1. C

    cPanel CentOS 5.4 x64 & suPHP

    Hello, I'd like to install cPanel on a CentOS 5.4 64bit box. What I'd like to know is that if suphp will work correctly on that version of CentOS? (suphp on 64bit os to be exact) Thank you in advance, Vag.
  2. B

    we enabled suphp, now some sites show a 404 error.

    Hi. We needed to enable suphp in one of our servers running latest whm. however, after enabling suphp, some sites started to show 404 error message. what could be causing this? at first we checked if it was a mod rewrite error but mor rewrite is loaded (by default I believe). Please...
  3. S

    Memory issues when PHP is running as suPHP

    I am getting this error when PHP is running as suPHP. It is OK when PHP is configured to run as DSO. ======================================== [Sat Oct 17 11:27:38 2009] [error] [client] Failed loading /usr/local/Zend/lib/Optimizer-3.3.3/php-5.2.x/
  4. A

    can suphp support mod_rewrite ?

    my server is centos5.3 with cpanel, i install php to suphp, i want to ask under suphp,can my server support mod_rewrite? can i use phpinfo to check if my server support mod_rewrite? thx
  5. O

    Custom modules + suPHP .htacces

    I realize this isn't cPanel related, but I'm hoping someone else has a solution. I have a customer who wanted a custom pecl extension installed, so I installed it and it works fine. However, he also needs register_globals disabled, so we informed him to setup a custom php.ini file (since...
  6. P

    suPHP and permissions

    Hi, I have a single directory I would like all users to be able to access. suPHP is installed and looks like permission is denied because the owner of the directory is different than the owner of the script. Is there a way to grant universal access to a specific directory? Thank you...
  7. U

    HTML Parsing in suPHP

    Hi, One of the website on my server was using php codes in html files. So, they had enabled parsing of html pages by adding following line to the .htaccess file:- ddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html But, from when I recomplied Apache with suPHP, it has stopped working. Can...
  8. Spiral

    Converting DSO to SuPHP ...

    One of my most common requests is a script to handle system changes needed when converting to SuPHP and though such an automation script has been a part of our toolbox at My Server Expert for a long time, here is a variation of it for the rest of you ...
  9. G

    php.ini / suphp / suhosin

    Hi cPanellllllers, i'm currently having a bit of grief trying to figure out what to do with custom php.ini files with suphp. As you know already php.ini files don't stack, so if you use a custom php.ini file with only a few settings in it (eg memory_limit, register_globals) it will set...
  10. K

    Problems with suPHP

    Hi, I recently had some security issues on my server and decided it was time to install suPHP. I have compiled suPHP using easyapache, everything went fine... but when I try to switch the PHP 5 handler to suPHP the load shoots up and the server basically grinds to a halt...
  11. N

    Question about suPHP and Cgi Mode

    It is my understanding that suPHP forces php scripts to run as the user right? However, does this mean that we have to run php5 in cgi mode for the processes to show as the user? The reason I ask is I have php5 running suPHP, but in dso mode, and the php processes are still showing as...
  12. celliott

    SuPHP, prevent overriding PHP ini but still allow them to set options?

    Hi On a server running with SuPHP we want to stop people from setting their own crazy values for memory/upload limits. This is easily done through /opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf However certain users need to be able to use things like register_globals. This needs to be specified in php.ini in...
  13. Solokron


    Are there any ways to speed up suPHP processing besides the obvious hardware upgrades? Does FastCGI or mod_perl have any impact?
  14. J

    Owner on public_html running SUPHP

    Should it be user:user or still user:nobody when running suphp ?
  15. Solokron

    suPHP and Zend Optimizer

    I am having an unusual problem with Zend Optimizer and PHP. Latest stable build of cPanel and CentOS 5.2 64-Bit. Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration Configure Suexec and PHP Once I change the PHP5 Handler from DSO to suPHP Zend Optimizer is no longer functional and not...
  16. N

    Fantastico scripts and suPHP

    Does anybody here know if there are problems with any of the scripts in Fantastico when suPHP is installed? Thanks John
  17. K

    suPHP & php.ini configuration

    I recently made the move to suPHP. I must say, despite my research saying how much security if offers, I am looking back just a little. For example, I do not like how a local php.ini file can be used to overwrite settings I'd prefer not overwritable in the main php.ini file. It would also be...
  18. N

    List of permission checks in order to get suPHP to work?

    Is it to complile a "List of permission checks in order to get suPHP to work?" I've some scripts stopped working after we changed to suPHP from DSO. May I know where should I start to check? Thank.
  19. D

    suPHP per site?

    Is there any way to turn on suPHP using .htaccess, or some other way to do it on a site-by-site basis? I would like to test this functionality before turning it on for all users. Thanks.
  20. H

    Mod_Layout and suPHP issues.

    Hi, I am using CPanel 11, iPanel 3.6.19 on CentOS5, Apache 2.2.11, Mod_Layout 5.1 & PHP 5.2.8 I wish to implement adverts on free hosting accounts whilst also using suPHP. After installing using Easy Apache, I set the PHP handler to 'suPHP' and all the advert pages that are in PHP no...