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    SuPHP and SuExec - pros and cons

    Hi, Does anyone know of a definitive guide for hosters in regards to the pros and cons of using "SuPHP" and "SuExec" ? Many thanks, - Vince
  2. D

    suPHP results in 500 Error

    Hey, I'm trying to get suPHP working on a cPanel box but am having some trouble. I have rebuild PHP with suPHP using EasyApache, however i'm not sure what to do now. With my suPHP installed and my current config (below) everything works fine. Current Configuration Option...
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    suphp php4+php5

    Hello, I have compiled apache with mod_suphp php4+php5 Do I need to set apache handlers as suphp for both php4 and php5 in php.conf? Please advise, how can suphp be best configured.
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    Going over to suPHP

    Hi, After some problems with permissions and exploits I want to make the step to suPHP. But as the server is now finaly up and running again and I don't want to put people through more outages, I want to be very well prepared before I go over to suPHP. I found some howto informatio...
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    suPHP and PHP script symbolic links

    I was under the impression that unlike with phpsuexec, with suPHP symbolic links to PHP scripts would work. But this is not consistent with the behavior I'm observing. e.g. /home/user/public_html/test.php is a symbolic link to /home/scripts/test.php But a '500 Internal Server Error'...
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    suPHP not creating background exec()

    We recently upgraded all of our fleet to suPHP, and we have encountered a problem with alot of clipshare/vshare scripts out there. After alot of debugging it turns out its due to suPHP isn't allowing background processes from exec() , it does kinda, but it doesn't like it when the script is...
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    Bug with suPHP ?

    Password Protect Directory is not working at all if suPHP is enabled and it's works fine if PHP is compiled as an apache module. With suPHP I see following error in apache error logs - Wed Apr 16 08:40:01 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist...
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    suphp questions

    Hello to all, Okay I know the basics of cpanel servers however this has always been beyond me. I have 2 servers and am looking to build suphp and suexec into the php configuration. Each time I build apache 2.0 php 5.2.5 and select the correct stuff, then go into whm and configure suexec...
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    thanks for the suphp enhancement!

    Just a quick thanks to cpanel for creating this enhancement/patch for suphp recently .. as per changelog: Added configurable full_php_process_display option to suphp.conf which will show both the PHP interpreter and the SCRIPT_FILENAME in ps output As most remember phpsuexec used to show...
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    suPHP to FastCGI

    I'm hoping someone can help or even offer some advice. We've been using suPHP without problems (using a php.ini file with an include_path set). I wanted to change to FastCGI(PHP) to benefit from some performance boost. All seemed to work apart from the php.ini file that we were using...
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    suPHP + subdomains + addon domains

    We are running suPHP on all of our servers. So all of our httpd.conf entries for domains contain the following : <IfModule mod_suphp.c> suPHP_UserGroup test test </IfModule> However when a user creates a subdomain, or addon domain a new entry gets put in the httpd.conf...
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    PHP Fastcgi + SuPHP. Is it possible?

    Hello, Is it possible to run fastcgi with suPHP. Were anyone able to do this on CPanel? CGI + SuPHP uses a lot of resources. And PHP ( DSO ) + Eaccelerator is extremeley insecure since you can read and/or delete files from all users ( read all files, delete only the ones with 777...
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    Getting SSIs to work with suPHP? What's the trick?

    Just upgraded to PHP 5 running suPHP, and now pages SSIs fail. Anyone know how to get these back?
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    Disable suphp for one site?

    Does anyone know how to just disable suphp for one site only?
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    gd + suphp

    is it possible to install both gd + suphp?? Please suggest how to do using whm.
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    suPHP doesn't show actual script name in top?

    Is this normal? I just see "php5" where the path/to/the/file.php would be with phpsuexec. Just curious. It's entirely possible that I didn't set it up right...CSF tells me that I don't have suPHP enabled, even though I'm certain I selected it in EA.
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    can I disable suPHP per directory?

    I have a script that I'm writing that is centralized on the server and available for use on all accounts, is it possible to set suPHP to not be paranoid on a specific directory? so that the script doesn't error out when suPHP grabs it with a "mismatch"
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    stay far from suphp !!

    I moved from apache 1.3 and php 5.2.5 with eaccelerator to apache 2.2 with php 5.2.5 and suphp With apache 1.3 php 5.2.5 and eaccelerator my system load was rarely higher than 1. With apache 2.2/suphp my server load medium value was 6 (yes 6) and all the days the server was crashing ...
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    suPHP and Internal Server Erros (I've read EVERY thread! Still nothing!)

    I'm running a VPS with CentOS 4.5 ,cPanel/WHM 11, Apache 2, PHP 5 and MySQL 4. I've done a compilation with suPHP and everything and enabled it but the scripts still get Internal Server Error. Tried deleting/creating the sites again and nothing. The log of suphp reads like this: [Tue Dec 04...
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    Enable SUPHP Issues...

    Hello, I need to have the php files on my server run as the user instead of nobody so I tried to enable suphp. Once I recompile Apache and enable suphp, no php scripts work (500 error). I belive the correct options are checked to run php as cgi. The error is "Premature end of script...