1. M

    Error 504 after changing SuPHP to FCGI

    Since I had CPU usage problem, I tried to change PHP handler from SuPHP to FCGI, I used EasyApache from WHM panel and after the compiling process has been complete the website wont open and I get this problem: Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your...
  2. S

    suphp error 500 only on hostname

    Hi, I'm getting '500Internal Server Error' when I go to: But no errors when I go to: I checked that domain is pointing to the same server. Any ideas?
  3. S

    SuPHP for 1 user only

    Hello all :-) Last few days i've been cracking my head about how to enable SuPHP for 1 user only. I've included suphp module in easyapache, however I haven't enabled it as php5 handler since alot of sites on my server generate "Internal server error" after enabiling it system-wide. Is...
  4. L

    Suphp setup issue

    I'm not very experienced at server administration but seem be able to work my way though most things but I'm completely unable to get Suphp to work. I'm changing it from DSO. When I turn it on when going to any php address either shows the php code in the browser or tries to download it...
  5. C

    suphp for just one account?

    Is it possible to enable suphp for just one cpanel account and have all the other accounts with it off?
  6. konrath

    GD2 not working after Switch to suPHP

    Hello The GD2 not working after Switch to suPHP Any suggestion ? The Apache is compiled with GD Thank you Konrath
  7. S

    Drupal Clean URL + SuPHP

    Hi All, I have developed a website using drupal 6 and it is working fine and as expected. I also used the Clean Url facility there. and it also worked well. But when transferred the site to our dedicated server the clean url stop working. The server people says that the mod_rewrite is enabled...
  8. konrath

    Catastrophic problem after switching to suPHP

    Hello After switching to suPHP many sites do not work correctly. Many files are 99:99 (nobody owns) All research I have done here in the forum to change ownership of files and folders are countered from administrators CPANEL stating that it is not safe. How can I solve this problem in mass...
  9. H

    Switching to suPHP

    I'm wanting to switch to SuPHP due to FCGI - uses up all our RAM (We have 768 MB's) dso - causes random spikes in RAM usage cgi - Rather not use it None - Rather not use it Our host switched us from suphp to FCGI, Which caused it to eat up our RAM, Then they switched us to dso which we...
  10. M

    Setting shared SSL when using suPHP cause 500 Internal Server Error

    I'm trying to install self signed shared SSL on a subdomain, after following the guides here: the SSL seems to be installed correctly. i got a warning from Firefox that the SSL certificate is self signed. however after confirming that i still want...
  11. M

    PHP 500 Error without suPHP

    Hello all, I have reinstall my server after old HD failed. After cpanel reinstallation and apache configuration without suPHP, then I restored old full backup user's data. All html file served very well, but failed while open .php files. I checked log, I got error 500 (without error...
  12. D

    SuPHP Question - making .html files behave as .php files

    I recently added SuPHP to my server and a lot of my old html pages I had set to act as php are no longer working because of the no php in .htaccess bit. I've been looking all over for a solution to this. Is there something I can replace the htaccess line I had with something in php.ini? My...
  13. D

    Fixing Old 777 Reliant Scripts to Work With suphp

    I'm looking for articles, threads or advice on making old scripts once reliant on 777 permissions be able to run with suphp. Backstory --------- Today I found my wordpress blog was unable to install plugins automatically, a common permissions problem with user 'nobody' apparently. As I...
  14. D

    Mod_php to SuPHP migration - A big deal ?

    Hi, I am thinking about going from mod_php to suPHP. My questions: - Has anyone here ever done this before on a Cpanel server and was it a big deal ? Did it break a lot of scripts ? - Some files will be owned by user nobody. Will Cpanel automatically chown them to the user if I go to...
  15. C

    How do I enable suPHP? <---n00bie

    I am brand new at running my own dedicated server. I got my start from reseller accounts and recently purchased a dedicated server. Now I have alot of new options, and alot of new headaches. One thing I see alot of, in my logs, is the nobody user. I keep seeing people mention using suPHP...
  16. S

    suPHP for all users except one?

    I am running php5 with suphp as the php handler. This is working well however I need to allow one user to handle php using DSO. Is it possible to configure just one user to do this?
  17. S

    Help with writing and reading files in other accounts on server with suPHP

    Hello, In WHM I have created a reseller account with an skeleton directory that is applied to all accounts created by the reseller. The skeleton directory contains a directory called "videos" (public_html/videos/). My server runs PHP5 with suPHP. The reseller account includes a domain which...
  18. T

    suPHP and permission problems

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can bestow some of your knowledge on me. I have recently enabled suPHP using easyapache. Everything went well and it built and started with no problems. PHP was being executed under the proper user names. I came across a problem where PHP was not applying the nobody...
  19. A

    Strange case failing suPHP

    Hi, i've setup a brand new server, running cPanel 11.25.0-C42399, and was having Out of memory errors in all wordpress. As wordpress is my main tool, I lost two days of my life trying to fix this. It finally resolved turning off suPHP, all blogs worked as usual. It's a strange case, I finally...
  20. A

    Suphp to Fast cgi how to?

    Hello How can i go from suphp to fast cgi? Thank you