    BW Reports and Statistics Software not work

    hi 12 dayes our server statistic softwares sleeps! and bw reporter too! all domain bw usage shown 0mb any body know whats the problem?!
  9. A

    Webalizer Statistics Problem and /scripts/runweblogs

    Hello, one of my domains is not getting its statistics for this month, January 2006. I've searched all over the forum and tried all the suggestions: Upgrading to perl 5.8.7 Upgrade to latest cPanel /scripts/cleanbw , /scripts/runlogsnow /scripts/runweblogs example (where example is the...
  10. A

    Statistics freezed (domlogs not full)

    Hello, AWStats stoped working 5 days ago. Domlogs are not full. I tried emptying them, but that didn't help. When i run scripts/runweblogs, it runs but the logs for that domain do not get updated. Any ideas? Thanks, Al.
  11. R

    Statistics not working

    Web-ftp stats's programs are not working. They don't shows any stats, but earlier it worked fine And after i'm going to awstats and press "Update now" button statts is refreshing for this day.
  12. L

    Statistics problem

    For one of accounts on my server there is no webalizer and awstats statistics, it stopped about one month ago, on other accounts on the same server statistics works fine.
  13. C

    Statistics Problem (Doesnt look too bad, simple fix?)

    Hey People, Ive recently had problems with statistics and havent had a clue what was wrong. Peoples stats have suddenly stopped working and I couldnt understand why. Ive been looking for help as someone wanted the problem fixed with their account, whilst browsing these forums for help and...
  14. J

    Allow users to change their web statistics. But how???

    In WHM I have these items selected in Statistics Software Configuration: Allow users to change their web statistics generating software. Allow the following statistics generating programs to run. Webalizer AwStats Urchin Allow all users to change their web statistics generating...
  15. J

    10.8.0 S15: Allows users to change their web statistics program

    I have Awstats and Analog enabled under the option; Statistics Software Configuration We have also enabled the following; Allow users to change their web statistics generating software. and Allow all users to change their web statistics generating software When we log into a users...
  16. J

    two pop icons showing in statistics??

    With the latest update i now have tow pop icons showing in Service Manager and Server Status. pop POP3 Server pop3 Which is it supposed to be and why two?
  17. J

    URrrggh! The Statistics Software Configuration icon is back!

    With the upgrade last night to 10.8.0. S15 the Statistics Software Configuration is back on our users menus. Im not sure what this is supposed to be used for but when we were running Edge we saw this icon on our users screens and people were very confused. Nobody on our servers knows what...
  18. N

    Extended webalizer statistics

    I have a dedicated server and I am hosting some high traffic sites. So web statistics are very crucial for me. Is it possible for me seeing more URL from his webalizer stats? Currently it only shows Top 30 of xxx Total URLs
  19. Nahoo

    Meaningful custom statistics with Webalizer

    After alot of irritation with the way the Weblizer statistics are hidden by inappropriate configurations, I have Webalizer working separated from cPanel. If you need custom Webalizer statistics for a major website, here are the steps you need to take to get delicious stats... 1. Install...
  20. S

    Enabling Multiple Statistics Programs

    I'm wondering if most users enable more than one statistic program for their customers or do you feel more than one puts alot of extra strain on the server? Thanks