1. J

    have stunnel logging remote ip's?

    Cpanel doesn't log remote ip addresses of people who log in securely (2083/2096) due to the use of stunnel. The ip's show up as Is there a way have to stunnel log these ip's or perhaps some other way to solve this?
  2. H

    stunnel keeps crashing, disabling WHM. Please help

    Hi, I have a FreeBSD based cpanel server. Every 12-48 hours or so, stunnel keeps crashing and I see the following in the log: pid 419 (stunnel-4.04loca), uid 1003: exited on signal 6 Nov 21 19:51:41 murdoc /kernel: pid 419 (stunnel-4.04loca), uid 1003: exited on signal 6 (uid1003 is...
  3. P

    Installing multiple cPanel/IMAP-S (stunnel) certificates

    Has anybody had any experience installing multiple SSL certificates for stunnel? This would allow users to connect to cPanel, Webmail, and IMAP-S via their own domain name/IP address. According to the stunnel documentation, you can place multiple certificates in the .pem file, but this does...
  4. casey

    Update stunnel via up2date?

    Cpanel has its own stunnel package, correct? I just got an e-mail from RedHat saying I need to upgrade stunnel. Will it do damage to cpanel if I upgrade it through up2date? Support Ticket Number:
  5. S

    why use stunnel?

    there are alot of other methods that allow the same setup. but they actually allow certain environmental variables through; such as REMOST_HOST and REMOST_ADDR. just curious... (it does make the "last login" kind of worthless on SSL...) Support Ticket Number:
  6. P

    adding a tunnel to stunnel setup

    Hi, I'd like to secure my client's chilisoft asp admin setup, I've tried adding lines to the following /etc/services -- defined my new service as ssl console for asp /usr/local/cpanel/startstunnel -- added a command to add my new tunnel destination=5100 source=5109 How do I enable...