1. M

    DSO and suPHP for php5?

    I have a particular app that I want to make available to all my clients on all my servers, but it doesnt work well with php running in cgi modes and all my servers run either suphp or fastcgi for php5. Users wont need access to the actual files and its going to just be a single install on each...
  2. I

    Setup a per-user php.ini to allow open_basedir with suPhp

    hi, i read an topic on directadmin Setup a per-user php.ini to allow open_basedir with suPhp i want Cpanel support make this on Cpanel server. Thanks cpanel very much
  3. K

    suPHP to mod_ruid2 migration - any considerations?

    Hello Everyone, Can I expect some problems if I decide to migrate my server from suPHP to mod_php + mod_ruid2, some differences maybe? Permissions problems or anything else? Maybe someone already tried it? There is many Joomla, forum, blog sites on the server - will it be safe to just...
  4. S

    Trying to define custom php.ini for nobody under suPHP

    We have tied down php.ini via a .conf file in /usr/local/apache/conf/userdata/ I want to (due to a plugin for WHMCS) define a custom php.ini for the default virtual host entries in httpd.conf - specifically this section: <VirtualHost> ServerName
  5. C

    Switching from suphp to fcgi gives internal error

    When switching from suphp to fcgi and then trying to excute .php - it gives internal error - is there a best practice way to trouble shoot this?
  6. E

    Best Opcode Caches with suPHP & suexec

    Hello, I want to get the most effective opcode caching when running in suPHP & suexec mode.Can you please someone suggest best which does support in suPHP & suexec environment ?
  7. H

    ioncube wonot working with suphp handler

    hi when i switch the apache handler from dso to suphp via whm i get Site error: the file /home/removedforsecurityreasons/public_html/includes/hookfunctions.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator. look like ioncube not installed...
  8. R

    Read php script in reseller account with suPHP

    For some years, I developed a php script that is now a Platform for Web Management. The script is located in main account "/home/reseller/wwww" and the customers (from other accounts) can read this script under web. At this moment the server has fastcgi and some configuration of virtualhost. The...
  9. speckados

    SuPHP... Strange behavior. owner root

    We need a little code for use java & jodconverter On php file create it's owned by root:root <?php // imprime el nombre de usuario que tiene control del proceso php/httpd activo...
  10. M

    Tips for migrating server/clients from suphp to fastcgi?

    I am planning on using cloudlinux with a few of my new servers and with its overhead, id really like to minimize resource waste and optimize things as much as possible. FastCGI seems to be a bit faster than suphp and from what Ive been reading, people seem to prefer it. Besides it being a...
  11. F

    Why use SuPHP and not PhpSuexEc ???

    Hello All, I am a bit confused here, Although i think both ( suphp and phpsuexec ) mean the same, Why does cpanel no longer natively supports phpSuExec ? What is the difference between both ? any suggestions ? Thank you,
  12. C

    suphp on vps giving 500 Error

    Hello: Im having a slight issue with the php handler. I have a VPS that I would like to use suphp for my php 5 handler. Last night I installed imagemagick and Imagick on the VPS. I cant remember if I had suphp set before I installed IM or not.... No php files will work with the handler...
  13. T

    changing php handler from suPHP to FCGi gives permission problem

    Hi All, I am trying to change my php handler from suphp to FCGI which is fine and changes and websites run, however now I am experiencing permission errors. In wordpress media manager when you try to upload an error using the flash uploader you get a http error, and the browser uploader...
  14. L

    suPHP php.ini question

    Hi all! I have installed CP 11.30 build 32. Every work well untill now. I'm testing for the server securities and i find some problem with php I choose to install PHP 5 as suPHP, i set some important php configuration in the master config (/usr/local/lib/php.ini) such as: safe_mode= ON...
  15. D

    Securing a new cPanel server, suExec, suPHP etc

    I am a brand new web master and just got an unmanaged VPS with cPanel, so I've been struggling to get it secured to ensure the least chance of a compromise. My server is only for me although I'll be hosting multiple sites on it under different users. After a lot of reading around here's my...
  16. W

    suPHP and Symbolic links on a reseller account

    I am looking to change my server so that it uses suPHP instead of DSO. One reason is for security but I am also noticing a number of software packages requiring the security model implemented by suPHP. Anyway, my issue is this...I have a reseller who has created a shared code base for an...
  17. S

    How to run php_ajax in suphp ?

    Hello! I have an simple example about php_ajax , it runs ok with dso hander but it cannot run on server with suphp handler ( WHM Main >> Service Configuration >> Configure PHP and SuExec ,and change from dso -> suphp) now i want to ajax applications runing in suphp's environment , so it...
  18. R

    suphp & php.ini & open_basedir

    What setting do I use? This is a shared hosting server for clients.
  19. N

    suphp to dso : what should I watch out for?

    I am moving my php handler from suphp to dso so I can use APC. I run mostly Drupal sites and only for myself. Are there any pitfalls I should be wary of?
  20. M

    setup PHPSuExec or suPHP

    setup PHPSuExec or suPHP pls help me steps to set setup PHPSuExec or suPHP on cpanel