1. C

    suPHP and symlinks

    I have about 20 different wordpress blogs on one of my servers that run off a single codebase (easy upgrades, etc). I have these all set up in their own directory with symlinks back to the codebase so that I can run some with forums or other add-ons. Because of a server compromise my data...
  2. T

    suPHP Problem

    Hi, I've got a really odd problem with suPHP, When I enable it I get memory problems - even though my php.ini is set to 256mb it's erroring on 6mb: [17-Dec-2008 19:58:05] PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 6553600) (tried to allocate 69768 bytes) in...
  3. U

    Cron jobs are not working after moving to SuPHP

    Hi, I have just recompiled Apache on my VPS with SuPHP. Now everything else is working fine, except Cron Jobs have stopped working. Is there anything needs to be changed for Cron Jobs? Thanks UKA
  4. A

    Switching to SuPHP - remove php_value and correct permission!

    We’re switching to SuPHP setup; I’ve created the following bash scripts with my limited bash knowledge. To remove ‘php_value’ from the .htaccess file: #!/bin/bash for i in `ls /home/*/public_html/.htaccess` ; do cat $i | sed "s/php_value/###php_value/g" > $; mv -f $ $i;done...
  5. B

    install suPHP

    Hello, 1)does necessary install suPHP on server ? 2)what does suPHP do exactly and if i install it on my server there is not any conflict for my users script? 3)i want install suphp on my whm... can anybody help me how can i install it?(i search about this issue but i do not find suitable...
  6. H

    suPHP = phpsuexec

    hi, I just want to know where can i compile phpsuexec again? is it same as suPHP because after i compile suPHP, in the SSH when i type TOP, it still show nobody and it doesnt show the account name process
  7. O


    Hi, Could someone please explain exactly what the difference is between running PHP as SuPHP or running PHP as CGI? And what are the benefits/disavantages please of either? Regards, Suhail.
  8. nitaish


    If I enable suPHP while rebuilding PHP and Apache using easyapache, what are the chances of the existing PHP applications breaking? We are also using Fantastico. Is there any chance of any application built using Fantastico getting broken? I really want to know what problems I may face if I...
  9. T

    Is SuPHP really secure?

    It is always said that SuPHP is secure. But i don't know why. SuPHP is using php as cgi. So then it is possible for everyone to overwrite every value in php.ini. For example i set open_basedir for users and i don't want them to load any php extensions for security. But with SuPHP (php as...
  10. P

    Dedicated server for 1 account, DSO or even in this case suPHP?

    Hi everybody, we have a dedicated server that have just 1 account and all our simple DNS Zones. So this server is almost used by 1 user (that are us). If it's not a shared server, i think the best solution is to use the DSO handler instead of the more secure mod_suPHP. I just want to...
  11. M

    mod_php and suphp?

    I about to setup some new servers and I was wondering if EA3 allowed the ability to run mod_php and suphp at the same time. I have some older clients that i dont want to have to go through the hassle of converting them to suphp, so i figure i could keep them at mod_php and have that as the...
  12. verdon

    suphp and umask

    Hi, It seems as if files uploaded via php scripts have perms of 640 by default. I'd like these to be 644. I understand this is controlled by the umask value set in /opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf I have checked there and umask is set to 0022. I did a little googling and thought I was reading...
  13. S

    How to know if suPHP is enabled

    Hi I just recompiled my apache via /scripts/easyapache and when doing a info.php it does not reflect the module suPHP, although I went to the whm easy apache and when seeing the option list it tells suPHP is enabled is there any command line to see if it has been enabled? ALso I wanted to know...
  14. P

    suPHP and 500 Internal Server Errors

    I have used easyapache to compile latest apache 2.2 with php 5.2.6 and suphp. With PHP5 set to DSO in WHM, everything works fine. If I set it to suPHP, everything stops working. index.php <?php phpinfo(); ?> in public_html returns a 500 error. public_html is 755, index.php is 644, and both are...
  15. L

    SuPHP and shared code

    We have successfully upgraded to apache2/php5/suphp and stamped out all of the little flare-ups. The last thing I need to work out is how to give access to several shared packages we offer to our customers. Using apache1/php4/phpsuexec these were installed to /usr/local/share, chmod'ed to...
  16. S

    how do we verify if suPHP ?

    Hi, How can I verify that suPHP is enabled?
  17. M

    suPHP install-sh permission denied problem on freebsd 4.11

    I just solved a minor problem for myself and I thought I would share in case some person decides to search the forum for the answer. I was using easyapache and the compile process was failing at suPHP which I needed. /usr/bin/install -c -m 0755 .libs/
  18. A

    suPHP and caching

    Has anyone got a decent php cache / accelerator setup running with suPHP also? I like the advantages of suPHP for security and tracking down rogue user scripts hogging cpu/ram but it comes at the price of not being able to cache using eAccelerator.
  19. N

    nobody process under suphp normal?

    Hi, is it normal to see apache process under the user nobody with apache suphp activated? I ask this because im not sure if i remember this on another server i had with that option. I turned both suphp and userid on when compiling apache. On the Cpanel process list i see the account users...
  20. E

    suphp engine off

    Hi, How to disable the suPHP, only for an account CPanel? Cpanel 11 Apache 2.2.x Thanks.