1. M

    switching from suphp to mod_ruid

    I am always paranoid to make any serious changes that I don't totally understand on my server, so when I got a security advisory saying that: I wanted to know if there is anything I might break if I disable suphp and switch over to ruid? I have about two dozen sites running on the server, all...
  2. C

    Php-fpm & cgi vs suPHP

    Hi, We have a new bare metal server we are using shared hosting and I wanted to make sure we are using the correct configuration for speed vs security. I am slightly confused of what php-fpm is, in relation to cgi and suPHP. php-fpm is installed and enabled, but then there is an option for...
  3. Un Area

    mod_suphp question

    I was running a server with PHP CGI and I setup mod_suphp with EasyApache, then i set the suphp handler at the PHP Manager. Ok, seems that is working cause I see info at /etc/apache2/logs/suphp_log, there was only one site with a warn message that a folder was writable. I set the permissions to...
  4. I

    How to configure SuPHP to use only the MultiPHP INI file, not user inis, and open_basedir?

    Hi cPanel team, I wrote out some steps in the past on how to configure SuPHP to use only the MultiPHP INI file and to set the open_basedir for users on the system. However, I noticed that phpinfo() doesn't seem to mention the php ini in /usr/local/lib which I'm apparently "forcing the handler...
  5. V

    403 forbidden error

    I've a similar problem when I try to access a site. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.html on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. I've put 755 to public_html and to index.php but...
  6. M

    suPHP and custom php.ini problem

    Hi, I have problems with suPHP and custom php.ini I did everything described here: SOLVED - EA4 php.ini/local.ini behavior but still cant use custom php.ini /usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuild_phpconf --current DEFAULT PHP: ea-php56 ea-php56 SAPI: suphp Please help!
  7. D

    mod_ruid2 and mod_suphp help

    I'm having some difficulty with these two modules. Firstly, I have to admit I am not an expert on server admin. I'm learning, but I have a long way to go, so please excuse me if any of the terms I use are incorrect. Our server (hosting only about 15 websites at present) has been running...
  8. S

    SOLVED suPHP + Custom php.ini in EA4

    Hi all. Can someone help me understand the *expected* differences between a legacy EasyApahce3/suPHP/PHP Selector environment vs a EasyApache4/suPHP/MultiPHP environment? Specifically, customers could previously set custom PHP values via PHP Selector OR create a php.ini file containing only...
  9. postcd

    SOLVED suPHP disable_functions

    So is there any solution to this please? disabling or enabling php function for some user or path so it override php global setting of disable_functions ? (SuPHP) Thank You
  10. A

    SuPHP good practices

    Hello, I have SuPHP activated and it works fine but I have a problem. If I place in the .htaccess file "suPHP_ConfigPath" I lost all php extensions loaded by default. Is there any way to load some php extensions by default without placing it in the user's home php.ini? Regards
  11. I

    SOLVED How to use SuPHP Custom INI files

    Hi cPanel and all, I've read a bunch of threads on this and I've done my best reading through the cPanel Documentation but I'm afraid I'm not sure of the correct approach, so i'm chasing clarification please. If not DSO, open_basedir tweak is no use, right? Well, since I want to enforce that...
  12. B

    apache writing files as nobody.nobody

    Just set up a new server and migrated sites across, but apache doesn't appear to be taking on user.user permissions, and simply using nobody.nobody As an example, a joomla configuration.php with user.user rw------ permisions fails to open until I make group and other permissions to read and...
  13. D

    Could not connect to MySQL with suPHP

    Hello, I have the same issue too. I've tested a lot of things and finally founded out it's related to suphp handler. When I use cgi, I haven't any mysql connection error but once I change handler to suphp, many websites specially they're include Joomla are faced mysql connection errors are as...
  14. H

    EA4 and securing PHP processes

    Hi, Under EA3 we used to have PHP running as mod_ruid or SUPHP. Now that we've switched to EA4, we don't see mod_ruid anymore. Would running the CGI PHP be sufficient enough to prevent PHP scripts from escalating their privileges or do you have other recommendation for securing PHP/Apache...
  15. W

    suphp breaking WP sites

    Hello I need help with some permissions problem. I have several WP sites working normally on ea4-5.6 Cloudlinux and suPHP I have a couple of older sites that were transferred from another server and they require php5.5 and they work fine on this, except for when I need to install WP updates...
  16. jonh

    Top shows "nobody" for http processes, using suphp

    I thought using suphp would make the php processes run as the user account and not nobody? Top shows "nobody" for http processes, using suphp. Maybe suphp doesn't change who http process run as, separate thing. What do I need to do so http processes run as the user and not nobody?
  17. C

    wordpress no open w/ suphp

    I use EA4 compiles w/ All PHP Options + OpCache and sites w/ wordpress no open w/ handler suphp when I chose handler cgi it is fine. how decide it usind susphp?
  18. R

    Suphp to DSO Permissions

    Hi Everyone, I have moved from Suphp to DSO php handler and allot of sites are throwing up permission issues, what server wide command do i need to execute fix the permission issues please? Thanks Rockforduk
  19. D

    Symlink Vs suPHP on multiple cpanel acconts

    Hi, I'm trying to migrate for a new dedicated server and I've encountered a few setbacks with suPHP as I did not have it before, but I would like to try and keep suPHP enabled since not all accounts in my server belongs to myself and it offers an extra security to my customers. On the other...
  20. W

    Mod_Rewrite and SuPHP

    I am trouble shooting a problem with my site. My affiliate links are processed through a mod_rewrite. The rule runs a php script which then forwards the visitor to the desired URL. After migrating to a shared VPS with Godaddy it no longer works. The link URL just shows in the browser address...